Winter themed treats – Frosty Snowman Pretzels

We hopped on a plane on Christmas eve and headed for southern California and although it was unseasonably cold there during our stay, we were happy to miss the first big snowstorm of the season back home. Upon our return, our exchange student couldn’t wait to get outside to build a snowman, and did her best to craft a very small little guy with what was left of the ice crusted snow.

It’s still early in the winter season, and she may have another opportunity to build a snowman with freshly fallen snow. I may bundle up and help her, or I may just stay inside my warm kitchen building snowmen of the edible variety instead like these …
Frosty Snowman Pretzels
You’ll Need:
pretzel rings (I found these round pretzels at Aldi)
white confectionery coating (CandiQuik*)
Fruit Roll-Ups
mini chocolate chips
orange candy coated sunflower seeds or other small orange candy
pizza wheel or knife
baking sheet lined with parchment paper
optional – tweezers
black food coloring marker

*I tried CandiQuik for the first time for this project and really enjoyed the flavor and the ease of melting in the microwave tray that is included in the packaging. I did have to reheat the coating several times while making my Frosty Snowmen Pretzels, and would highly recommend using my electric skillet method to keep the coating warm throughout the process. 
Melt white confectionery coating (Candiquik) according to the package instructions or read my Chocolate Making Tips for detailed melting information.

Cut 1/2 inch wide strips from Fruit Roll-Ups. Lay a strip down on your parchment paper lined baking sheet. Add a dab of melted white candy coating (CandiQuik) to the center of the strip. Press two pretzel rings on top.

To really secure the two pretzel rings, add another dab of candy coating in between and on top of the two pretzel rings.

Spoon some of the white candy coating into the center of the top pretzel ring.

Note: Fill one or two of the pretzels at a time. You need to add the candy decorations while the candy coating is still wet. Once the coating hardens you wont be able to add the decorations as needed.

While the candy coating is wet, add two mini chocolate chip eyes and one orange candy nose.

Note: I use tweezers to help me easily place these candies in the wet coating. Just make sure you use tweezers that are only used for food.

Spoon some white candy coating into the bottom pretzel ring then add three mini chocolate chip buttons.

Fold both ends of the strip of Fruit Roll Ups over to create a scarf. Place your pretzel snowman in the freezer for 2-3 minutes, just until the white candy coating hardens.

Create a nice assortment of Frosty Snowman Pretzels, reheating your candy coating as needed. Then allow the snowmen to warm up to room temperature and use a food coloring marker to add a mouth. Just draw on a curved line of dots under the nose.

If you want, you can add some pretzel stick arms by adding a dot of white candy coating to the end of a piece of pretzel stick and pressing that onto the edge of a pretzel ring. I preferred them without arms, plus they were easier to make and move without the arms, but my exchange student loved the arms. It’s your choice.

You may even opt to just create snowmen heads using the pretzel rings and candy coating. These are so quick and easy and look great in a candy jar.

These sweet little treats can be stored in an airtight container for a few weeks.

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– Beth
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  1. says

    LOVE these! You are SO creative, Beth!!! :) We lived in Indiana when I was little; I LOVE snow, and miss it here in TN. We built snowmen many times, but I don't think I have a specific memory of doing so.
    Thanks for another generous giveaway!!!

  2. Bonnie Smith says

    I would Love to win one of these "Celebration Crates". The snowman are so cute. I Love Snowmen & collect them!

  3. says

    Love the snowmen. Living in southern Mississippi, snowmen memories are few and far between. I do remember buildgin one with my father when I was maybe 6 or so. It has snowed a few times when my own boys were youg – Mississippi snowmen are, at most, a foot or 2 high….even those take all the snow in your yard!!

  4. says

    I have been a Facebook fan for a long time. I love your stuff, you're amazing. I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter. My daughter and I have both used many of your ideas at parties we have planned.

  5. says

    sorry, hit enter before I was ready….lol

    Would love to have the Celebration Crate, stuff in there looks pretty amazing.
    Would love to have enough snow for my kids to make a snow man. We haven't had enough snow to do that in years. What we get now days, doesn't compare to the snow we got when I was growing up.

  6. says

    I love your creativeness and your generosity to share with your admirers. I never know what I'll find before I open your posts or emails, things I would never be able to think myself. Thanks so much. I would love to win this giveaway.

