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My goal here at Hungry Happenings is to share tutorials for fun food projects that you can replicate at home. I love seeing pictures of your creations that are either recreations of my recipes or that are inspired by my recipes.
If you posted your picture on your blog, I’d be happy to share a link to that post, so please include the link as well, just be sure to grab my Featured on button below and share it on your site.
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Chocolate Snowman Pretzel Craft

Turn dipping pretzels into these adorable Chocolate Snowman Pretzel Crafts. They make super cute holiday gifts.

Turn dipping pretzels into these adorable Chocolate Snowman Pretzel Crafts. They make super cute holiday gifts.

White chocolate dipped pretzels look so cute decorated like Westies for the holidays.

Beth W. is highly committed to rescuing Westies and she was inspired by my snowmen to create this adorable Chocolate Pretzel Westie. I love how she used a dipped mini pretzel twist to make the snout then added a pink tongue. It’s just so darn cute.

Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake

Rainbow Tie-Dye Surprise Cake to celebrate a 5th birthday.

Cut into this rainbow fondant covered cake, to reveal a tie-dye #5.

Celebrate a birthday with a surprise inside.

Donna create this colorful cake for Ginger. The #5 inside looks great and that dog on top is absolutely adorable.


Rice Krispie Treat Tree

This entire tree is edible.
It’s one big rice krispie treat.

Sylvia describes her dad as strong and resilient, supporting the entire family, much like a big tree, so she topped a cake with an edible tree to celebrate Father’s Day. She used corn flakes for her leaves which is a clever alternative. I’m sure her dad loved his special dessert.

Daisy Cakes

These pretty little cakes are made by painting silicone molds with colored cake batter.

Jeane used my technique to create these brightly colored daisy cakes for
Mother’s Day.

Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs

Crack up your family by serving these silly hard boiled egg hatchlings.
Ashley hand carved the feet and legs for her hard boiled egg hatchlings and
served them with her favorite deviled eggs for Easter.

Deviled Egg Bunny Feet

Its so fun creating bunny feet out of Deviled Eggs for Easter.

Mary and her son had a great time decorating their Deviled Egg Bunny Feet for Easter
and everyone gobbled them up quickly.

Daisy Cheesecake

Daisy Cheesecake

Adding a handpainted design to a cheesecake is no more challenging that decorating a cake or cookie and it really makes an impressive looking dessert.

Marie-Christine added a whimsical smiley face sunshine to her cheesecake.
The colors and design are so cheerful and fun.

Jane got quite creative decorating her cheesecake with a brightly colored dinosaur
for her son’s 2nd birthday.

I love how you can see in these before and after pictures that once baked
the colors painted onto the cheesecake become quite vibrant.
Sharaden created this beauty for Easter.
You can see how detailed you can get in your drawings.
Sharaden even used a shading technique.

White Chocolate Popcorn Trees

I created these white chocolate popcorn trees with red candy apples
to celebrate Earth Day.

Patry and her nephew added lollipop sticks to their white chocolate
popcorn trees. I love this idea. It makes the trees easier to carry.

Baby Chick Cheese Balls

Making and decorating cheese balls is so much fun, and these tiny little Baby Chick Cheese Balls
are some of my favorite savory treats for a holiday.

Joyce made her grandkids feel really special at Easter dinner by creating a festively
decorated table just for them and made some Baby Chick Cheese Balls to serve
to the kids. She shares a wonderful story about the kids table on her blog
What Happens at Grandma’s.

Giant Homemade Marshmallow Peep

You can see just how huge this homemade marshmallow Peep is in comparison to a regular Peep. It was really easy to make using a Wilton Peep Cake Pan.

Julie made this Peep for her nephew for Easter who is a huge fan of the sweet
Easter treats.

Down the Bunny Hole Push-up Pops

These adorable Easter treats are made using modeling chocolate bunnies, colored coconut grass,
and brownie dirt. Using push-up pop containers to display each dessert, allows you to see
the bunny going down the rabbit hole.

Lillian was inspired when she saw my Down the Bunny Hole Push-Up Pops on Pinterest.
She made these to bring to a friend’s house for Easter dinner. Being someone in attendance was
allergic to coconut, she used edible Easter grass instead.
I like how the grass really looks like grass and the bunny butts look so cute.

Pink Ombre Creamy Coconut Hearts

These heart shaped candies are so easy to make using only 3 ingredients.
I colored and layered the coconut candy to make pretty hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Barbara went a step farther and dipped her coconut hearts into chocolate. She did a great
job decorating all her candies which she made for a birthday celebration.

Countdown Cheesecake Clock

No bake cookies and cream cheesecake decorated to look like a clock makes a great dessert to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Tracy did an amazing job making her Cheesecake Clock really festive. She sprinkled black edible glitter around the edge, added silver dragees, and some disco dust to the clock hands. I love how it sparkles!

Nutter Butter Penguins

Nutter Butter Cookies dipped in chocolate and decorated
with Tootsie Rolls, marshmallows, and Circus Peanuts.

This is one of the cutest cakes, I’ve ever seen.
Jen and Margie added some Nutter Buter Penguins to the
Winter ONEderland birthday cake they made for Colin’s first birthday.

