Quick and easy M&M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights

Make a quick and easy treat this holiday season by simply attaching two candies together. You can have these M&M’s and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights done in less time that it takes to untangle real lights.

Those of you who are regular readers here at Hungry Happenings know I often make projects that are a bit complicated that require many ingredients and lots of steps, but today, I have a Christmas present for you all, a two ingredient project that takes minutes to create.

Can you believe it?

Almond M&M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights


green Mike and Ike candies
Almond M&M’s (you can also use Peanut M&M’s or Jordan Almonds)


a sharp knife
optional: a hand held lighter

Products used to create this project that are available on Amazon.com (commission earned for sales)


Cut the green Mike & Ike candies in half. I used a lighter to heat up my knife so I got really clean cuts in the Mike and Ikes. Just carefully hold the knife blade over the flame for a few seconds to heat it up then cut through the candies. If making these with kids, skip the flame and be safe!

Immediately press the sticky cut side of the Mike and Ike candy onto the wider end of an Almond M&M. Repeat to create as many M&M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights as you want.
You are done! Easy, right?
You can put your M&M’s and Mike & Ike Christmas Lights in a candy dish for the holidays or you can get creative and use strands of lights on cakes or cupcakes. You can even just pipe some green frosting in a squiggly line on a serving platter and set the candy light bulbs along the line.
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  1. Anonymous says

    I'm picturing cupcakes set on a platter in the shape of a tree, with these on top and connected with green frosting "wire". So cute!!

  2. says

    This is the perfect recipe for kids. I will have to attempt to make these with my kids. I know a lot of the ingredients will be gone before the project is completed.

  3. Anonymous says

    do they stay stuck together just sitting in the bowl like that? i wonder if the stickyness dries up and they fall apart.

    • says

      Thanks Heather. Oddly enough they taste pretty good. I'm not a big fan of lime, but somehow the lime with the almonds, chocolate, and candy coating is a pretty good combination. Everyone that has tried them has said the same thing.

    • says

      Thanks, Mindy. I just placed them on a line of frosting that I drew onto paper to take the picture. I thought about stringing them together, but in the end felt it was too much work to push a toothpick through each Mike and Ike then have to thread string or a licorice lace through. If you do it and have success, I'd love to see a picture.

  4. Lisa Bletz says

    I was just wondering what for string you used for the Mike and Ike and M&M's light ornaments. I have all the candy,was just wondering about the string. These are the cutest things ever !! Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      Hi Lisa, I just piped a very thin line of green frosting for my strand and set the light bulbs on the frosting. You can also use green string licorice, Wilton makes it. You'd have to attach the candies to it, maybe with some candy melts.

  5. Anonymous says


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