Creepy Halloween Sweets – Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood

There are only 9 days until my party and I have 80-100 guests coming. Can you hear my pulse racing? I have absolutely no time to ramble on today, so we’re just going right to the recipe for cake ball brains. I’m serving these at my party along with lots of other zombie themed sweets. 
Cake Ball Brains with Oozing Cherry Blood (makes 28-36*)


1 baked chocolate cake
1/4 – 1/2 cup vanilla frosting
30-38 ounces melted white confectionery coating/candy melts**
black candy coloring (if you want your brains to be grey)
cherry jelly, jam, preserves, or dessert sauce (3/4 teaspoon per brain)
red food coloring (if you want to intensify the color or the cherry sauce)

*UPDATE: I made these and used about one once of candy melts per brains and about 2 tablespoons of the cake ball mixture, but I just had some friends over helping me get brains done for our party and after making 20 brains, had used all the white candy melts but had cake left over. Their candy coating was thicker than what I made. So by the end, they made 36 brains and used much more of the white candy melts. So, your quantities will depend a lot on your skill level using candy coating. I added more candy melts to the quantities just to be sure you have enough to make all your brains. 

**If you don’t have experience working with or melting white confectionery coating or candy melts, read my detailed Chocolate Making Tips page for instructions.

Special Supplies Needed:

Fred & Friends Brain Freeze Silicone Ice Cube Molds


Cut about 1/2″ all around the edge of the cake and just enjoy a snack. Break up the center of the cake into a mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer (my preferred method**) or a food processor. Add 1/4 cup white frosting. Mix to combine.  If the mixture holds together well and you can easily form balls, then stop, if it crumbles, add up to another 1/4 cup frosting. Set aside.


**By using a stand mixer your cake balls will have a smooth truffle like consistency. If you do this by hand, you will probably want to mix it with your actual hands to get it smooth.

If you’d like your brains to be gray, stir drops of black candy coloring into your melted white confectionery coating until you get the desired shade. I made mine a pale gray, but you could go much darker, if you prefer. 
Spoon some melted white candy coating into one of the brain mold cavities. Use a spoon or a pastry brush to paint the coating in a thin layer all around the inside of the mold. Be sure you can’t see any pink (the color of the mold) through the white. Paint all four brain cavities in your mold.
Wipe off any candy coating around the edges of the mold. Freeze for 5 minutes. Don’t leave them in any longer or you may get cracks and condensation on your brains, and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?
Remove the molds from the freezer. If you want your cherry filling to be brighter red, add a few drops of red food coloring. Spoon 3/4 teaspoon of the cherry filling into each brain cavity. Scoop out about 2 tablespoons of the cake ball mixture and press it into a brain cavity leaving enough room to add a layer of candy coating on top.
Spoon some more white candy coating on top of each cake ball and smooth it out. Be sure to wipe off any excess coating around the edge of the mold. Freeze for 5 minutes. Remove the cake ball brains from freezer, turn mold upside down, press and pull on the mold until your brains pop out.
Store the candy coated brains in an airtight container for up to a week. Just know that the longer they sit, the more likely it is that the cherry jam or sauce will soak into the cake. Thin sauces will soak in faster. If that happens, just serve them with a bit of extra sauce. I don’t recommend freezing or storing these in the refrigerator as the moisture in the fridge will cause beads of condensation on your cake ball brains. 
When the guests at my party bite into these cake ball brains, the cherry filling will ooze out and be quite a surprise. I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts. Let me know how your party guests enjoy eating brains!
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    • says

      It would work, just be sure to paint the chocolate onto the mold making sure you can't see through it. You don't want any spots where the cherry filling can leak through. Have fun making your cake and be sure to snap a picture and send it to me so I can share it!

  1. says

    Oh wow! I LOVE this!! I too have about 100 kids showing up for a party on the 27th!! I'll have to run around town tomorrow and see if I can find this mold.

    thanks for sharing this great idea!

    • says

      Wow,100 kids, you are a brave woman. We have about 30-35 kids. I have so much fun with them. We are playing outdoor games this year and know the kids will have a ball.

      I found my brain molds on I haven't seen them in any stores around here. I would suggest going to the Fred & Friends website to see if they have a list of stores they sell to before driving all over town. I hope you have fun making brains and have a great party.

  2. says

    I have a foot mold and a hand mold but have not been able to find a brain mold. After seeing these I want…no…NEED a brain mold. I may have to start shopping on Amazon.:) These are sooooo cool! P.S. – Good luck with your party! Can't wait to see your spooktacular spread this year!

  3. says

    I just bought the molds so I can make these for our football Halloween party! I am so excited! Every year I spend about a week looking at what to make and this is one of my favorite recipie ideas of all times!

  4. says

    Oh this is so cool! Im thinking about making some treats for everyone in my dr's office for Halloween (I see a neurologist for migraines), they are all so awesome there, and this would be PERFECT! I can't think of a better idea! Everybody needs some extra brain power occasionally lol! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • says

      Sorry about your migrains, I had one migraines that lasted for 2 1/2 years, yes, I said one single headache. So, I can totally sympathize with your pain. These would be a perfect and funny thing to bring to your doctor. I love that idea!