These little penguins are trying to stay warm. Kenda, from Stop Lookin’ Get Cookin’
added scarves and ear muffs to here cute treats.
She even showed how to make them on her local television morning show.

Ashley made a batch of adorable penguins for the holidays.
It was the first time she dipped anything in chocolate, and she did a great job
covering and decorating her cookies.

Starfish S’mores

Starfish shaped homemade Marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and coated in graham crackers.

Iva from Croatia, made a big batch of these cute starfish treats.

Instead of using marshmallows, she chose to make starfish shaped hazelnut cookies
filled with Nutella. Oooh, I’d like to bite into one of those right now!

Chocolate Pilgrim Hats

Dark chocolate hats decorated with modeling chocolate. Each hat can be
filled with candy, nuts, or even chocolate mousse.
Liberty, the tween daughter of Michelle from Cute Everything made these for Thanksgiving. She even made her own modeling chocolate for the hat bands. She used yellow Tootsie Rolls to make the buckle. I love the picture she took with the candy inside.

Mini Monster Cheese Balls

Tiny cheese balls decorated with shredded cheese fur and googly cheese eyes are a fun snack to serve on Halloween, at a monster themed party, or just for an afternoon snack.

These cheese ball monsters are so cute. I like the pretzel mouths. That’s a simple, clever idea.

Jo and Sue got totally creative and made an entire monster cheese ball family including a
big momma and an evil child! They put together an amazing buffet of festive food for
 their Halloween dinner, which you can see on their blog.

Lynette made here cheese ball monsters for her kid’s lunch and used yellow and white cheese
which gives the monsters a fun furry look.

Stuffed Pizza Skulls

Stuffed Pizzas are baked in a 3-D skull pan for Halloween.

Jenny from Bake and Be Merry made a batch of these stuffed pizza skulls to take to work for a Halloween potluck. She had to bring something spooky and hoped these would give everyone a fright in a good way!

Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies

Take an amazing chocolate chip cookie and add some creepy spiders to it and
even the worst arachnophobe will eat them.

River from Wing it Vegan made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies and
infested them with lots of chocolate spiders.

It’s so cool that every year since I started blogging, that Jo and Sue have used my ideas to create Halloween treats. I always love to see their take on my ideas. This year they made some spider infested chocolate chip cookies and used chocolate sprinkles for the legs.

Hannah added eyes to her spiders, which make them look adorably cute instead of creepy. I love these spider cookies. They are wonderful!

Lillian made up a batch of my cookies and her family loved the recipe.
They look so good, I’d like to reach into my computer monitor and grab one right now.

Cookies and Cream Rat

This creepy looking rat is just as sweet as can be. It’s made from Oreo Cookies blended with cream cheese.

Suzanne from brought this Cookies and Cream rat to a Halloween party. A friend told her it looked more like a mole or a hamster. Either way, I’m sure it looked pretty creepy on the food table!

Cookies and Cream Fudge Tombstones

Soft fudge is pliable enough to stamp into with letter stamps. Each fudge tombstone is cut using cookie cutters then stamped with creative epitaphs.

Carrie from What an Awesome Cake! used small Cookies and Cream Fudge tombstones to top some cool zombie cupcakes. I love the eerie quality of these little cakes.

Caramel Apple Cauldrons

A caramel apple dipped in chocolate and decorated to look like a creepy cauldron.

Toni recreated these cauldrons for her Halloween party and said her kids adored them!

Homemade Marshmallows



If you’ve never eaten a homemade marshmallow, you should! They are so much better than store bought, plus you can cut them and pipe them into fun shapes.

Alison used my recipe and tutorial as a guide to make these cute and easy little marshmallow ghosts for Halloween. She just piped them out and added little faces.

Bumble Bee Corn Dogs

These cute savory snacks were the very first thing I posted here on Hungry Happenings. I had created them for our Creepy Crawler Carnival and they were a huge hit. I made them look sweet and cute for a Bee Mine Treat for Valentine’s Day.

Katie created her bumble bee corn dogs for a party she hosted to welcome a new family member to their hive. Stop by her Little Stumptown blog to see all the other fun bee themed things she did for her party. They are really fun!

Edible Cupcake Wrapper Waves

I used modeling chocolate to create waves to wrap around cupcakes then I decorated them
to look like the ocean with dolphins, sharks, and whales swimming around in blue icing water.

Lilou from Gâteaux en fête de lilou 25 used almond paste to make her edible cupcake wrapper waves. She hand sculpted dolphins to put in her marscapone frosting ocean and they look so real.

Handpainted Lollipops

I have been painting lollipops since I was 13 years old and love teaching others to make them too. I share a detailed tutorial on how to make lollipops and am thrilled to hear when someone finds it useful.

Melanie made her first batch of candy lollipops and they turned out great.
Her duckies are perfectly adorable.

Cheese Slice Owl

Transform ordinary cheese slices into an owl. This is a quick and simple edible craft that is sure to impress your party guests.

D created her cheese slice owl and served it alongside chips and crackers. She swapped out carrot slices for the mozzarella cheese eyes which added some dimension.