  7. says

    I have two fun memories of building a Snowman that I will never forget: 1- When I was about 9 years old, my brother and I became very stir crazy in the house during our winter break from school. We had started getting on each other's nerves, as siblings often do, so my mom told us to bundle up and go outside. After having a mini snow ball fight, we decided to build a snowman. We wound up having so much fun building the snowman together, we forgot about how much we had been annoying each other not more than a few hours before. I will never forget that winter, and I don't think my big brother has either…. and 2- More recently, we had a bad enough snow/ice storm that kept my husband and I both home from work. It was hilarious because we attempted to build a snowman, but no matter what we did, it kept falling! So, after taking pictures of him demolishing the little bit we had for fun, we tried again. This time we made a miniature one, no taller than 2 feet on the hood of his Jeep. It was a great experience we shared together and who knows, maybe our next snow storm we can attempt a 4 footer!

  8. says

    Living in sunny CA, we don't get to see snow often. Last month, I took the kids to Big Bear Lake for some snowy fun (it was their first time playing in the snow). We had a blast building a snow man together. :) And I love your edible version just as much.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  9. says

  10. says

  11. says

  12. says

    I LOVE your snowmen… you are so creative!

    I grew up in Texas… so we never had a lot of snow… but boy, when we did it was really special! Now, I live in Washington and enjoy playing in the snow with my boys! A few winters back we had over 20 feet! It was so fun digging tunnels and building "houses", sledding, building snow families, etc! But my favorite part is always the fire, snuggling, and hot cocoa afterward! :)

    [email protected]

    • says

      Oh, my, 20 feet of snow, that is astonishing. The most I've ever encountered was 16 inches, and I thought that was a lot. I agree hot chocolate and snuggling is always nice, even when there isn't that much snow on the ground.

  13. says

  14. says

    I never liked being cold, so I never was a big snowman builder. I LOVED seeing the snowmen my girls have built over the years! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  15. says

    A couple weekends ago my son was able to go outside and build his first snowman. He just turned two yesterday so he mostly just helped his dad, but he had a lot of fun.

  16. Anonymous says

    heather says: i have a lot of fun memories of building snowmen in my childhood
    hg temp addy at hot mail dot com

  17. Anonymous says

  18. says

    The snowmen are adorable! My best snowman making memories are ones done with food, not snow! I just made popcorn ones with my grandkids. Thanks for anotehr great give away!

  19. Anonymous says

    These are great. I've never made a snowman as I'm a Calif. girl, but I think these will be my first. Plus,are you well enough to be doing this for all of us? Thanks for another great food craft. Trish (Motheroverkill)

  20. Anonymous says

  21. Anonymous says

  22. Anonymous says

  23. says

    Thank you so much for sharing!! LOVE these snowmen!! I'm a class mom & I'm going to surprise all the kindergarteners with these for their snack time!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  24. says

    aw man Beth you did it again! i absolutely LOVE snowmen and miss the snow SO much living here in FL-i remember getting numb toes and frost bitten fingers making snowmen families when i lived up north as a child & i loved every minute if it. these snowmen pretzels will definitely be making an appearance at my house :) you just make me smile with all the genius stuff you make!!!

  25. says

    These are so cute. Will try and make them with my kids. I live in Calif all my life, there's no snow here :( Hopefully one of these days we will be able to take the kids to snow country so that they can build a real snowman of their own. Until then, we will make these 😀

  26. Anonymous says

    I now live in Florida and miss all the snow from up north. I have vivid memories of making snowmen,igloos and angels in the snow with my kids…..I am glad that they had those experiences!

  27. says

    I love making snowmen. The past several years I have changed to making
    snowcats though in honor of all my furbabies. I think snowmen are the
    only consolation for living in a cold area. I wouldn't mind it if the snow/ice kept off the road.

  28. Cheryl W. says

    I loved making snowmen as a child with my siblings; it was always fun. I would absolutely love to win a "Celebration Crate". Thank you so much for this opportunity. Oh btw, I love your blog and all your creative ideas.

  29. says

    Hi Beth. Love the snowmen. Will definitely be trying them. I grew up in Brooklyn with lots of snow, but my family is from the Caribbean, so no one had any idea of how to help the 1st generation American kids make a snowman. Led to alot of interesting attempts :-)

  30. says

    I'm new to your blog and love your creations! My favorite memory is making a snowman just last month with my daughter. She is 2-1/2 yo and it was her first. She loved it and now every time we see snow she wants to make one. I look forward to your future super creative ideas!

  31. Anonymous says

  32. h kunes says

    Ok so my current favorite snow memory. I loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid. I showed them to my daughter and Christmas week she made the snowman swimming away from the sharks. Thanks for the great ideas. I am going to make the snowmen this week.

