Crescent Roll Carrots Filled with Egg or Ham Salad add a festive touch to Easter Brunch

Great creative and have some fun in the kitchen making these 
Crescent Roll Carrots to serve at Easter brunch or lunch. 
Filled with egg or ham salad, they make a great main dish and they couldn’t be cuter. 
There is only one spring day that starts off with your family running around the yard in search of decorated eggs. Easter Sunday is quite unique in that respect.  After our Easter egg hunts we have always gathered up our decorated eggs and whisked them off to the kitchen to add some Miracle Whip before turning them into deviled eggs or egg salad.  It’s a simple recipe, just two ingredients, but one I still enjoy even though my palate has been expanded immensely over the years. I know everyone has their own favorite recipe for these classic dishes and am certain that many (most, maybe) of you enjoy them on Easter.
I love egg salad served on very soft white bread – you know the stuff I’m talking about. Every time I eat one of those sandwiches, I am transported to the kitchen of my childhood with the red poppy wallpaper and the harvest gold appliances.  I remember my mom pressing the eggs through an egg slicer then mixing them with a generous amount of Miracle Whip before heaping mounds of it onto slices of that airy bread, cutting the sandwich at a diagonal then adding a sprinkling of chips  to the plate. I would sit at the kitchen counter, feet dangling around the bottom of the tall stool, taking bites of the sandwich and giggling as I tried to get the sandwich to un-stick from the roof of my mouth. Soft bread and egg salad make pretty good mouth glue. But I loved it.
This post, is, however, not really about making egg salad, but rather an unusual, yet fun vessel used to serve that egg salad, or perhaps ham salad, for an Easter meal. 
I kept this recipe pretty simple by using a Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet, cutting it into six strips, rolling each strip into a log, wrapping them around a metal cream horn mold, brushing them with orange food coloring, and baking them in the oven until golden brown. After removing the pastry from the metal form, I filled some with egg salad and others with ham salad.  A few sprigs of dill completed the effect. 
I really like how my carrots are bright orange, but I know some people might have issues using straight food coloring on the dough.  You can, if you prefer, just brush them with egg wash and bake them to a golden brown.  They wont have quite the same effect, but will still look great.  I tried adding a small amount of food coloring to the egg wash, but the color didn’t show up once baked.  Chefmaster does make an all natural orange food coloring you can purchase to use for this project, as well.
 Carrot Crescents filled with your favorite egg or ham salad
1 tube Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet*
1 egg (whisked with 1 teaspoon of water to make an egg wash)
yellow and red liquid food coloring (the kind from the grocery store is fine for this recipe)
1 1/2 cups of your favorite egg or ham salad
1 bunch of fresh dill or parsley
Special Equipment Needed:

pizza cutter or knife

pastry brush
non-stick aluminum foil lined baking sheet

*If you can’t find this product, you can use sheets of puff pastry, or use crescent rolls and pinch all the seams together.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Unroll the Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet onto a cutting board.  Use a pizza cutter or a knife to cut the dough lengthwise into 6 equal strips. Brush one strip with egg wash.
Roll the strip into a 17″-18″ long log. I rolled the strip of dough up into a tube and pinched the seam shut. Then I rolled out the dough into a thinner, longer log by pushing and rolling  the log with both hands

Repeat, brushing egg wash onto each dough strip before rolling each into logs.Create 6 logs.

Wrap one dough log around each cream horn mold, trying to keep the seam side against the metal mold. Repeat. Be sure your dough does not hang over the open end of the cream horn mold, as it will make it difficult to remove once baked.
Line a baking sheet with non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper. Squeeze about 30 drops of yellow food coloring into a small bowl.  Add one or two drops of red.  Stir to create orange.  Brush the orange food coloring all over each carrot shaped dough.  Set carrots on lined baking sheet.
If you don’t want to paint your dough with food coloring, you can simply brush them with egg wash.  The carrot will bake up golden brown. 
Bake for 6-8 minutes until golden brown.  I suggest rotating the pan half way through the baking cycle for even browning.  Allow carrot crescents to cool for about 5 minutes.  Carefully remove the cream horn form by holding the carrot in one hand and using the other hand to twist the mold and gently pull it out.
Fill each Carrot Crescent with egg salad or ham salad.  Press a few sprigs of dill or parsley into the egg salad for a decorative effect.  Your carrots will keep in an airtight container for up to 2 days, but are best served the day they are baked.  Fill your carrots just before serving.