Peanut Butter Puppies

Simply decorated Nutter Butter Cookie Puppies have caramel ears, white chocolate chip eyes, and a milk chocolate chip nose.

Jenny’s Nutter Butter Puppies turned out great and she said they were “easy and cute.”

Nutter Butter Lamb Pops

Nutter Butter Cookies are dipped in dark chocolate and added to a fluffy white chocolate body to make these cute Easter lambs.

Melissa made her lamb lollipops for Easter and added cute polka dot bow ties to them. I like that she used larger craft sticks. These pops are rather top heavy large sticks will help make these a bit more sturdy.

Mozzarella Filled Heart Shaped Pastries

Store bought pie dough and mozzarella cheese slices are cut into hearts, sandwiched together, and baked until golden brown. Serve with homemade roasted red pepper pesto or marina sauce.

9 year old Aidyn created these toasty hearts served in a nice heart shaped bowl over sauce. It looks like a restaurant quality appetizer for Valentine’s Day. I love her addition of parsley on the hearts.

Chocolate Ravioli Hearts

Small heart shaped pastries filled with a Dove chocolate heart and served with raspberry sauce.

Another spectacularly plated creation made by 9 year old Aidyn. I wish I would have been invited over to here house for Valentine’s Day!

Caramel Chocolate Pumpkins

2 ingredients, Dulce de Leches and Milk Chocolate, blended together make the centers and stems of these pumpkins which are dipped in orange colored candy coating.

Jessica made these to share in goody bags for friends and family. She lives in Canada and couldn’t find cans of Dulce de Leche, so she caramelized sweetened condensed milk instead. It worked wonderfully and everyone loved them.

Katerina from My Candy Kitchen was inspired by the Caramel Chocolate Pumpkins and made the Dulce de Leche and Milk Chocolate filling, but she shaped them into hearts for Valentine’s Day.
What a lovely bouquet!

Chocolate Heart Boxes

Handcrafted Chocolate Heart boxes are easier to make than they look using poured chocolate and modeling chocolate. The boxes can be filled with candies, nuts, cookies, or gifts.

Carol from Just a Little Something created this beautiful chocolate box. The shape of the lid and the design on top are so pretty. Anyone would love to receive this gift for Valentine’s Day.

Panda Bear Pastries

Nutella is sandwiched in between two pie crusts cut using a panda bear cutter. Simple and sweet.

Lunch with Eyeness used all the animal cutters from the CuteZCute set to create an entire zoo of Nutella filled pastries. What a fun treat to serve kids. To see dozens of other foods she has made using these cutters, go here.

Josie used puff pastry to create her panda pastries. They have a wonderful flaky crust which I’m sure tasted amazing.

Jee Jee the owner of CuteZCute was inspired by my idea to make her own little pies using the CuteZCute animal cutters. She added apples to hers and topped with with the Nutella to add a layer of flavor.

Christmas Light Cookies

I created these cute little light bulb cookies for

Sue from Munchkin Munchies did a fantastic job recreating the Christmas Light Cookies. I loved how she used several colors and added silver frosting to the base of the light bulbs.

Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood

White candy coated cake ball brains filled with cherry blood have been one of my most popular Halloween recipes and are even in my top 10 most popular blog posts.

I absolutely love that Carla added a candy knife and dripping cherry blood to her cake ball brains. They look totally creepy, as a bloody brain should for Halloween!

Celle’s brains have the perfect amount of oozing cherry blood. She shared them when she went camping. What a great scary treat for a night spent in the woods.

Lupita created some of her cake balls with oozing raspberry blood and some without. To tell them apart, she made them different colors. They were such a hit at her boyfriend’s sister’s party that the party host was hording them in her bedroom because they were disappearing so quickly.

Trish made 105 cake ball brains for her husband’s coworker, as well as her local fire station and police station. That’s a lot of brains!

Patricia used Wilton’s Color Burst Candy Melts to make her cake ball brains. The colorful candy melts added a burst of blue and pink color to the brains.

Eww, gross, is I’m sure the reaction when people saw the green worms coming out of these cake ball brains. I love them! Icky is always great for Halloween. RealLife11 found my recipe for these on and recreated them for Halloween.

Portrait of a Monster Dip

A stencil of Frankenstein’s Monster is used to create this creepy portrait. A layer of artichoke dip is topped with a layer of spinach dip that has been piped into the shape of the monster. The stencil is set over the dip and crushed up blue corn chips are sprinkled over top.

Darcy recreated the Portrait of a Monster Dip to take to a potluck and it was a huge hit. Her monster looks perfect, or as perfect as a man made monster can be!

Turn a spinach and artichoke dip into Frankenstein's Monster for your Halloween party. Your friends will freak out!

Lacey did a fantastic job recreation this dip. Her monster looks great.

Almond Nougatine Spoons

Almond nougatine (like brittle)  is cut into spoon shapes and topped with chocolate ganache.

Barbara was inspired by my recipe and created pecan nougatine boxes for dessert. What a great way to end a meal for a special occasion or just any day.

Back Float Bear Cookies

Sugar cookies are topped with modeling chocolate water and polar bear parts to create these back float bear cookies.

