Award your #1 dad with a Pepperoni Pizza Ribbon this Father’s Day

It’s been a while since I created something savory, so today I decided to handcraft a pizza into an award ribbon to celebrate all those special dads out there. 
My husband is a huge fan of pizza that is so loaded with pepperoni that you can’t see the cheese and he was really thrilled when I served this to him for dinner tonight. I’m pretty sure a lot of men out there will feel the same.
You will be thrilled with how easy this pizza comes together. All you need is a knife and/or a pizza wheel to make this decorated dinner.
#1 Dad Pepperoni Pizza Ribbon

pizza dough (I used Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza Dough)
1/2 cup or so of pizza sauce
8 ounces mozzarella cheese
36-40 slices of pepperoni
knife and/or pizza wheel
baking sheet lined with parchment paper or tin foil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Roll out dough into a rectangle onto a lined baking sheet (unroll Pillsbury dough, if using.) Cut an award ribbon out of the dough.* I used a large bowl as my guide and just cut two ribbons below the circle. Now that I look at my pizza, I do wish I would have overlapped the ribbons a bit. If you want, you can cut a circle then cut two rectangles and attach them by pinching the seams together.

*If it is easier for you, you can bake the entire crust until it’s golden brown, remove it from the oven, then cut out your shape.

Bake crust until it’s golden brown, 8-10 minutes. Spread pizza sauce over crust. Sprinkle cheese over crust, being sure the center of the circle is really loaded. You don’t want to see the sauce in the center area of the circle. 

Cut some pepperoni in half. Arrange the halves around the edge of the circle. The arrange more halves around the long rectangular areas. You want the entire area of the ribbon to be covered. Use a knife to cut  “#1 DAD” out of pepperoni slices. To make the # sign, just cut four long strips and arrange them on the pizza. For the 1, cut a long strip and two shorter strips and arrange them on the pizza. If you have cookie cutters that are the right size, you can use them too. My cutters were either too small or too big. It was actually pretty easy to cute the phrase out of the pepperoni using a sharp knife.

Bake until the cheese is melted and bubbly, about 8-10 minutes. Lift the parchment paper and the pizza up off the baking sheet. Use a large spatula or pizza peel to slide the pizza onto a large cutting board or serving platter. Serve immediately.

There are lots of swaps you can make with this project. If your father prefers vegetables, you can swap out roasted red peppers for the pepperoni. You can cut the peppers using a small round cutter to have the same effect as the pepperoni. If your dad is gluten intolerant, use gluten free crust, if your pop prefers Provolone cheese, swap it for Mozzarella. Most importantly, have fun creating your own unique pizza.

This project is not only great for Father’s Day but would make a great meal for any sports themed party or event, or perhaps you could change out the message to say #1 teacher, or #1 Kid, or #1 coach, or #1 Mom. So many possibilities.

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