  33. says

    Your snowmen are adorable, and the crate looks so fun! I remember building a snowman with all three of our kids, the first time we took them to the snow…we have a photo and I put it up every Christmas:)

  34. Anonymous says

  35. Anonymous says

  36. Anonymous says

  37. Anonymous says

  38. Sue H says

    Love this easy snowman treat. I host a winter party each year and this will be fun and different. You are so creative!!! As always!

    Sue H (see e-mail message)

  39. Carolyn says

    I have so many great snowman stories but this Christmas , I watched a neighbors grandchild create her first snowman-she is 8 years old and was visiting from California- It began to snow Christmas eve and she made her dad go out determined to have a snowman-with hardly any snow on ground. They stayed out side for over an hour -but it was about 2 1/2 feet tall and was her first -the smile was so worth it for her dad ,whom was seriously frozen and made the rest of us so delighted with her determination. (see e-mail)

  40. Chrissy says

    I'm one of your many followers on pinterest, tried to find this post but couldn't so I'm sendin you my comment…Love this, will try to make now for grandson and then will make for next x-mas… (see e-mail message)

  41. Rikki-Dee says

  42. says

    Since January is still the "cold" season in California, I have to give these a try. I grew up in the south (= no snow) but then moved to Minnesota for college (= a LOT of snow). I remember making my very first snowman. He was about 10" tall and I decided to keep him forever . . . in my frost-free freezer. By the time summer rolled around, I had half a snowman. Tragic LOL

  43. says

    I love the snowmen!!! I have 2 fond memories of building snowmen 1 was when I was a kid with my 2 sisters, my brother and my parents we built a snowman so big my mom and dad had to put up 2 ladders on either side of it to put the head on!! and 2 was the excitement my 2 boys show every year when we make our first snowman of the year, nothing like watching them light up!!!

  44. says

    I always loved that firt perfect snow building snow.. I remember one year all us neighborhood kids built a 7 ft (no exaggeration) snowman. we worked the whole day collecting snow to make him.. we used and old ladder(probably not the safest, but def the funest{not a word i know} ) to get up to the top to put his head on. when we were finished we had our parents come out to marvel in our masterpiece.. take pictures..ohh and ahhh then yell at us for using the ladder etc.. good times

    • says

      Hi Brenda, I found that Newman's Own Organic also makes round pretzels. You may be able to find these in your regular grocery store and I'm betting they'll stock them in health food stores too. Let me know if you find them, so I can let others know where you found them. I've seen them at Sam's club on occasion too, but haven't been there in a while, so I don't know if they have any now.

  45. says

    My cousins and I used t build giant tall snowmen in our front yard andthen knock them down and build snow forts out of them! It was so much fun…we woud play for hours!

  46. Anonymous says

    No great snowman stories. Rarely see snow in Alabama much less enough to make a snowman! However, love your ideas…SUPER CUTE!!!


  47. says

  48. says

    I love making crafts and cooking with my grand daughter who is almost 5….our creations may not always look perfect but we have fun together doing it??

  49. says

    Love the snowmen, and love the giveaway, thanks! My favorite snowman memory was one of the few very rare occasions I happened to be outside helping the kids build (I typically just watch from indoors). We had three huge snowmen going up, and friends of ours who were house shopping just happened to drive by. I gave them a sales pitch for the neighborhood, using our idyllic snow play as an example!

  50. Anonymous says

    I don't have any great snowman stories but i wish this site was around when my daughter was small. i always did "themed" birthday parties and these snowmen would have been great for a winter birthday!

  51. says

    wow – awesome! my son and i had some quality time in the snow this month building snowmen and a huge snow fort! love passing on that family tradition – this would be a great snack to serve with our hot chocolate once we come inside from sledding! THANKS! :)

  52. says

    Only one snowman memory as a kid. I lived in Mississippi, so it was usually warmer in the winter. We didn't have mittens so we wore socks on lur hands to play in the snow. :-)

  53. Melissa says

    my memory was when i built a snowwman and bought snowman lights for him (very cool, so i thought) and at night it scared the kids when i turned them on :(

    it was really kinda

    thanks for an opportunity to win.


    thank you!! (see e-mail)

  54. says

    I love your snowmen- they are adorable. My best memory of building a snowman is actually the last one I built probably ten years ago. I decorated the snowman with vine and and ornamental berries from the yard, then took pictures of my dogs sitting next to it for our holiday cards.

