Down the bunny hole push-up pop treats and a giveaway.

I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use my new push-up pop containers and couldn’t resist using the modeling chocolate bunny butts I made for my Ravenous Rabbit Cupcakes to create these Down the Bunny Hole treats. I made these the same day I made my cupcakes, which was a few weeks ago, and thought, “oh this is such an original idea.” To make sure that is was, I searched in Internet to see if anyone else had already published a tutorial and didn’t find a thing.
I was so excited to share this tutorial and giveaway, but wanted to wait, so that I didn’t have two giveaways going at the same time. Yesterday I wrote my tutorial and had just finished writing the details of a giveaway by my new sponsor Smidge & Pinch Cupcakes and Posh Party Supplies. I copied the tutorial and went to send it to Theresa who owns Smidge & Pinch and noticed that she has a Facebook page for her site. I hadn’t yet visited her Facebook page, so I thought I should do that. I opened the page, scrolled down just a bit and about fell out of my chair. There on her page was a picture of almost the identical push up pops. I followed the link and found that they were created by Lynlee’s Petite Cakes (see her amazing Easter sweets and decorations including her push-up pops here.) She is wildly talented.

I wasn’t surprised at all that someone else came up with this idea, but  I was stunned at how much the bunnies in our treats looked alike.

Now I was in a pickle.

I always do my research and try to make sure I’m not publishing something that someone else has already done. I want my site to be filled with unique edible crafts and work hard to create things that are clever and new. I’ve come up with edible craft ideas before, then found very similar projects already out there, so I either change it a lot or don’t use it. I LOVE this Easter push pop treat and after much debate, I decided to share my tutorial with you because Lynlee doesn’t offer any instructions for making her pops.

There are a few differences in our pops; she filled her push-up pop containers with chocolate pudding and Oreo Cookie crumbs, where I used chocolate cake dirt and green coconut grass instead. Either way you make them, they are adorably cute. 


They are a bit top heavy, so you’ll want to secure them in a push pop display or do what I did and add shredded tissue paper in a basket and nestle them in the shred.

Down the Bunny Hole Push-Up Pop Treats (makes 12)

Before you begin, you will need to make white modeling chocolate. Click here for the recipe and directions on adding color, as well as, troubleshooting information. 


1 recipe white modeling chocolate (recipe here)
pink candy coloring 
powdered sugar to dust work surface
corn syrup to “glue” the modeling chocolate pieces together
12 chocolate cupcakes (or 1 – 8″ cake)
1 cup chocolate frosting
1 cup sweetened coconut*
green food coloring

*If you or your kids don’t like coconut, you can use edible Easter grass. It comes in long strands which could easily be cut into smaller pieces. You might need two packages. I bought mine at Walgreen’s but also saw it at Target. You can also buy it on here.

Supplies Needed:

#12 round pastry tip and # 6 round pastry tips, optional
rolling pin, optional

12 push-up pop containers
pastry bag or zip top bag
quart size zip top bag


Optional: Pinch off about two tablespoons of white modeling chocolate and color it light pink. Note: The pink candy coloring is vibrant, so use just a tiny amount of it to make your pink. Lightly dust work surface with powdered sugar. Roll out the pink modeling chocolate as thin as possible. Press the small end of the #6 round pastry tip into the clay, twist, then pull up. Continue doing this until you fill the pastry tip with small rounds of pink modeling chocolate. Turn it upside down and allow rounds to fall out. You’ll need 72 tiny rounds. Do the same making 24 larger rounds using the #12 tip. 
Alternately: you could just pinch off very small amounts of the pink modeling chocolate and roll them into balls then flatten to make your circles. This will take more time, though.
Pinch off teaspoon size pieces of white modeling chocolate. Roll into balls, then flatten into an oblong shape creating 24 bunny feet. 
Dip a fine tip paint brush or toothpick into corn syrup. Brush onto the center of each foot. Press one pink round onto each foot. Brush three small dots of corn syrup around the edge of each foot and press on three tiny pink rounds. You can use water instead for this step. I think the corn syrup will hold the larger pieces in the next step a bit better than the water, though.

Pinch off 12 pieces of white modeling chocolate (a little less than a tablespoon) and roll them into balls for the bunny bodies. Pinch off 12 pea size pieces of white and roll them into balls for the tails.  Pinch off 24 slightly smaller pieces and roll into balls, then flatten on either side to make little legs. Brush the top of each large ball with a dab of corn syrup. Attach a tail. To make your tails look fuzzy, use a knife to jab at the ball pulling out little tufts of modeling chocolate all around it. Attach two legs with corn syrup then attach a foot on each leg.

