Earth Cake filled with Candy Rocks and more Fun Food Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Cake filled with Candy Rocks |
Candy Filled Earth Cake

Earth Day kind of crept up on me this year, partly because Easter and Earth Day are only two days apart, but mostly because it took so long for spring to arrive, that it just doesn’t feel like it could possibly be the end of April already. 
A few weeks ago, I did make a replica of our planet out of cake for my gig over at To make my cake a bit different than all the other Earth cakes out there, I hid chocolate rocks inside.
Earth Cake |

I also came up with a very clever method of easily frosting a spherical cake to make it look perfectly round. I’m excited to try another cake using this method. 

You can check it out along with my step-by-step tutorial for creating an Earth Cake with Candy Rock Core on

Here are a few more 
fun food ideas for Earth Day
from Hungry Happenings
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Earth Day Sunshine Lollipops
Earth Day food Sunny Salad
Earth Day food Daisy Pastries
Earth Day food Won Ton Roses
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      I do have to say, using that icing method made creating this cake so much easier than I had expected it to be. I had seen someone ice a cake upside down in order to get a perfectly smooth and level top and thought that idea was genius. I kind of used that method as a starting point and figured out how to make it work for a sphere cake. I'm glad you like the idea too.

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    I am quite passionate about being kind to our planet and love creating treats to celebrate the Earth. I am happy you have enjoyed my recipes. Thanks!

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