Deb created an entire ocean filled with polar bears. I love how each bear looks a bit different and has it’s own personality. Great job!

Sweet Serenity Stones

Cookies ‘n Cream fudge is shaped into colorful rocks and imprinted using garden stone stamps.

Two very lucky girls celebrated their sweet 16 at the beach on the rocky Oregon coast. Angela created this amazing cake filled with candy shells and starfish, as well as, the cookies ‘n cream fudge rocks. What a wonderful was to celebrate a sweet birthday.

Athina who says she is a bit of a history geek used this idea to make her own Anglo-Saxon runes. Her runes have great texture and color and look so real.


Jane created some very realistic looking rocks. The variety of sizes, colors and shapes is really impressive.


Donna created stones to serve at a spa themed bunco party. She said she misspelled a few of the words, as did I when I created mine. I accidentally place a few letters backwards. If this happens to you, just knead the stone and re-shape it then press the letter in it again fixing your errors. Donna’s party guests loved them.


Aidyn created these fun Blarney Stones to try to
trap the leprechauns that cause such a ruckus at her house every St.
Patrick’s Day.  So fun!

“Dad Rocks”  – Fudge Rocks

White chocolate fudge filled with cookie crumbs are shaped into rocks.

Sarah made these very realistic looking rocks to give her daughters teacher because Teachers Rock!
I love that she filled a beach pail with her candy rocks.

Kelly made these for her husband for Father’s Day and she said, “they were yummy!” She did a great job with creating lots of nice variety of colored fudge rocks.

How fun is this? Carla and her rock climbing daughter, Aidyn, made a huge pile of fudge rocks,
then they creatively packaged the candy rocks in cellophane bags and attached a
clever card topper to the bag for Valentine’s Day.

Rock climbing has become so popular and Shang did an amazing job creating these cupcakes for a rock climbing birthday party for her coworker’s son. She created custom designed cupcake wrappers and flags for each fudge rock topped cakes.

Holly created this cake for a young lady graduating from Missouri Science and Technology with a degree in geological engineering.  MS&T’s mascot is Joe Miner, he’s holding the sign congratulating the graduate. The hammer is sculpted out of fondant, and it along with the rocks look so real.

Marie added some fudge rocks to this fun prehistoric cake for her grandson’s 4th birthday.
The candy rocks make a great border around the entire cake.

Heather created this cool cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday who wanted super heroes and a person needing to be rescued from a lake, in her words “like in all the super hero cartoons”.
She used fudge rocks to line the lake and around the paths near her cake mountain.

Barbar W. used her fudge rocks for her Sunday School Class. She packaged up the rocks in zip top bags for each child to take home So they could make their own altar of rocks like the Isreaelites did after crossing Jordan.

Nadine covered her entire cake with fudge rocks to celebrate her son’s 11th birthday.

Julianne used the fudge rocks to make this hilarious birthday cake.
Check out the details in this cake including the skid marks in the sand.

Edible Garden Stone

Cookies ‘n Cream Fudge can easily be transformed into a garden stone for Mother’s Day
or any special occasion.

Danielle created this fudge garden stone for Mother’s Day. I really like how she added the candy confetti and put a heart in between each. The pastel colors are really nice too.

A butterfly shaped cookie is topped with flavored cream cheese and fruit for a spring or summer treat.

Janeen used the fresh fruits of summer to make her beautiful butterfly fruit pizza. She kept the design the same, but swapped out blueberries for the green grapes and used the blueberries for the pupils of the butterfly’s eyes. It looks so bright and colorful served on the blue platter.

Amanda from Food, Family, Fun eliminated the cookie all together and made a wonderfully healthy Butterfly Fruit Platter. I love fruit and would be so excited to see this at a party. She served it at a Cute Bugs Birthday Party. Be sure to check out all her fun ideas here.

Maya challenged her coworkers to come up with a fun and creative way to serve fruit. She shared this Fruit Pizza Butterfly and won second place out of 18 entries. It was the first fruit dish to be devoured and the most talked about. Yay, Maya!

Chocolate Bunny Silhouettes

These adorable bunny silhouettes are made by piping a chocolate head with two ears, then adding a chocolate dipped vanilla wafer body and a tiny marshmallow tail.

Jacquelyn filled buckets with marshmallow Peeps and her chocolate bunny silhouettes. What a great way to display the sweet little chocolates.

Wedding Cake Cheese Ball

I molded a cheese ball into round layers which I stacked, then I piped on some plain cream cheese to make the cheese ball look like a wedding cake. It is a perfect appetizer to serve at a bridal shower or wedding.

Doris used to decorate cakes which is evident by the lovely piping on her cheese ball wedding cake. She served her cake to guests at a wedding reception and they were in awe of her creation.

Angela created this wedding cake cheese ball for her sister’s bridal shower. She didn’t have the cookie cutters needed for the project, so she used bowls to mold her cake layers. I love how she used dill to decorate the side of the cake. It really adds a nice visual element.

Rice Krispies Treat Easter Chick Pops

Rice Krispies Treats are shaped into eggs, dipped in yellow candy coating then are decorated with modeling chocolate egg shells, beaks, etc.

