A quick and simple way to serve deviled eggs for Easter

Scenario: You are scrambling to get your meal finished before your guests arrive for Easter Dinner.  You will barely have enough time to get yourself cleaned up and dressed, and the last thing you have time for is filling a bunch of deviled eggs. 

Solution:  Cut your hard boiled eggs in half, make your favorite deviled egg filling, then throw together a deviled egg display that will only take minutes and surely impress your guests.


hard boiled eggs
deviled egg stuff (I add Miracle Whip and call it a day)
green onions, scallions, or even celery (I’m sure you have something green in your fridge)

Arrange 8 egg white halves cut side down in a circle on a platter.  Spoon some deviled egg mixture in the center of the egg whites.  Add a green stem with some grass or leaves (how about a few spinach or basil leaves.) Make as many daisies as you’d like, then spoon the remaining deviled egg mixture into a bowl, set the remaining hard boiled egg whites around the bowl, add a spoon to the bowl, and have your guests fill their own eggs. They’ll be so impressed by your daisy, they won’t think a thing of making their own deviled egg.
You’re done, now go get dressed.

I am so thrilled to see pictures from my readers. 

Roxanne Chan dressed up these Deviled Egg Daisies by filling her eggs with a mixture of egg yolks and butternut squash. Very creative. I just love the frilly dill grass she added to the bottom of her serving platter.

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    This is a terrific idea!!! I really don't like to stuff eggs….. & for some reason everyone always says "yours are the best"…think it's because I'm the only sucker that will continue to make them!!!! Happy Easter!

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