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I heard from so many people who were making this recipe for their Easter meal and some took pictures and posted them on their blogs. Whether you have a blog or not, if you made these and took some pictures, I’d love to see them. You can see more creations from my reader’s in my Reader’s Gallery.
This idea has been translated in so many ways as you can see from the pictures below, and it is so wonderful for me to see how I inspired so many of you to make these for your families. 
Risa from Restless Risa posted a few pictures of the carrots she served her family for Easter. She used frozen bread dough instead of crescents and lettuce in place of the dill. They look great. As you can see, you can really use whatever you have on hand. Most doughs will work for this recipe but just be aware that the yeast type doughs will rise once they are wrapped around the cream horn forms which makes for carrots with fun curvy shapes. To top off the carrot, anything that is green and frilly could be used – try cilantro, thyme, or even spinach leaves.
Martha from Seaside Simplicity made her carrots by spraying Duff’s Orange Cake Graffiti Spray on the dough and I think they look fantastic. Martha didn’t have cream horn forms so she wrapped her dough around a sugar cone as I had suggested in the comments section of the blog post, and it worked. I’m happy to know that it was a sucess.
Shannon from Living My Life on Purpose did a fantastic job re-creating these carrots using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls which she pinched together at the seams before cutting into strips. She filled her Crescent Roll Carrots with chicken salad and added sprigs of curly endive lettuce.
Seeing someone from across the ocean create something based on one of my recipes is always such a huge thrill. Cinzia from Italy shared her version of the carrots on her blog, Mammarum. She used Puff Pastry to make her carrots, filled them with cream cheese and used chives for the greens.
Joyce from What Happens at Grandma’s hosted a “Bunny Village Workshop” hosted for her daughters and grand kids and served these chicken salad stuffed crescent carrots with parsley greens.
Mari from Inspired by Family Magazine created a really cool twist to this recipe; she made calzone carrots using homemade dough. I absolutely love this recipe. You really should check out her recipe tutorial here.
Sylvia stuffed her carrots with scrambled eggs and sausage. Being the carrots aren’t very big, they didn’t hold much of chunky filling but she said they made a great breakfast. Her kids thought they were cute, even though they weren’t sure about the orange color at first. Once they tasted them and realized they just tasted like croissants they really enjoyed them! 
 Rady from Byby’s Kingdom made these really fun looking carrots. I like how they have a striped look. She filled here carrots with egg salad and dill. You can get her egg salad recipe here.
Mary served this basket full of carrot crescents to her family who gobbled them up immediately. Mary used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls which she just wrapped around the cream horn form before coloring orange. It’s a bit simpler than cutting dough strips and gives a smoother look to the carrots.
Mary told me this recipe will become a new Easter tradition with her family!

Trish from Sweetology shared her carrots with her Facebook friends and said, “I whipped these up so easy from store bought crescent rolls and home made yummy ham salad..they will be a hit! CUTE.”

