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Gingerbread Christmas Cupcake Wrappers | HungryHappenings.com
Earlier this week Jill from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons and I hosted a Give the Gift of Gingerbread blog hop and giveaway  and I shared a recipe for Caramel Cocoa Custard Gingerbread Men. When we started talking about this group project, I had so many ideas run through my head, including these edible cupcake wrappers which were inspired by a paper version of a Holiday Gingerbread Wrapper from Cupcakes Plain and Fancy.

Gingerbread Cupcake Wrappers | HungryHappenings.com

These wrappers are the easiest I’ve created thus far this holiday season. Two strips of white modeling chocolate rick rack and two buttons are all you need to decorate these gingerbread flavored edible cupcake wrappers. I made fancy buttons, but plain buttons would work just as well. So, if you’ve contemplated making some modeling chocolate cupcake wrappers for Christmas, but felt my other designs were too challenging, this one is for you.

Christmas cupcake recipe

Edible Gingerbread Cupcake Wrappers

You’ll need:

modeling chocolate made using Wilton’s Gingerbread Candy Melts or milk chocolate (see recipe, here)*

white modeling chocolate (see recipe, here)*

cupcakes and frosting

*You’ll use approximately 1 1/2 ounces of modeling chocolate per cupcake. The amount will vary based on how thick you make your wrappers and on the size of your cupcakes. 


cupcake wrapper template (click here.)
non-stick baking mat (or use a gallon size zip top bag)
large fondant rolling pin or wooden rolling pin
pastry wheel with grooves
red and green food coloring
large round plunger cutter
a marker or something to imprint the buttons
skewer or toothpick
pastry bag and big star tip (for piping frosting on cupcakes)


Cupcake wrappers

Print a copy of this cupcake wrapper template (click here.) Cut out around the template. Wrap it around one of your cupcakes, to see if it is the right size. You need the template to overlap at the ends by at least 1/2 inch, so adjust the template as needed. Re-size then cut out a new template. 
Roll out gingerbread (or milk chocolate) modeling chocolate on a non-stick baking mat using a fondant roller. See instructions for rolling out modeling chocolate using a large zip top bag, here. Cut out around the template using a pastry cutter/pizza wheel. Check to make sure they fit around your cupcakes with enough overlap to seal the seam.

Christmas cupcakes

Roll out white modeling chocolate into long strips. Cut thin strips using the grooved side of your pastry wheel to make the rick rack. Lightly brush the backside of the modeling chocolate strips with water, then attach them to the cupcake wrappers. 
Color some white modeling chocolate red and some green. Roll it out and use a large round plunger cutter to cut out red and green round buttons.

Christmas cupcake decorations

I used the back side of a sharpie fine point marker (washed in hot soapy water) to make the indentation for my buttons. Then I cut the sharp tip off of a skewer and used it to make button holes.
Use water to attach the buttons to the edible cupcake wrappers.

Christmas dessert recipe

Wrap the cupcake wrappers around your cupcakes, using water as the glue to attach the seams. If your modeling chocolate has dried out too much to stick together, rub the water on to the seams with your finger, making the modeling chocolate sticky, then press the seams together.  
Pipe a swirl of frosting onto your cupcakes and they are ready to serve.
If you need to make these ahead of time, store the cupcakes in an airtight container and the cupcake wrappers in another container for up to several days. The day you serve them, attach the wrapper around the cupcakes. They can then be stored for up to 8 hours before serving. If you store the assembled cupcake in an airtight container for too long, the moisture from the frosted cupcakes will make the wrappers sticky. 

Christmas dessert ideas

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    • says

      Making these wrappers out of modeling chocolate only has one extra step and that is making the modeling chocolate. Of course you can buy that too!

  1. says

    These are all so lovely. Perfect for a little gift in a box. I am wondering, do you make your cupcakes in paper cases then peel them off to pop the cakes in these new edible wrappers? or do you have a cleverer way that I've not thought of!

    • says

      Thanks, Julia. That is a good question. I have baked my cupcakes in paper wrappers then unwrapped them, but I prefer to just spray a non-stick cupcake pan with cooking spray and bake my cupcakes right in the pan. They pop right out and have a nice smooth exterior. Plus I find that they bake more evenly and have nice rounded tops.

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