  5. says

    My husband works at a Halloween store for the season… I've volunteered to make something for his staff and THIS is absolutely perfect. You are my hero! Good luck with your party – I can't wait to see what your other goodies are!

  6. Anonymous says

    hi, I m trying to make these for my friends birthday in a few days. Any chance you could post a link to the chocolate cake recipe? thank you very much!

  7. says

    That is awesome.
    I will make them for the boardgame night at our store.
    The people will freak out.

    As I live in germany it was kind a problem getting the frosting and the candy melts.
    Is there a way to make frosting yourself?
    Or is it even needed?
    When I normally press together chocolate cake it instantly stays in ball form, but probably my cake has more moisture in it.
    I also got no black candy coloring, so I got some black candy melts and hope it will work if I mix some of them in.

    Only one more week, I am so exited to make them. ^^

    • says

      You can use Nutella or any kind of frosting to hold the cake together for a normal cake ball. To be honest being you are pushing the cake into a mold, you probably will be alright just smashing the cake up especially if it's a really moist cake. I actually did use white candy melts with a bit of black candy melts mixed in to make the gray coloring. It works well, but I didn't think most people would want to buy the black candy melts just to use a few to make these, that's why I suggested using the coloring. Either way will work perfectly. Have fun making them and at your boardgame night. Oh, I love playing boardgames and actually have lots of them on tables at my party. There are some really fun Halloween themed games out right now.

    • says

      One more question because I am not sure about the "put them in the freezer" thing, probably because most of my english speaking friends don't care about correct grammar. ^^
      By "freezer" do you mean the actual freezer where you store your ice and frozen stuff, oder do you mean the refrigerator for storing milk and vegetables?
      I just ask because I don't want the get the temperatures or timing wrong.
      Sorry. It's not that easy when you get your english from british and american sources and everyone uses their own terms. :)

    • says

      Hi Jan, Yes, I do mean the freezer where you keep your ice. I love that I have readers from around the world, but it is a challenge to use terms that everyone will understand. I know our measurements are so different too and that is a challenge.

    • says

      There are several different brands of white candy coating and they have varying levels of sweetness. Of the brands I have tried, Wilton and Guittard are very sweet, Merkens and Peter's are a bit less sweet. Peter's is my favorite, and can be purchased from cake/candy supply stores. If you can temper pure white chocolate, then you could use that instead of the candy coating and you would end up with a nice rich and creamy coating which is still sweet, but the least sweet of all of your options.

  8. Anonymous says

    One of my sons had brain surgery almost 3 years ago. I'd love to make these and send them to his surgeon, but I won't have time this year. Maybe I'll get the molds and have them for next year, but then it doesn't just have to be for Halloween.

  9. Anonymous says

    I literally just made these one minute ago. Very easy. A little difficulty getting the brains out of the mold, but not too much. I used Wiltons Colorburst pastels candy melts. It gave a nice blue vein look to the brains.
    P. Calef

    • says

      So happy to hear you had a pretty easy time making these. You are right about getting them out of the mold. It does take a bit of effort, but they eventually pop out and look great. I almost cut off the top part of the mold to make it easier, but found that if I just pulled the edge away from the candy, I was able to turn the mold upside and and press the brain out. Once I got the hang of it, I like that nice rounded shape of the brain. I like the idea of using the Colorburst pastels. I'd love to see a picture of your brains if you took any.

  10. says

    my candy coating (food lion brand candiquik) shatters into a jillion fragments when i pop the brains out of the mold. maybe a thicker shell of coating is needed? any advice? these are so incredibly awesome – i had such high hopes! thanks for the awesome idea.

    • says

      Hi Carla,

      I've not ever used candiquik, but would assume if your candy is shattering that you need a thicker shell. If candiquik is really thin when melted, you may need to create two layers in your brain molds. Paint the mold once, harden it in the freezer for 5-8 minutes, then remove from the freezer and let sit for at least 5 minutes, then paint on another layer and freeze again.

    • Elizabeth says

      This info is a big help. Wish I'd read it last night when I was crying over my shattered brains I'd hoped to take to work. Was ready to give up but will try again. Mine was likely too thin as well – it was a struggle to keep the candy on the sides of the mold and not all pooled at the base. Is there an easy way to thicken this to make it easier?

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth, the best way to have a thicker coating is to simply let it cool down until it is thicker but still workable. I used Wilton Candy Melts which are pretty thick when melted and had no trouble at all getting a nice shell. But I know I've used other products over the years and some are thinner than others. Thin is great for some projects, but for this you need to have thicker coating. I'll have to buy some Candiquik and see what it is like. I've not ever seen it before, but will try to find it in my area. Then I'll know to give instructions to those of you using it for projects. I hope you had some success with this new technique.