Jean created this colorful basket filled with rice krispies treat eggs and chicks. She used modeling chocolate for the first time, and really enjoyed working with it.

Elena made an entire family of hatching chicks out of rice krispies treats for her Easter celebration. I love how the one in the center looks like it’s welcoming you to the basket of goodies. So cute.

Easter Egg Breakfast Pastries

Little breakfast pastries for Easter decorated with colorful sugars.

Nancy was inspired when she saw the egg shaped breakfast pastries on Pinterest. She made the cutest bunny shaped breakfast pastries for Easter. Great design!

Jenn made an entire tray of Easter Egg pastries; some filled with Nutella, others with cherry pie filling, almond pastry filling and lemon curd. She kept them simple and decorated most with colorful sugars. They were a big hit at her Easter celebration.

Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizzas

Crescent rolls create the carrot shaped base of these veggie pizzas which are topped with carrots and broccoli for Easter.

Diana made her carrots using finely shredded carrots and spinach and served them to
her daughter’s pre-school class. I love how vibrantly colored her carrot pizzas turned out.

Kathy Jackson wrote to tell me her son and his friends loved these carrots when she served them at her Easter potluck. It’s always good to hear when kids like something with vegetables on top!

Tara cut her crescent rolls into smaller triangles to make mini carrot veggie pizzas and topped them with low fat veggie cream cheese to keep them a bit healthier for her family.

Ravenous Rabbit Cupcake

Modeling chocolate is used to create a cute little bunny who dove headfirst into a pile of carrots.

Deborah did a fantastic job sculpting here bunny bums and carrots for these beautiful cupcakes
which she made to serve to her friend’s children. I love Deborah’s bunny on the polka dot egg too.
Piping on grass then using only a few carrots is a great time savor and looks wonderful.

Jo and Sue used fondant to create their cute little bunny tushies. They topped their cupcakes with frosting and edible Easter grass and used jelly beans for carrots on some and candy flowers on others. You can see all of  the festive goodies they created this Easter on their blog.

Tisa from Blessing from my Kitchen did a fantastic job recreating the bunnies and carrots for her cupcakes. She created her boy and girl bunnies (wearing the pink skirt) out of marshmallow fondant and shares her recipe in her post.

Nadine from chocolat a tous les etages was inspired by my cupcakes to make this wonderful cake. I just love how she created this domed cake then covered it with marzipan. She pressed the marzipan through a garlic press to create the furry tale and the grass under the carrots and hand sculpted the feet and carrots. It’s so great to see how my idea was transformed into this!

Here’s another wonderful Easter cake using the bunny borrowing in the carrot patch. Stacy created this for her son’s second Easter and he just loved it, as did the rest of her family. She used green paste food coloring as paint and created the grass and the message on the cake. I just love her design.

Novie’s Ravenous Rabbit Cupcakes turned out so great. I love the detail in her carrot leaves. They really look fantastic.

Irish Soda Bread Shamrock


This simple four ingredient Irish Soda Bread can be made in a round loaf or in a shamrock shape for St. Patrick’s Day.

Sally baked her Irish Soda Bread Shamrock on a Silpat which is a great idea. She said the recipe was “easy-peasy.” I like to hear that.

Jeanne added some green food coloring to her Irish Soda Bread Shamrock to really make it festive.

Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

Nutter Butter Cookies are separated, topped with peanut butter fudge,
dipped in white chocolate and decorated with shaved pink candy coating.

Angela from Oh, Sugar Events created an amazing table full of fun pajama party treats
including a tray full of Pink Fuzzy Slipper Cookies. Wow, what fun that party must have been.

Chocolate Penguin Rice Krispies Treat Pops

I cut rice krispies into an egg shape, dipped them in chocolate and decorated them to look like penguins using modeling chocolate.

Lindsi from Toys in the Dryer hosted a winter wonderland  party for her little boy’s first birthday. She did a fantastic job making her Penguin Krispie Pops, as well as, making decorations and food for this festively themed event. Be sure to drop by Toys in the Dryer to check out her entire party.

Teddy Bear Taco Tart

Puff pastry is cut in the shape of a teddy bear and topped with taco meat, cheese, black olives, and a red pepper heart.

Jo and Sue made not one but two teddy bear taco tarts. A sweet pair for Valentine’s Day. I actually squealed when I saw these – they are so precious. I just love the addition of the bow on the girl and the tie on the boy. Sweet!

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

Three layers of deliciousness: a flourless chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and raspberry mousse.

Isn’t this cake gorgeous? I love how Radmila decorated her version of the triple layer mousse cake. The addition of lady fingers and whipped cream is quite lovely. I think it elevates the look of the cake, don’t you?

 from Вкуснотека prepared an amazing looking Valentine’s Day meal including a beautiful Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake. She made her cake round and added a pretty heart of fresh raspberries as a decoration. It is picture perfect.

Rebecca treated her friend to this wonderful cake for her 30th birthday. What a sweet gift!

Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes baked in small heart shaped silicone molds are decorated to look like Conversation Hearts.

Sara’s Conversation Heart Cheesecakes turned out great, they are so bright and colorful. I love the phrases she chose especially “Love Bug” and “Hello Sweetie.”

