Valentine’s Day – “Bee Mine” Corn Dog Bumble Bees

My childhood memories of Valentine’s Day are quite vivid.  I remember spending hours transforming a shoe box into a beautifully adorned box covered with red heart shaped cut outs, bows, and ribbon. I always wanted to have a really pretty box to act as my mailbox during our class Valentine’s Day party.  The biggest thrill of the party was exchanging cards and hoping that I got a really sweet one from the boy with whom I had a crush. After school, I would sit with my mom, eating the box of conversation hearts she had given me, and we would read all of the cards laughing at the corny jokes and discussing the party.  Evening came and we had dinner together as a family, but honestly I couldn’t tell you what we ate.  I thought it would be fun to create a meal that your kids would find so fun, that they might just remember it when they reminisce about their childhood Valentine’s Days.
I think this recipe will surely get your kids excited about eating dinner on Valentine’s Day and hopefully will be memorable too.  This recipe for bumble bee corn dogs was actually created for our Halloween party this past October, but during the party my sister suggested that this recipe would be fun for so many other occasions. Her kids’ elementary school’s mascot is a bee and she thought her friends would love to make these for their kid’s.  When I began creating recipes for Valentine’s Day, I thought about all of the images associated with this holiday and bumble bees came to mind as they are often associated with the phrase “be mine”, or rather, “bee mine.”
I use store bought corn dogs for this recipe, as I think they taste pretty good and they can easily be decorated with their stripes, baked, then adorned with their tortilla chip wings and chow mein noodle antenna. I originally designed this recipe for a very large crowd at our party.  So, I used a sponge roller, purchased from the craft store, to paint two stripes onto each bee (as shown in the picture above.)  The roller made fast work painting stripes onto 60 bumble bee corn dogs  for our party.  I’ve written the directions using the sponge roller, but you can also just use a pastry brush or even a small paint brush to paint 4 or even 5 stripes on each bee (as shown at left). Just be sure to use a brand new paint brush, or one that is only used for food for this project.
5 frozen corn dogs
black paste food coloring*
10 corn tortilla chips
10 chow mein noodles
Special equipment needed:
1″ wide sponge roller or small paint brush
non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper
disposable plate
*purchase black paste food coloring
 at a cake/candy supply store or at
 your local craft store.
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper.
Unwrap the corn dogs and set on a piece on non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper.  Pour some black coloring onto a disposable plate. Roll sponge brush into coloring and roll coloring onto each corn dog to create two stripes (or use a paint brush to paint 4-5 stripes on the corn dog. If using a paint brush pour the coloring onto a plate. Do not put the brush directly into the jar of coloring then onto the corn dog or you can contaminate the coloring.)
Paint eyes and a smile onto each corn dog.
Set corn dogs on the lined baking sheet.
Bake corn dogs according to package instructions.  I don’t recommend using the microwave, as the corn bread coating will be too soft to hold the tortilla chip wings in place.
Remove corn dogs from oven.
Press two corn tortilla chips into the middle of each corn dog bee, to create it’s wings.  Add two chow mein noodles above the bee’s eyes to create it’s antenna. 
Serve hot.  If you are serving these at a party, bake the corn dogs according to the package instructions then add the wings and antenna and return to a 200 degree oven to keep warm until ready to serve.  Do not bake at 350 degrees with the corn chips and chow mein noodles attached as they will burn.
If you’d like, pipe “Bee Mine” in mustard on a plate before serving. You could also use Valentine’s Day paper plates and just write “Be Mine” in marker off to the side on the plate. Have fun making these, and I’m sure your kids will have fun eating them.  Just a note, your kid’s mouths will turn black temporarily after eating these bees.  This will fade as they drink something or after they brush their teeth. The kids at our Halloween party thought that their black mouths were cool.  They all giggled as they showed off their  colored tongues.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love this idea!! I want to use it for my daughter's birthday party, but I'm worried about the black food coloring getting allover the children. Did you have the problem?

  2. says

    Hi Anonymous – The great thing about the corn dogs is that they are on sticks, so the kids have something to hold onto. The kids at our party thought it was fun that the bumble bee corn dogs temporarily turned their lips and teeth black (actually kind of purple). As soon as they drank something the color washed away, but that didn't stop the kids from showing off their colored teeth. The kids all thought the corn dog bumble bees were so much fun and this treat was much less messy than the cupcakes a friend brought to the party that were frosted in neon green icing. I found the icing on the back of my couch, on the carpet, and in the bathroom.

    My suggestion is to make thin stripes of black on your bumble bees and make them a day ahead of your party so the stripes have plenty of time to dry. You can even roll the painted dogs in a paper towel to dab off any excess coloring.

    Have fun and hope the kids enjoy your party!

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