  11. says

    Fantastic. I have cake pop mix and a brain mould. Kept wondering if I could combine the two and make this. Well done, you have saved me at keast 20 minutes scratching my head in thought :o)

  12. Anonymous says

    Made these today and absolutely adore them. Since I live in Germany I used a kind of coconut creme instead of frosting and together with the pomegranate jam i used they turned out great. I did find them a bit on the sweet side (possibly because I didn't get the chocolate that thin, maybe also it's just a matter of taste), so I added lemon juice to the jam, which worked well for me. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe, we had a blast making them and they look awesome.

  13. Anonymous says

    Do you believe there would be a problem if I used an Oreo truffle mixture (Oreo+cream cheese) instead of the cake/icing mixture?

  14. says

    Oh I'm so excited to find these! We have a gross food competition at work and I didn't win last year (there were TWO kitty litter cakes!) so I really want something original! I'm pinning this for October, since I can never be too early! Thank you so much!

  15. says

    My fiance can't have any berry-type food, but I figured out how to make edible chocolate-flavored blood, and I think I'm going to be making them using that (as soon as I get the tray that I just ordered). The pictures make them look a LOT bigger than they are, but small or not, they look AWESOME!!!

    • says

      Thanks! You could also use Red Gel (tubes from the grocery store) as well. The brains are about twice the size of a golf ball, so no, they aren't huge. Each cake ball makes one nice individual dessert.

      Have fun making your brains and be sure to snap some pictures and share them with all of us here.

  16. Andrea Partsafas says

    I made these for my sons' Halloween party. I am now "Mom of the Year", according to my 9-year-old. (Took me nearly 2 days to make 35 of them…) Thanks!

    • says

      So happy to hear you have been crowned mom of the year by your 9 near old. That is a very cool honor! They are time consuming, unless you have lots of molds. One of my readers made over 100 of them last Halloween to give to firefighters and police officers in her town!

  17. says

    Hey! How long do you think these will last, with the "blood" remaining gooey? Example: If I make them on a Mon and serve them Wed evening will they still be bloody? THANKS!! Can't wait to make these next week.

  18. says

    Hey! How long do you think these will stay gooey? If I make them on a Mon and serve them on Wed night, will they still be "bloody" when you bite into them?… THANKS! Can't wait to make these next week. (Sorry if this is a double comment)

    • says

      Hi Ashley, if you want to make them a few days ahead, I think you could mix the fruit puree with some Red Gel Icing (the small tubes you can buy at the grocery store.) That would probably help the fruit from soaking in completely.

  19. says

    I have to say, the instructions are right on. I ended up using pink confectioners chocolate and a dark red cake truffle mix, just vanilla cake with red dye and I used strawberry whipped topping. I ended up buying a can of cherry pie mix and some maraschino cherries. I put them in the food processor and it was awesome. I can't wait for my employees to freak out when they take a bite.

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I am so happy to hear that the instructions were easy to follow. Oooh, your cherry pie filling and maraschino cherries sounds like a great filling! I hope your employees love them:) Have a great Halloween.

    • says

      You can use the pie filling, just know that it is usually pretty thick and may not ooze quite as well. But it will give you the right color and will taste good too.

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi Beth. We finally retired and moved to the mountains. You may have seen them as they have a lot of windmills on them. We are in a secluded valley with deer, elk, bear, pumas and bobcats and a zillion birds. Remember, I made 105 of your oozing brains a few years back? My oldest daughter works for a prison up here and now I have to make another 60 more brains. I hope they turn out as good as the first ones. Thank you so much for your talent. I have so much fun making your creations. You still are and will always be the queen of chocolate and other goodies. Trish Butler

    • says

      Sounds like an amazing place to live, Trish. Have fun making your cake ball brains! I'm sure they will turn out great. Happy Halloween

  21. Anonymous says

    Ugh. Does the altitude have any affect on chocolate? I hade 8 brains out of 40 brake on me. I didn't have this problem before we moved up to 4500 feet. If so, how can I fix this? Thanks, Trish

    • says

      Oh, no, Trish, that is a bummer. I have never heard that altitude has any effect on chocolate making. I think the chocolate coating was probably just too thin. Be sure you can't see through any of the chocolate before you fill the brains. If you can, add more chocolate. Good luck!

  22. Vampy says

    These are so cool. I found these molds on eBay and am going to order them there. Wish I had found this sooner because the cheapest price comes from China and has free shipping for only a couple bucks. I had to search for brain ice cube molds to find them. These seem like they’d be huge cubes but what a smart idea. I might try strawberry preserves too.

    • says

      These brain molds are becoming more popular. I even saw them being given away as prizes at Dave and Busters. If you order the molds from China, the wont be here in time for Halloween this year. It usually takes about a month to get anything from China. My husband orders computer parts all the time and it takes quite a while to get his deliveries. I ordered mine from and got them pretty quickly. They would be huge ice cubes. Way too big, in my opinion, but they are the perfect size for cake balls. Have fun making them and Happy Halloween.

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