Tina personalized her conversation heart cheesecakes with her co-workers’ names. I bet she was very popular on Valentine’s Day.

Emily made three medium sized cheesecakes in heart shaped springform pans. I hadn’t seen these smaller pans, but she said she found them at Target.

Linda wrote, “These were easy and adorable. Thanks!” I’m happy to hear that she found these easy to make. Her cakes look great. I like all of her personal messages.

Linda from Ciao Chow Linda shared a picture of her Conversation Heart Cheesecakes featuring Italian sayings like Ti adora (I adore you,) Dolce amore (sweet love) and Pazza di te (Crazy for you.) That makes them even more romantic, don’t you think?

Sue from the Jo and Sue blog simplified this recipe by using a no-bake cheesecake.

Natasha said she made 18 Conversation Heart Cheesecakes and they were all gone within 5 minutes!
It’s so good to hear they were gobbled up so quickly.

Jen Rug was quite busy in her kitchen for Valentine’s Day. She made Conversation Herat Cheesecakes and Chocolate Cherry Bombs.

Conversation hearts come in a rainbow of colors, but I really love that Becca chose only shades of pink for her cheesecake hearts. They look so pretty. She piped icing onto her hearts which she said looked great for a short while, but bled into the cake soon afterwards. So the food coloring is a better option.

Dorothy swapped out the graham cracker crust for a chocolate crust in her Conversation Heart Cheesecakes which she brought to work. Her co-workers loved them. I’m sure I would love this recipe to with the chocolate crust. Yum!

Mary did a great job adding special messages to the top of her Conversation Heart Cheesecakes.
I particularly like “Luv Bug.” That’s cute.

Chicken Parmesan Hearts

I breaded and baked my heart shaped chicken then topped it with heart shaped mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.

Ekaterina shares her take on these heart shaped chicken breasts on her blog, My Candy Kitchen. Her fried chicken breasts look very tasty. I do love fried chicken!

Sasha’s boyfriend was the lucky recipient of her homemade Chicken Parmesan Hearts. Her plate looks so festive for Valentine’s Day.

Warm Fuzzy Cake Balls

My edible warm fuzzies created with coconut covered cake balls.

Diana made 80 of these fuzzy little guys for Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love all the bright colors she used and think the non-pareils on the antenna add a nice touch.

Beth Maurer and her kids had fun making their warm fuzzies which they sad on a frosting sugar cookie. They wanted to transport them easily and the cookies held them in place perfectly.

JJCakes shared pictures of her warm fuzzies on her Facebook page. She rolled her cake balls in sprinkles that included mini hearts. What a fun idea. The open heart shaped sprinkles she used for the antenna are great. I need to buy some of those.

Melissa added her warm fuzzies to cupcakes and used the printable wrappers to finish them off nicely. She didn’t have candy eyes, so she used white frosting and a tube of black decorating gel. I love her antenna made with purple and pink candy coating. So cute!

Meagan and her daughter had fun making this tray filled with warm fuzzies and she shared her experience on her blog, Create Food On a Budget. I loved her idea of having the feet made and set out on a baking sheet. Once the cake balls were dipped and rolled in coconut, she just set them on the feet and they stuck. It saves a step.

Ekaterina  from My Candy Kitchen made her warm fuzzy cake balls with homemade white chocolate and mini chocolate chip eyes. She said in Bulgaria, the coconut it shaved finer so her fuzzies are a little less fuzzy – but so cute.

Jacquelyn made a whole big family of warm fuzzies for Valentine’s Day. I love seeing them all snuggled up together in the plastic container – all their eyes peeking out are so cute.

How about a St. Patrick’s Day warm fuzzy? Deb from Just Short of Crazy coated her cake ball in green coconut and added shamrock shaped antennae. What a great idea!

If you are short on time, but still want to make some adorably cute warm fuzzies, you can do what Nadia did, and use Rafaello candies for the bodies.
Nadia cut hearts out of modeling chocolate and used them as feet.

Snowball Fight Cupcakes

These cupcakes can be topped with modeling chocolate or frosting snowballs.

Kathie Kunz and her granddaughters had fun making cupcakes together. They dipped Whoppers in white chocolate to create their snowballs. I love that idea!

Super Sized Cake Ball Spider

This cake could be creepy looking or cute, you decide how you want to make it.

spider party

Julee from D.I.Y. Louisville looks quite frightened by her spider cake! She hosted what looks like an amazing Halloween party for her daughter and has lots of pictures of her treats posted on her blog.

Emilia Stanescu and her nephew created their version of this spider using pretzels for legs, Skittles for eyes, and chocolate sprinkles for fur. If you want a more realistic spider for your celebration this is it! Wow, it looks a lot like the big spiders that live in my basement. Great job Emilia.

Mika created her giant spider cake for her son’s birthday. She covered her spider with chocolate frosting, and got a nice furry effect. She also used white and chocolate frosting to create the eyes.
She covered her table in a spider web table cloth and served up her giant arachnid to party guests.