Allow your modeling chocolate bunny butts to dry for at least an hour so they are easier to handle.

If you don’t have a stand for your push-up pops, you’ll want to secure them somehow before filling with the cake. I filled a large basket with shredded paper and it worked great, but I’m thinking about buying a stand for future use. I’m sure it is much easier if you have one to keep the push pops from toppling over while your filling them, plus it offers a wonderful way to display your push pop treats.
Crumble up the cupcakes and stir in 2 tablespoons of chocolate frosting. You want the mixture to be loose and crumbly so it looks like dirt. I mixed my cake and frosting in my Kitchen-Aid Mixer, which worked great. 
Assemble the push-up pop containers then fill them about 3/4 full with the crumbled cake.

Put remaining frosting in a pastry bag or zip top bag and snip off the tip and pipe some frosting into the center of each push-up pop (don’t fill to the edge, you want the coconut to show around the edge, not the frosting.) 
Put coconut in a zip top bag. Add a few drops of green food coloring, close bag, and shake. Add more coloring if needed, shake again, being sure all the coconut is colored green. Sprinkle the green coconut around the frosting, filling each container to the top. Pipe on a bit more frosting in the center of the coconut. Press one bunny butt onto the frosting. 
Your Down the Bunny Hole Push-Up Pop Treats are ready to serve. You can cover them with plastic wrap and keep them at room temperature for a day, maybe two. 

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  1. says

    I think this is an adorable idea and since I have about a 100 push pop containers I think might try this, I also would love to buy each and every cupcake liner with the gift card if I were to win the give away and I look forward to reading your face book page and more of your blog, great ideas and fun to read. Thanks for sharing,

  2. says

    I am so glad I found this, it has given me a great idea for the 100 push pop containers I have. I stopped by the smidge and pinch site and I would love everyone of the cupcake liners, the colors are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and the fun blog, I look forward to seeing your posts on face book. Again thanks for sharing

  3. says

    Awesome~Awesome~Awesome!! I thought your cupcake version was *off-the-charts* cute! These truly are extraordinary! I've had 2 dozen push-pops for over a year. I wanted to save them for my own special creation. You have inspired me to start thinking again! :)

  4. says

    I *liked* your blog on FB! On my 1st comment, i was so excited to post it that i didn't even read the post first..I just looked at the photos.'s really hard when you've come up with a great idea only to find someone else did too! I'm pretty new to blogging, and I'm absolutely learning as i go. My 2nd post was making a cookie another blogger had already made! I know now..don't do it! But as i see it, you had already come up with the cupcake..and I just love your push pop design. I'm SO glad you decided to post it! :)

  5. Melissa M says

  6. Melissa M says

    Also, I love those cute little paper colored straws on Smidge & Pinch! And she has some very cute cookie cutters!

  7. Anonymous says

    Found the link on facebook. These are so cute, such a wonderful Easter treat. Any child or adult would love to eat one of these. I am so happy to have found these. Thank you so much for your great creations. :)

  8. says

    Your push-up pops are the most adorable things I have seen in a long time!! I've never tried modeling chocolate, but now I might. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Connie Bolick Lee says

  10. Anonymous says

  11. Anonymous says

  12. Connie Bolick Lee says

  13. Connie Bolick Lee says

  14. says

    I love these adorable spring bunnies!! I also love your shop, I've shopped there many times, and my favorite thing is your paper straws! I used them at my daughters Sweet 16 party 2 weeks ago, and they were a hit!

  15. says

    I love these spring bunnies! I also love your shop! I have shopped there many times, and I have to say my favorite things are the paper straws! I bought some for my daughters Sweet 16 2 weeks ago, and they were a hit! All of her friends loved the novelty of them!

  16. says

  17. says

    Actually, the same thing happened to me….with you! You published your very adorable conversation heart cheesecakes and I had just made almost the exact same cheesecakes. I decided not to post, yours were much cuter anyway!! :) I'll have to send you the photo! AND I love your bunny push pops!

    • says

      Oh, I'd love to see your version of the Conversation Heart Cheesecakes. I know people have similar ideas all the time and sometimes it's amazing just how similar an idea can be executed. My cheesecakes were a huge hit, so obviously people thought it was a good idea, including you. Be sure to send me a picture and I'll post it in my Reader's Gallery.

