How to Host a Candy Making Party for Kids Plus a Wilton Giveaway

I am a member of the Wilton Sweet Treat Team and this is a sponsored post. 

One of the best things I have been able to do as a chocolatier is to share my passion for candy making with kids.
Years ago my sister asked if I would allow her daughter’s girl scout troop to visit my candy shop to learn how to make chocolates. The day the girls arrived, I had set up my kitchen so they could each hand paint a candy lollipop, dip goodies into chocolate, and make their own special version of chocolate bark. 
They loved it, and I did too. 
From that day forward, I began hosting candy making parties and just had one for my friend’s kids recently and thought it would be fun to show you how to host a similar party in your own kitchen. 

I keep the parties simple, showing the kids how they can make candy at home.

To get ready for your own candy making party you’ll need to get some supplies: candy molds, Candy Melts, food use paint brushes, lollipop sticks, dipping tools, paper plates, parchment paper, and paper towels. 

Before the kids arrive melt the Candy Melts and keep them warm. I like to use small mason jars filled with the candy coating which I keep warm in an electric skillet that is filled with hot water. I can keep candy melted like this all day long. 
Check out my tutorial on How to Make Hand Painted Chocolate Lollipops for detailed instructions on setting up your own skillet filled with melted candy coating.
Cover the table with pieces of parchment or wax paper. It will get messy, and this makes clean up so easy. 
I usually allow each child to paint one lollipop, but you could do more, you just need to make sure you have room in your freezer for all of the molds. I use letter trays, the kind you find in an office supply store, to add extra shelves in my freezer. The candy molds fit on them perfectly. 
Allow the kids to get creative, to choose the colors they want to paint their lollipops. One of my favorite things about hosting these parties is seeing how colorful the kids make their lollipops. That’s a unicorn being painted with orange, blue and red. 
Wilton makes really great Melting Pots (the white and purple pot behind the skillet) which can keep your Candy Melts at the perfect temperature all afternoon too. They will hold several bags of Candy Melts and are great if you are planning to make lots of lollipops or have the kids dip lots of goodies.
Kids really love learning how to dip things like cake pops, cookies, marshmallows and rice krispie treats into chocolate. 
Of course, you will probably end up with a floater or two, things that fall off the sticks in the candy coating. Just scoop it out and let the child try again.
The kids each dipped two cake balls into chocolate then added some chopped peanuts. 
Give each child a paper plate and some goodies to dip, coat or drizzle, and don’t forget the sprinkles, kids love sprinkles and the lip on the paper plates keeps them from going all over the table. 

Wilton has some new Candy Melt Dipping Tools that are great to use for a candy making party.

There is a metal skewer that is great to use instead of lollipop sticks for marshmallows and rice krispie treats.

The dipping fork and spoon are perfect for dipping cookies, big and small.

The new Dipping Tongs have a rubber tip so even kids will have an easy time holding onto graham crackers and pretzels to dip them in the candy melts without making a mess.

My favorite new tool is the Drizzling Scoop. It’s a spoon with a channel that allows the candy melts to pour out in a thin stream. 

By this point in the party, the kids are getting anxious to try a treat. 
The smile on their faces happened just as they heard that they would be allowed to sample their goodies soon.
The best part of the party is when the kids show off their creations. 
They are always so proud of what they’ve made, but usually are even more excited to eat them.

If this looks like a lot of fun, you’ll be excited to know that one of you will be the lucky recipient of a Wilton Candy Making Prize Pack, so you can either host your own party or just have fun making candy in your home kitchen. 

Wilton Candy Making Prize Pack
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1 Wilton Candy Melts Drizzling Scoop
A variety of Candy Melts

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Void where prohibited by law. 
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but all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Reading all your comments about making candies with your kids, parents, and grandchildren has been so much fun. Thanks for sharing your stories. 

Thanks for sharing!


  1. says

    Oh the memories you just brought up! Good ones loved it when the kids and grand children wanted to bring their friends and come and make candy. All grown up now. Even did a girl scout party. Good idea on the letter tray. Wish I had used that because freezer space was a premium,so much shuffling of candy molds. Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous says

    This looks like fun for the kiddos, I have done PB balls with my 5 yr old and he always has fun this will be a good rainy day project in our house.