Chocolate Cherry Bombs

My first attempt at a cake ball – a combination of crumbled up baked cake and frosting, smashed together and formed into a ball then dipped in chocolate. I added a maraschino cherry to the center of each cake ball and think they made a really sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Ekaterina from My Candy Kitchen in Bulgaria made up a batch of these to serve at her son’s name day celebration. Her cherry bombs look amazing as does her picture.

Lynette, sent a big tray of homemade Chocolate Cherry Bombs to her church group’s “Chocolate Covered Net” night party. What a fun party that must have been!

Celebrate Flag Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day or any patriotic occasion with Kathy’s cherry bombs. She drizzled some red and blue chocolate over her cake balls to make them pop!

My Crescent Dough Carrots recipe was really a huge hit. So many readers wrote to tell me they were making these for Easter and a some even shared pictures on their blogs. Sales of cream horn forms, used in the project, went up on (thanks to all who used the link to buy the forms, as I received a small commission on each sale.)
This idea has been translated in so many ways, and it is so wonderful for me to see how I inspired so many of you to make these for your families.
Risa from Restless Risa posted a few pictures of the carrots she served her family for Easter. She used frozen bread dough instead of crescents and lettuce in place of the dill. They look great. As you can see, you can really use whatever you have on hand. Most doughs will work for this recipe but just be aware that the yeast type doughs will rise once they are wrapped around the cream horn forms which makes for carrots with fun curvy shapes. To top off the carrot, anything that is green and frilly could be used – try cilantro, thyme, or even spinach leaves.
Martha from Seaside Simplicity made her carrots by spraying Duff’s Orange Cake Graffiti Spray on the dough and I think they look fantastic. Martha didn’t have cream horn forms so she wrapped her dough around a sugar cone as I had suggested in the comments section of the blog post, and it worked. I’m happy to know that it was a sucess.
Shannon from Living My Life on Purpose did a fantastic job re-creating these carrots using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls which she pinched together at the seams before cutting into strips. She filled her Crescent Roll Carrots with chicken salad and added sprigs of curly endive lettuce.
Seeing someone from across the ocean create something based on one of my recipes is always such a huge thrill. Cinzia from Italy shared her version of the carrots on her blog, Mammarum. She used Puff Pastry to make her carrots, filled them with cream cheese and used chives for the greens.
Joyce from What Happens at Grandma’s hosted a “Bunny Village Workshop” hosted for her daughters and grand kids and served these chicken salad stuffed crescent carrots with parsley greens.
Mari from Inspired by Family Magazine created a really cool twist to this recipe; she made calzone carrots using homemade dough. I absolutely love this recipe. You really should check out her tutorial here.

Sylvia stuffed her carrots with
scrambled eggs and sausage. Being the carrots aren’t very big, they didn’t hold much of chunky filling but she said they made a great breakfast. Her kids thought they
were cute, even  though they weren’t sure about the orange color at first. Once they tasted them and realized they just tasted like croissants they really enjoyed them!

Rady from Byby’s Kingdom made these really fun looking carrots. I like how they have a striped look. She filled here carrots with egg salad and dill. You can get her recipe here.

Mary served this basket full of carrot crescents to her family who gobbled them up immediately. Mary used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls which she just wrapped around the cream horn form before coloring orange. It’s a bit simpler than cutting dough strips and has a smoother look to the carrots.
Mary told me this recipe may become a new Easter tradition with her family!

Trish from Sweetology shared her carrots with her Facebook friends and said, “I whipped these up so easy from store bought crescent rolls and home made yummy ham salad..they will be a hit! CUTE.”

Andrea made a really quick and easy version of the carrots. She used the big flaky crescents, rolled them just a bit straighter,
baked them and then just cut them in half to fill them with the salad.

Jenn served up this bushel of carrots at her Easter celebration and said they were a huge hit!

Mandy was sure busy in the kitchen creating this amazing platter full of chicken salad filled carrot crescents topped with curly parsley.

Jo and Sue created cones out of tin foil to make their carrots which they filled with salmon that their dad had smoked, mixed with cream cheese. You should visit their blog to see more of their festive Easter treats. They really went all out for this holiday.


I am in awe of this gorgeous display that Ekaterina of My Candy Kitchen created with her carrot crescents. Just beautiful! She used pizza dough to make her carrots and covered her cream horn forms with parchment paper for easy removal. Visit her blog to see her tutorial.


Dina from Dynamic World Of served these for Easter to her family in Hungary. She used puff pastry which worked out great. To make her orange coloring, she added red coloring to an egg yolk – brilliant!


I just love this image of the carrots created by Ilina from Culinary Colours of My World.  She used pizza dough to create her carrots, filled them with a traditional Bulgarian salad and added sprigs of lettuce for the greens. Stop by her blog to see all the amazing pictures she took of her carrots.


Mary made Crescent Roll Carrots for her Mad Hatter Tea party and served them alongside other festive food featuring bright colors. Looks like a great party.


Linda shared this big basket full of Crescent Roll Carrots with her co-workers at an office Easter party.


Another beautiful tray of Crescent Roll Carrots, but this time these are sweet! Kelsey, sprinkled some sugar on the outside of her carrots and filled with a cream cheese, whipped cream and pineapple filing and used real carrot tops for her greens.