  18. says

  19. says

  20. says

  21. says

    This just made my day!!! So cute and funny. Thanks so much for inspiring us each week with your wonderful creations and sharing it at Sharing Saturday. See you next week :)

  22. says

    what a fantastic idea i love them great for an Easter party the dancers were my daughter dances with love these for the little ones great idea

  23. says

    Hmm, more like what would I *not* buy from Smidge and Pinch? I love their paper straws and I would love some of their cool cupcake liners for putting in my kids' bento lunches. My daughter likes anything houndstooth so for sure those.

  24. says

    Wow! Where to begin…there are so many things at Smidge & Pinch I'd love. I'd probably stock up on things I use for cake decorating — gel colors, wooden skewers and those wonderful wooden cocktail forks (They're great for giving stability to molded figures!). I am so happy I "Stumbled upon" your site — wonderfully creative ideas!

  25. says

    Wow! Where to begin…There are so many things on Smidge and Pinch that I'd love. I'd probably stock up on cake decorating supplies — gel colors, wooden skewers and wooden cocktail forks (They're great for giving stability to carved figures that tend to swivel on round dowels/skewers), sprinkles/glitter…It'd be hard to choose! So glad I discovered your site. You have wonderfully creative ideas!

  26. Anonymous says

  27. says

    I LOVE your bunny butts ๐Ÿ˜€ You're so creative, Beth!!! :)I think they're adorable – and loved the cupcakes, too. :) Thanks SO much for sharing your creativity – and for the generous giveaway!

  28. says

    I absolutely LOVE these cute bunny bootys! My kids will flip over them. I'm delving into modeling chocolate this week, these may be on my list of to dos!

  29. says

    Oh. I will totally be purchasing the black matte sugar beads and yellow and white scalloped cupcake liners from Smidge and Pinch! Hopefully with my gift certificate ;). Their website is now on my favorites!

  30. Nancy LH says

  31. says

    i'm still new to the blogging thing,But i have run into your dilemma as well.
    You can search and search and find nothing like what you've thought of but as soon as you go to post it, it pops right up. I love these pops and the bunnies are super cute so i'm very glad you posted them. :)

  32. says

    i went to the website which is great and my sisters baby shower is coming up
    so I would definitely get the rubber ducky and bubble sprinkles and the dinosaurs (its a boy)

  33. says

    I love these, the bunny butts sticking up are just too cute!! <3 I am so happy you posted them because other wise I wouldn't have seen them. I love all the things you make.

  34. says

    Love the site Smidge and Pinch Cupcake and Posh Party Supplies,it would be hard to decide what I would get….I want so much lol. I would start off getting some decorating picks (couldn't believe the choices she had), then some straws…wow so many to choose from!!! By then my $25 would be gone….but I would continue to purchase more items….great store thanks for sharing with us. Wish I had found the site when I need decorating picks…..but I will need them again and now I know where to go….saved in my favorites.

  35. Anonymous says

  36. Anonymous says

  37. says

    oh wow, too cute. I love it. i wouldn't worry about finding someone else made these too…you were being unique when YOU made them, and that's the main thing.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  38. says

    I visited the Smidge 'n Pinch website…I would love to have some of those chocolate rocks and a couple of edible writing pens. I've been eyeing them for a while now.

  39. says

    If I won the gift certificate, I'd choose the Star Wars cupcake set for my son, giraffe cupcake liners for a friend, striped straws for me, and chocolate rocks for my daughter. What fun!

  40. Anonymous says

  41. says

    You are so crazy creative, Beth! It's a small world on the internet:) I had the same thing happen to me once, but it all worked out.

  42. Anonymous says

  43. Cheri DeVries says

    Your bunny pops are so cute. I tried all of your links and could not get to the website. Kept getting an error message

    • says

      Thanks Cheri, What website were you trying to get to? I just checked all the links in the post and they worked. I do have people tell me they have trouble leaving comments and get error messages. Is that what you are having trouble with?

  44. Anonymous says

    This is a really cute idea that I could see using for a plethora of special occasions and/or holidays!

  45. says

  46. Anonymous says

    My My My… Now who wouldn't want these little bunny butts Easter morning??…I'm gathering supplies already!!!!…Your ideas just make me smile I can't wait for the kids to see these!!..Thanks again…Oodie

  47. Anonymous says

    I wanted everything I seen on smidge and pinch!!…I can put it all to good use..LOL…I really liked the selection of cupcake lines…I bake alot of cupcakes and I'm always trying new liners because most bleed through and the final result just isn't as cute..Thanks for the chance to win goodies we can all use..Take Care…Oodie

  48. says

    Your push up pop bunny butts are so stinkin' adorable!! And your instructions are so clear that I really think I can make these! Gonna give it a try, love cute bunny butts!

