Beer Mug Cheese Stuffed Football Pretzels for

Beer Mug Cheese Stuffed Football Pretzels |

Can you believe the footballs sitting on the edge of these beer mugs are actually cheese stuffed pretzels made from Pillsbury Pizza dough? 
Yes, I’m amazed too. 
When the folks at General Mills asked me to create this unusual Super Bowl snack, I had my doubts that it could be done. I was shocked when I made just one pretzel, boiled it and baked it and it looked perfect. I wish I would have had the same luck when I made an entire batch at one time. Oozing cheese filled my baking sheet and I had to go back to my kitchen for some recipe tweaks. 
I finally figured it out and was pretty excited taking these pictures. Want to know how I got the cheese stuffed inside, or why they are so naturally dark brown, or how they are sitting so nicely on the beer mugs? Head on over to to see the recipe and tutorial for these Beer Mug Cheese Stuffed Football Pretzels.
After I made the cheese stuffed football shaped pretzels, I was inspired to make more …
Beer Mug Cheese Stuffed Football Pretzels |
Have you checked out my recipe to make these Salted Beer Soft Pretzel Footballs? They too are made using Pillsbury Pizza dough. 

So go grab a few tubes and get busy making these fun Super Bowl snacks. You might like to make some of these other recipes while you are at it. 
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Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread Footballs
made using the Wilton Football Silicone Mold

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    Would you believe I haven't made ONE super bowl treat – and our favorite team is going! My friends would think they were at the super bowl if I brought any one of those amazing treats you made!

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