Alyssa created this beautiful plate filled with crescent roll carrots for Easter. She used parsley for her greens and filled her carrots with chicken salad.


Laura used tin foil instead of cream horn forms to make her carrots and they really have great shape. She filled her carrots with chicken salad and used parsley for the greens. Her family loved them.


Jeanne made her crescent roll carrots for a Hobbit themed birthday party. I love to hear how people use my recipes in clever ways. It’s fun to know that these carrots aren’t just for Easter.


This picture, taken by Polish blogger, Domi from Domi in the Kitchen (“Domi w kuchni”)
is simply stunning. I love all the colors she used and the way she arranged her crescent carrots which are made with homemade dough. This could be a magazine cover shot.


Katie hosted a farm party for her son’s birthday and created an amazing table filled with goodies including salmon and cream cheese filled crescent roll carrots. You can see more on her blog, Little Stumptown, here. 

I created these three ingredient Deviled Egg Daisies to give my readers a super quick, yet really pretty way to serve “make your own” deviled eggs.
I was thrilled when I found out that Roxanne Chan, a legend in the cooking contest circuit, liked my idea. She decided to fill her eggs and she really pumped up the ingredients by adding butternut squash to the yolks. She also dressed up the daisy display by adding frilly dill and a pretty flower.
I create these edible chalkboards to be used as end of the year thank you gifts for teachers. I made tiny edible white chocolate chalk and used it to write on chocolate bars. I’ve since seen where people are scratching (writing on) the chocolate bars with a toothpick and rubbing on powdered sugar to achieve a similar result.
This chalkboard was featured on Cute As a Fox. She created several different boards to use as teacher’s gifts.

Either people love or hate this cheese ball. I’ve seen it Pinned often with varying comments. It has become one of my most viewed recipes and I am always happy to hear from readers who were inspired by this recipe.

Sandy from Pure Abundance had the perfect occasion to use this cheese ball. Her aunt graduated from esthetician’s school and her cousin created this cheese ball face mask for the party. She used sour cream tinted green instead of guacamole. It turned out great and the party guests all loved it.

Jo and Sue from the blog of the same name, made a version of my Spa Face Cheese Ball for a friend’s party. They made the cheese ball using my recipe with 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning. Then, because they were needing to make this several hours before the party and didn’t want the guacamole to turn brown, they used sour cream tinted with green food coloring instead. I think it is a great option and love how the woman’s facial mask has a cool glow. They also used Swiss cheese in place of the Mozzarella for the towel wrap. I think it looks just as good and it may be easier for many of you to find, just be sure the get long slices, not square ones. To see more pictures of their creation click here.
For Halloween Jo and Sue took inspiration from my idea and made this amazing Medusa Cheese Ball complete with breadstick snakes. I was really blown away by their creativity here.
Jo and Sue were inspired once again but this time chose to create their face out of cheesecake and added  cherry pie filling to create the effect of bloody eyes. Creepy, huh?
Cheryl of Liddy B. and Me created this spa party cheese ball without the help of a mask. She molded her cheese ball by hand then scooped some out to create indentations for the eyes and used that cheese to mold a nose. It looks great. I particularly like her nose. In order to get her cheese ball to look pink, she added salsa. It added the right color and a flavor twist. Cheryl posted a tutorial on her blog so you can see just how she did this recipe.
It is really amazing to see how everyone is using this recipe idea. Jeanne hosted a suprise 80th birthday party for her mom and the theme was “forever young.” What a great party theme. The cheese ball face was a perfect fit for her party.
Kristin made this for a Tea.M.I. party and said it was a big hit. She couldn’t find the roll of mozzarella so she used Provolone Cheese slices to create the head wrap. That is a great simple solution. Three slices of cheese look like they fit perfectly.
Crosby from Venezuela made this face mask cheese ball for a spa themed bridal shower for her sister. She used cabbage instead of cheese for the head wrap and it looks great. The addition of flip flop sandwiches made with peppers as the straps really adds to the plate.
Why not use rice krispies treats instead of a cheese ball? Andrea did. She used fruit roll ups for the head wrap and lips, and starlight mints for the eyes. What a great sweet treat for a spa themed party.
Tiffany made here cheese ball and topped it with Wholly Guacamole, which apparently does not brown as it sits at room temperature. Such a great tip to know!
Sharon hosted a Diva party and made a cheese ball face which impressed all of her party guests.  She used wax lips for her mouth – I love that idea!
She also created her hair out of cheddar cheese and used the ends of a lime for the eyes.
Don’t you just love the curly hair made from carrot peels?
Donna created this cheese ball for her spa themed bunco party.
If you can’t find white cheese to use for the head wrap, why not use a soft tortilla,
like Elise did when she made this cheese ball face mask.
I found a creative use for those plastic molds that are used at the beach to make sand castles and shapes. I melted some store bought marshmallows and poured them into the molds to create a big goldfish and an octopus. This is a super easy project to do.
Cari at Car(ing) Mommy used this idea to make marshmallow sea creatures to add to birthday cakes. What a simple way to decorate a great looking cake.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and keep ’em comin’.
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