  55. Mandy Cordeniz says

    Another adorable idea! Since you were just in So Cal, you know we don't see snow here, unless it's fake. My poor kids have no idea what snow is! Guess it's time for a trip to the mountains.

  56. Anonymous says

    I love your ides, I will try many of these with my Kindergarteners at Church. Also, some for our youth group. Lots if different ideas for multiple ages. Love it.

  57. DeeAnn S says

    No matter how much or how little snow there is on the ground, we love building snowmen! And this recipe is another fun way to do it. 😉 Thanks.
    sweepster49 at comcast dot net

  58. says

    I grew up in Florida. We moved to Indiana 3yrs ago. ..Loving the snow! Finally get to build snowmen and make snow Angels! ! I love your snowmen pretzels! So cute and easy to make. . Thanks.

  59. Ginger S says

    I just found you thru Craft Gossip. I LOVE your ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

    Snowmen were not an option growing up in the AZ desert. We did however make tumbleweed men and spray paint them white. It was stickery fun!

    Thank you,

    Ginger (see e-mail)

  60. says

    wow those a re great and follow on fab and twtter and pin
    the snow man we did here in mo a couple of year ago it ws over 12 ft tall
    the guy got drunk and then rolled the balls and then it took ladder and then got it up to the 3 stories it ws as tall as the second floor balcony and then i took pic of kid with it was funny

  61. says

    I grew up in WI, so I have many snow stories…but the best is the year we had record amounts of snow. So the snow banks extra high that year (in the mid to late 70's) We built a snow fort in the side of one those huge mountains of snow. Then built a snowman next to the entrance to "guard" it. I'm not quite sure why but because we lived in the country! Anyway, that night a snow mobiler came racing up our mountain of snow and ended up "dropping in" to our fort! I bet he was a bit surprised…our snowman was unharmed but relieved of his duty as the "guard" though…lol Wish I could've seen that, as it happened!

  62. says

    My daughter loves to build a snowman – but you have to have the right kind of snow! It's so depressing to go out in a good snowfall and have the snowman just fall apart as you try to build!

  63. says

    I haven't built a snowman in ages, but a couple weeks ago, the snow was perfect for it. I built a little one (2 feet tall) and put it on our sidewalk, facing the front window. I choose my decorations wrong though! I used raisins for the buttons and green sixlets for his eyes. The green coloring ran and so my snowman ended up with a green face! Oh well it was a lot of fun!

    • Anonymous says

      I do remember as a child making a snowman with my sister, my mother gave us some old bottons for the eyes and mouth and we had a carrot for the nose of course, then we put an old scarf around his neck and an old stocking hat on his head. I remember us being so excited about him. Oh! the good old days!!!

  64. says

    Thank you for always sharing your wonderful ideas. You make it all look so simple, too!

    I have memories of making snowmen as a child and with my own children, but we haven't had enough snow to make snowmen in years :(

  65. Terri says

  66. says

    The crate sounds really neat, almost as neat as these snowmen! My favorite snowman was over 6 ft. tall. Fortunately, we don't get enough snow around here to make one of them every year.

  67. Anonymous says

    I loved building snowmen as a kid. I remember the snow being much deeper, though. (Maybe my smaller size had something to do with that.) ~ Christina

  68. says

    Such a cute idea! I really like the combo of sweet & salty. Am signing up to follow you on Pinterest & your blog..

  69. says

    Being a true southerner through and through the kind of snowman I like to make is the one you made here. We don't have snow (which I totally appreciate) so chocolate snowmen are perfect.

  70. says

    Living in the city, I haven't gotten to make a snowman for a long time as snow gets cleaned up as fast as possible around here. I do remember though a few years ago my little cousin got a snow man building kit and we built a little one behind the protection of my grandma's front gate. It was so cute and actually lasted for a few weeks until all that was left were the snow man kit parts. So cute!

  71. Anonymous says

    I love seeing the things you make. I follow you on facebook and now on Pinterest. I grew up in LA but my Grandparents lived in Running Springs (by Big Bear) and I have made a few snowmen in my day but none were as cute as the ones you show here.

  72. says

    I grew up in the Desert so Snow men were not a yearly thing… I have fond memories of building a Snow Man with my family on "take a trip to the mountain times" BUT my favorite was on my 25th Birthday… Feb 17th. I traveled to Washington DC to visit my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I had NEVER seen or been in "falling snow" and on my bday, that's all I wanted… It didn't happen right in DC in front of the White House or anything, but on our way to Virginia that afternoon it finally snowed (ON MY BDAY!) we stopped at a outlet mall just to park so I could enjoy the snow and we built a mini snow man. <3 I follow you on FB, I'm about to follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, although I did send you pics of my Halloween Cake Balls that my Sister in law hid in her bedroom (Different BOYfriend LOL)

  73. says

  74. Lucinda says

    I used to make a snowman for my mother every single time it snowed, no matter how little snow came down. :) I love these cute treats and can't wait to make them!