Andrea made a really quick and easy version of the carrots. She used the big flaky crescents, rolled them just a bit straighter, baked them and then just cut them in half to fill them with the salad.
Jenn served up this bushel of carrots at her Easter celebration and said they were a huge hit!
Mandy was sure busy in the kitchen creating this amazing platter full of chicken salad filled carrot crescents topped with curly parsley.
Jo and Sue created cones out of tin foil to make their carrots which they filled with salmon that their dad had smoked, mixed with cream cheese. You should visit their blog to see more of their festive Easter treats. They really went all out for this holiday.
I am in awe of this gorgeous display that Ekaterina of My Candy Kitchen created with her carrot crescents. Just beautiful! She used pizza dough to make her carrots and covered her cream horn forms with parchment paper for easy removal. Visit her blog to see her tutorial.
Dina from Dynamic World Of served these for Easter to her family in Hungary. She used puff pastry which worked out great. To make her orange coloring, she added red coloring to an egg yolk – brilliant!
I just love this image of the carrots created by Ilina from Culinary Colours of My World.  She used pizza dough to create her carrots, filled them with a traditional Bulgarian salad and added sprigs of lettuce for the greens. Stop by her blog to see all the amazing pictures she took of her carrots.

I look forward to seeing how you use this idea to inspire you in the kitchen too!

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  1. says

    Wow, Beth, you've really outdone yourself with this one!! HOW do you come up with these ideas?! They are just fabulous. This looks simple, delicious and gorgeous. Fantastic!

  2. says

    About your question, I do not like much using food colouring, but I do not mind using them in special occasions… I have two children under 3, and do not like them to eat any food colouring…

    • Anonymous says

      I don't like using food coloring either. There are a few ways to make natural food coloring though. You can make orange with saffron dissolved in hot water, or you can make red with beets and add some yellow made with turmeric. Try searching online for more recipes. There are a lot of creative ways to have natural food coloring!

  3. says

    So cute! I must make these for Easter! I think it depends on who's eating as to whether or not I'd use the coloring. Kids would love it, and I don't think every once in a while would hurt. I think they're almost as cute with just the egg wash. :)

  4. says

    I'm so glad to see so many of you like this recipe.

    Regina – I bought my cream horn forms at a cooking store for $3.50 but I thought about trying to make a tin foil mold. Let me know how it works for you.

  5. bejaap says

    I really loved this idea, what a novelty on sandwich trays for any party or even a kids sleep over snack.
    You could use mustard, ketchup, hot sauce or any condiment of choice depending on what filling you were using to not only add color but a bit of a kick too!

  6. says

  7. says

    Made these the other day and they were delicious! Used my own egg salad that I had previously made, and just made the cones. Did not use the food coloring as this was just for my boyfriend and I. Only problem I had was that my house was hot, which made the dough very soft and stretchy. It didn't want to stay where I put it. But ultimately, it worked out fine and they looked nice and were delicious. Thanks!

  8. says

    Hi Digigirl – I'm so happy to hear that you made and liked this recipe and really appreciate hearing your comments. I understand what you are saying about the dough. It is soft and does get even softer when it gets warm. I keep my house pretty cold (68 degrees), so I didn't have any problems, but can completely understand how you would have issues in a warm house. I would suggest that you cut your dough and keep a few strips in the refrigerator while you are wrapping some of your cream horn molds. You could even place the cream horn molds in the refrigerator or freezer before wrapping the dough around them. If the molds are cold, the dough should stay put. Good luck if you make them again.

    Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments. Based on the number of people who have clicked through to buy the cream horn molds, I am expecting a lot of carrots will be served this Easter. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know. I'll be happy to help.

  9. Anonymous says

    if you don't have metal cream horns, is there something else that can be used to mold the crescent dough?

  10. says

    Hi Anonymous, I would try one of two things if you don't have the cream horn molds:

    1. Wrap a sugar cone (ice cream cone) with foil and wrap the crescent dough around it. Bake with the sugar cone in place, then remove after baking.

    2. Wrap foil into a cone shape. This could take quite a bit of foil, however. Then wrap the foil with the crescent dough and bake.

    • Anonymous says

      I plan on making these for a large family event (about 30 adults and children), so the ice cream cone idea is perfect! I didn't want to have to buy tons of horns or be in the kitchen baking 6-8 batches at a time. I'm guessing I'm gonna be in the kitchen a long time anyways but they're so cute, it's worth it!