  49. says

  50. says

  51. says

  52. says

  53. says

  54. Anonymous says

  55. Anonymous says

  56. Anonymous says

  57. says

    These are so cute! I am going to have to try making these bunny butts. :)

    I visited the Smidge and Pinch Cupcake and Posh Party Supplies site to check them out, that have so many cute supplies! I love the Edible Teeny Tiny Metallic Gold Stars!

  58. says

    Would love to purchase the push up containers. Will be doing a superhero theme for the kiddos birthday and already planned to use them for yogurt pops to offset the cake sugar rush. Will probably pick up themed straws too.

  59. says

    Hi Beth! The bunnies are just adorable! I cannot keep up with you! Just had a chance to make the carrot cones and now THIS design has "hopped" to the top of my list! Thank you! And you do realize that perhaps the "other" poster of the bunny pop might have been inspired by YOUR cupcake…????

  60. says

    These are adorable. Son't have hte push pop things but may try to make these for the tops of the Easter cupcakes I am making for next Saturday – my church's Egg Hunt.

  61. says

    There is so much stuff that's hard to choose. Prob some cookie cutters – the castle and such. And some of the brigther cupcake lines. Hope I win – could use the stuff.

  62. says

    I visited Smidge n Pinch. I would order the candy rocks. They are hard to find and would be wonderful for Halloween food crafts! Also love the straws and pops.

  63. says

    I love your site!! You are so talented! I liked you on Facebook, if they had a love button I would have clicked it! I visited Smidge n Pinch, if I won I would definately buy the edible pearls just to start, would probably end up with the prize just being a drop in the bucket of what I would spend there. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  64. Anonymous says

    It doesn't get any cuter than this! We have an unspoken tradtion of cute holiday desserts. That is, who brings the cutest, most awesome dessert to the family gathering. I've been slacking and need to get back into the game. I think these butt bunnies will be perfect!

  65. says

    This is a great site!! Is the first time I see it and just spent an hour looking through all the wonderful creations! It's amazing! I definitely would love to win that certificate since I don't have many of the tools needed for this and some other ones of your creations…
    I don't know for sure yet if I'll make this one but I will for sure make the filled carrots for breakfast on Easter.

  66. says

    From Smidge and Pinch: There are lots of things I'd like, but one of my faves right now are the edible toppers, especially the princess ones, for my little girl's upcoming 3rd birthday, and the cupcake liners to go with them.

  67. Sherry says

    Omgosh….the bunny butts are soooo cute! Just discovered you and see lots of things I would like to try!

  68. Mrs Artajo says

    What a great idea! Will try these out-but use rice krispies as the body…(my kids love anything rice krispie and its easy and fast to work with. Thanks for the idea! So cute! Love your site!! Keep up the great work!

  69. says

    Those are the cutest thing's EVER! My daughters B-day is coming up and she want's an Alice theme… I really wanted something different and I CANNOT think of anything more perfect than these. I can't wait to make them! Thank you sooooooooo much for this idea, she is going to LOVE these. :)

  70. says

    I visited Smidge and Pinch. And I don't think I could name just 1 thing I would buy. They've got a wonderful selection of products all around. The straws are awesome! And I love the cupcake liners and cookie cutters too. :)

    BTW… I hope you will think of writing an all occasion book as well. I think everyone will agree your ideas are AWESOME! :)

  71. Jacque says

    This is a wonderful blog! You are very talented and creative. I'm glad to have found you and will definitely be using some of your ideas. I pinned a couple of your ideas already and have just started looking! Will 'like' Hungry Happenings on FB now. Thanks!

  72. says

    My daughter Morgan is starting to really love baking and is experimenting and making some yummy cupcakes so I would love to buy the zebra print cupcake liners from Smidge & Pinch cause she loves zebra print!

  73. says

    I made these for Easter and took them to my boyfriends parents, they were a hit! Thanks for the great idea! Another suggestion for the cups, because I couldn't find the push pops is small Dixie cups.

  74. says

    Great cute idea! I made them for Easter and took them to my boyfriends parents house; they were a hit; thank you! Since I am quite the procrastinator I waited too long to get the push pops I used small Dixie cups instead which worked out great too! Thanks for the idea! Keep posting!

  75. Anonymous says

    I love these. I made the chocolate bunny butt cake by Betty Crocker for one of this Easters desserts. I got lots of laughs and yums too! Wish I had seen these little guys. If I was lucky enough to win the prize I would choose the zoo cupcake liners..those are fantastic!Tough choice as there are many,many interesting things on their site.

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