  75. says

    Hey! I just was refered to you from kitchen fun with m 3 sons and love your site! There's so much to pin, Thank you! As for the snowman memory… mine happed a few years back when my daughter was 9 or so. We live in San Diego so snow is a rarity and when it happens in the near by mountains, you need to go fast because it will melt quickly. Anyway, it snowed, I had to work and it was lat January so it was probably going to be the last snow of the year. My daughter wanted to go so bad, so once I got home, we threw on our warm clothes and set out on andventure to find snow. It took a while, but we found a turn off that wasnt completly melted or dirty. We had a race to build the best snowman (my husband, daughter and I) in the dark. Standing back looking at each, mine was the perfect traditional snow man. My husbands was similar to mine only on a much larger scale. My daughters was, a duck. Yup, a duck. To this day, when we go to the snow, we always make a duck in rememberance. :)

  76. Anonymous says

    Love your artist flare with the cute little edible goodies. Would love to have had these when my kids were small, but now I have great grand kids to do for…thanks for all the tips and recipes. Love them all…Paula

  77. says

    I just helped my 2-year-old build his first snow-man a couple weeks ago. the snow was so wet that it packed hard and his face didn't stick in. we called him "one-eyed Willy!"

  78. Anne in NC says

    What a COOL giveaway! ha ha We love snowmen but don't get to make them very often here in temperate North Carolina. amdgoog at

  79. says

    I enjoy making snowboys/girls with my kids now. They like to make sorta self-portraits with their interests at the moment. This year it's princesses and Legos if we get any snow. Thanks for the contest!

  80. says

    im a new grandma now, but i do recall making snowmen with my boys when they were younger. watching their faces light up as we decorated them. we had a kit for eyes, nose hands etc and of course cant forget his hat and pipe..Great memorys

  81. Kristina Wasiura says

    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where we very seldom got any snow, let alone enough to make an entire snowman. Since moving to Buffalo, New York I have made many snowmen with my four children.

  82. says

    These are so cute! What a hit! You've got over 300 comments on these little guys. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea. We love winter treats at our house. These will be made tomorrow. Have a great day!

  83. says


    I found the round pretzels at Aldi. I do also know that Newman's Own makes round pretzels, so if you can find stores in your area that carry Newman's Own products, you should be able to find them. They have them at my local health food store and at one of our upscale grocery stores.

  84. says

    These are adorable. I shared on Facebook and everyone loves them. I am signing up for your newsletter too! I cannot wait to make these!


  85. says

    Hello! I thought I should bring to your attention that someone is using your pics and claiming it as their own work on their facebook business page!! Please contact me if you want more info!!

  86. Anonymous says

    The pretzel snowmen are really cute. I have used Candy Coating from several different companies and really like the results because it is so easy to use. One tip though, it's much easier to melt it in a crockpot on low (or in microwave first, then pour into crockpot). That way you do not have to keep re-melting it.

  87. says

    Holy Cow that's a lot of comments to sift through! Congratulations on a very creative snowman fun food. This is just the type of food art I love to create! Watch out when I get my candy stashes and chocolate down! I noticed a commenter mention you live in IN? Would you mind using my email to privately tell me where about in IN? I also have an all things creative blog, and live in Indiana, and I am wondering how close we are? [email protected]

  88. Anonymous says

    They look adorable. I could not find pretzel rings in my local area. Could you recommend an alternative for pretzel rings?

  89. says

    To anonymous who wrote "I could not find pretzel rings in my area, could you recommend an alternative?" Unfortunately there really isn't a way to do these without the pretzel rings. Sorry. You might check your local health food store. There are some organic pretzel rings that would work.

  90. Anthea says

    Hey, love these little guys, but want to pick your brain. If my kids don’t like white chocolate, what else could I use? Thanks heaps.

    • says

      You could dip them in milk chocolate and cover the white part in white sprinkles or nonpareils. It wont look the same, but I think it could work. If you do make them, I’d love to see a picture! Have fun.

    • says

      That’s a great way to do it and I usually do it that way too. I like to use disposable pastry bags or small squeeze bottles, because I like the control I have. The baggies are a little flimsy, but they definitely work.

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