  11. Anonymous says

    These are fantastic. I'll try the sugar cone wrapped in tinfoil idea (for the cream horn substitute) and let you know how it goes…

  12. says

    Oh..I just love this! I saw the pic in another website and I never thought that it is made of dough. I thought it is a real carrot with egg stiff inside! Very creative!!!

  13. Caddie says

    Oh my WORD!! This is TOO gorgeous for words!!! I can see this will def be a favourite in my recipe book! How creative! Thanks for sharing!

  14. says

  15. says


    I came across this recipe on Pinterest and I have to tell you how I have loved this idea! And the rest of your site, I am a new fan of yours. :) Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.


  16. Anonymous says

    Looks fantastic…will give it a try this Easter!! Will use the sugarcone method. I just love making stuff for all occasions for my family…I am sure this will be a hit!! So happy to have your site!!

  17. AbleApril says

    I might do these for breakfast w/scrambled eggs as that would be less work. :) (Also arrived via Pinterest)

  18. Emily says

    Thank goodness for Pinterest! I never would have even thought of making something like this. I know what I'm doing for Easter!

  19. says

    This is adorable and easy enough for me to try : ) I'm going to make them for my ladies bible study's spring brunch. Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  20. says

    I really love these! Best carrot sandwich I've ever seen. Pinning if I may!

    • daneyb says

      I agree on the egg salad. Not a big fan. I'm thinking about making them sweet instead of savory. I'm going to play around with a "carrot cake-esque" filling. Cream cheese, raisins,a little grated carrot, ginger and sugar. Or maybe even a cake-pop filling of carrot cake mixed with cream cheese frosting.

  21. says

    Oh my goodness this is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!!! How cute and creative, I love it!!!!!!!! Awesome idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. says

    Stopping by from TGIF, what a wonderful way to serve Egg Salad ( I enjoy it on soft white bread as well) :) This makes me want to quickly order some cream horn molds and make up some of these for Easter week. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  23. says

    WOW – this is amazing!! What a great concept & it turned out SO cute!! I may try this for my kids =-) This is AMAZING! What a creative idea for making learning WAY fun!! I featured this at TGIF this week – – Thanks again for linking up & sharing your creativity with the rest of us. I look forward to seeing what you link up this week!!
    Beth =-)

  24. says

    Hi Beth…what a fabulous idea and tutorial. I put a photo and link on my blog for Friday…I just had to share it!
    Megan at

    • says

      Yes, I know of at least two people that used the sugar cones with success. I recommend wrapping the cone in tin foil. One person wrapped it in parchment paper and said it worked too. I just think it would be a bit easier to wrap it in foil. Once baked, just pull the carrot off the cone, unwrap, and you should be able to use the cone for ice cream.

    • says

      Hi Trish, I'm so glad you and your daughter enjoyed recreating these carrots. I shared your picture in my Reader's Gallery. If you'd like, you can grab a "featured on" button from the gallery. Have a wonderful Easter.

  25. says

    Absolutely love this idea thanks for sharing! Making them tomorrow for Easter the kids are going to love them…I couldn't find any cream horn cones…so I'm going to try with the sugar cones that were suggested. Kudos on your creativity :)

  26. says

    This is great! I used the Pillsbury pizza dough because it was more dough for my money & I skipped the egg wash because of time. I also didn't have the horns so I used the sugar cones with tin foil around them because I was worried the sweetness of the cones would rub off on the dough. I also sprayed Pam on them to help the dough come off easier. It worked just fine. I filled mine with chicken salad & used lettuce to top it & put a bit inside for crunch. I can't wait to bring them out for my family tomorrow! Thanks!!!

