Strawberry Surprise Cake for

Strawberry Surprise Cake |

Don’t scroll down.
Can you guess what’s inside this Strawberry Surprise Cake?
I was asked to make this pinata style cake for All the cakes I’ve made for them have been extremely popular. 
I’ve grown to love these festive cakes, mostly because I’m a huge fan of surprises. 

So, have you guessed what’s hiding inside this one?

Strawberry Surprise Cake with strawberries inside |

Did you figure fresh strawberries?
Now you may be wondering why I used whole fresh strawberries. 
Here’s the scoop. 
I did not hull the strawberries (remove the stem and leaves) because once that happens the strawberries begin to seep juice. A pinata cake needs structure to hold up due to the fact that it is hollow. A soggy cake would not hold up well. 
The reason the chocolate dipped strawberries are in a bowl and not in the cake is because the moisture inside the cake would make the chocolate very sticky and not as appealing.

If you are going to serve this cake right after you decorate it, then by all means put any kind of strawberries you like, slices would even work.

You’ll need to stop over at for the directions to make this Strawberry Surprise Cake.

Have you made a pinata cake? What did you fill it with?
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      Thanks, June. I'm getting a lot of practice covering cakes in fondant for For this cake, I used Wilton's new decorator preferred fondant which is so easy to use and it tastes good enough to eat, unlike most fondants, in my opinion.

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    Very cute! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams starts on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

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    Stopping by from Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party. This is such a cute idea. Would be perfect for a strawberry theme party. Pinning! Thanks for sharing :)

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