Fudge Christmas Trees
Fudge Christmas Trees
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
1 min
Total Time
21 mins
Festive Creme de Menthe Fudge piped into Christmas tree shapes are decorated with colored nonpareils and gold candy stars.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: fudge christmas trees, homemade fudge
Servings: 30
Author: Beth Jackson Klosterboer
  • 24 ounces Green Candy Melts*
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 tablespoons Creme de Menthe Liquor or Creme de Menthe Syrup
  • 1-2 tablespoons rainbow nonpareils
  • 30 gold star sprinkles
  1. Place the Green Candy Melts in a large, microwave safe, mixing bowl.
  2. Pour the sweetened condensed milk over top.
  3. Stir just to coat the candy wafers.
  4. Heat in the microwave on high power for 1 minute.

  5. Allow the candy to sit in the microwave for 3 minutes.
  6. Remove and slowly stir until melted.
  7. If needed, heat for additional 15 second burst of 50% power, stirring slowly after each, until melted.
  8. Stir in the Creme de Menthe Liquor or Cream de Methe syrup. 

  9. Cover with plastic wrap, and allow the fudge to cool and thicken, stirring every 5 minutes, until the fudge becomes the consistency of frosting.
  10. Spoon the fudge into a pastry bag fitted with a large star tip.
  11. Pipe a big swirl of fudge onto a parchment or wax paper lined baking sheet.
  12. Pull up while piping to get a nice pointed tip on each fudge swirl Christmas tree.
  13. Immediately sprinkle on some colorful nonpareils.
  14. Add a gold star sprinkle on top of the Fudge Christmas tree.
  15. Repeat creating about 30 Fudge Christmas Trees.
Recipe Notes

If you prefer to make this fudge using peppermint extract, reduce the amount of white chocolate to 18 ounces.