  27. says

    This is great! I used the Pillsbury pizza dough because it was more dough for my money & I skipped the egg wash because of time. I also didn't have the horns so I used the sugar cones with tin foil around them because I was worried the sweetness of the cones would rub off on the dough. I also sprayed Pam on them to help the dough come off easier. It worked just fine. I filled mine with chicken salad & used lettuce to top it & put a bit inside for crunch. I can't wait to bring them out for my family tomorrow! Thanks!!!

    • says

      Hi Katie, I'm glad to know the pizza dough worked. I'll have to give that a try. I've had a couple people tell me they used the wrapped sugar cone with success and am happy it worked for you too. I hope your family loves them. Have a wonderful Easter.

  28. Anonymous says

    Dear Beth,

    Thank you so much for this great idea! I made them today for Easter and everybody loved them, but I made sure to give the credit to you. 😉
    Only thing I did different was that I bought the big flaky crescents, rolled them just a bit straighter, backed them and then just cut them in half to fill them with the salad. Anyway, thank you again so very much! You rock!
    Best and happy Easter,


  29. says

    Honey, Beth! You always manage to inspire me! I'm impressed of your every recipe and idea that post in your site! Everything I've adapted to you, impress my friends blog. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Ilina, wow the pictures of your carrots are really beautiful. I will add one of your pictures and a link to your site in my Reader's Gallery. Thank you for sharing.

      It looks like you had a wonderful Easter celebration. Happy Spring!

    • says

      Hi Sowmya, This is one of my favorite projects. I don't recommend coloring the dough first just because it is messy and you will end up with finger prints on your carrots. Once the dough is baked the coloring will dry so you can then pick up the carrot with no problem.

  30. Anonymous says

    Just want to chime in at this late date, if you're not making them for Easter/spring parties, you could leave the dough natural color and call them parsnips! lol or even mix and match both (especially if using two different kinds of filling.)

    Love the ideas…will try making these soon! :)

  31. Di Diamund says

    We are low carb but love this idea so much… thought I might make a cone from bacon and put in egg salad for Easter Brunch.
    I love all the photos and they are just so adorable. Like the image with dill in them but also with lettuce (which I would not have thought of – thank you for the idea there too)

    Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

  32. Anonymous says

    Making these for brunch tomorrow and filling them with a light seafood salad. LOVE IT! thanks for sharing!

  33. says

    So, I saw the ice cream cone idea, but didn't read thru about the foil….naturally, the cone stayed in the crescent roll, but it actually gave it a nice crunch and a bit of sweet. I filled them with a crab & lobster salad and it was a big hit!

  34. says

    So, I saw the ice cream cone idea, but didn't read thru about the foil….naturally, the cone stayed in the crescent roll, but it actually gave it a nice crunch and a bit of sweet. I filled them with a crab & lobster salad and it was a big hit!

  35. Aarti Shenoy says

    I made your carrot code egg salad for Easter brunch yesterday. Everyone loved it. My 13 year old and my 11 year old were great helpers in wrapping the cones. I used aluminum foil. They turned out great. Thank you for the wonderful creation.

  36. says

    I'm sorry for the redundancy but I must give credit where credit is due. Oh, these are just delightfully adorable and fun to make! Your expertise and enthusiasm is truly inspiring. But I have to admit that it never occurred to me that your idea was behind the carrot craze. Usually I give a link to the recipe and if it's adapted from somewhere – it has always been attributed accordingly. I've already mentioned that in my post.
    But as a matter of fact I saw a sweet version of the carrots (minus the puff pastry) in the book ”Вкусно с Йоли” by a popular Bulgarian blogger. You can see her Blog post here:
    Now that I've checked, I see that your publication was first in chronological order. Thanks for the remark. I wish you many more inspiring adventures in the food craft area!

  37. says

    What a cute idea. I'm glad you posted other peoples pics, too. It saved me a trip to the store to try and find cream horns. I'm going to use foil.

  38. says

    These are the cutest carrots I've ever seen, just brilliant Beth! Such a creative and delicious recipe for Easter brunch! Thanks again for sharing this at my Facebook Milestone Link Party :).

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