  3. says

    I have made candy with my kids, niece and nephew before. We have made some simple things, white chocolate dipped pretzels are their favorite. I would love to get more comfortable with chocolate and host a party like this for the kids. They would love it and I know I would. Look how happy they are in the pictures. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  4. Anonymous says

    I've made treats with my niece. The last thing that we made were the brownie bunny butts – that had candy on modeling chocolate on them, does that count? She likes to be precise about the decorations. The smile on her face after they were completed was priceless!

  5. Anonymous says

    I dont have kids, but I loved making making candy with my aunt as a kid. I knew I wanted to be a pastry chef when I got more excited going to the chocolate/baking supply store than the toy store as a kid

  6. says

    Yes my daughter and I love to make candies together. We actually took a class this summer together. She is 9 so she absolutely loves that she can do almost all of it while I am there helping her.

  7. says

    My daughter loves making candy! My sister just got married a few weeks ago & we made a TON of goodies for the reception. Suckers to pretzels and marshmallows dipped in chocolate to chocolate covered strawberries. My daughter got to help us with that part and loved every minute of it!

  8. Anonymous says

    My Son and I made a Lego man cake with the Wilton chocolates and we both had a blast!
    – poisonousdahlia –

  9. Anonymous says

    I don't have kids but even as an adult I think I'd have a blast making candy with my mom lol

  10. says

    Candy hasn't been my favorite thing to craft at home but I've never approached it like this before. Usually it's many trips to the microwave or figuring out which bowls/pots/pans make the best double boilers.

  11. says

    My kids and I love chocolate-covered pretzels, so we've made bunches of those over the years. They are now 22 and 18, and I still try to get my kids involved in making treats with me. This past weekend, we tried caramel popcorn. It was so good!

  12. says

    My daughter and I would make candy by melting down the chip and putting them into candy molds, sometimes we would make suckers also, and sometimes we were known to sling chocolate all over each other, fun times, too bad she is all grown up mow

  13. says

    I'm so glad you posted this! Keeping the melts melted in the electric skillet would make things so much easier when the grandkids decorate goodies with Grandma. Going to read your how-tos the drizzle scoop and the candy party!

  14. says

    Mt 13 year old wanted to make fudge. We didn't have a candy thermometer, so I held the meat thermometer in the pot and dropped it! It was a pain, but the fudge turned out delicious. And I got a candy thermometer for Christmas :)

  15. says

    yes yes yes!! was always making something…chocolates, lollipops, chocolate covered anything, lol!!! did it for b-days, scouts, classrooms (back in the 80 before all the pc stuff), holidays, gifts, you name it! hardest was making real lollipops out of sugar! thats really when you need a good candy thermometer and no kids around the stove! always was baking cakes and cups, pies, cookies, etc….. i was always a hit, and so were my kids! they loved it!! now would love to do the same with the g-kids!!! i used to let the kids paint the molds for the different colors on the candies/lollipops for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.. and of course, we always had to eat any mistakes…….hummm always had so many of them when working with the kids, lol……i know it was done on purpose!!! :) such fun!! thanks for the chance to do thia with another generation!

  16. says

    My son is just two so we haven't done it yet. However I think it may be on the agenda this summer!! I love making cake pops for his school. The kids love them and they are just the right size for littles!!

  17. says

    when my children were little, this was one of their favorite activities. I can hardly wait to do it with my grandchildren!

  18. Anonymous says

    I've done many candy parties for scout troops. They love it.
    My grandchildren also love to make candy treats.

  19. says

    We have made TONS of cake pops and truffles – we've done some straight candy making, too. It's all so much fun. I did it growing up as a kid – with our electric skillet and little jars, just like you do.

  20. says

    I did do some chocolate dipping, candy making with my kids but I totally forgot about it but I do need to introduce it to my grandkids. How fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. says

    What a wonderful time the kids must have had, you must be very patient to let them have so much fun! I remember trying to make homemade taffy with my girls on a snow day!

  22. says

    I don't have kids but my boyfriend and I have make those candy lollipops and the homemade Reese's PB cups too. Instead of an electric skillet we use a crock pot filled with water – works perfectly!

  23. says

    What a great way to have a unisex party and not have to rely on a theme for either boys or girls. Everyone has fun and is able to be creative.

  24. says

    We've made chocolate-covered pretzels and the chocolate caramel pretzels. I love you're candy warming station — gotta remember that!

  25. says

    I've made things using candy with my kids–candy cane reindeer at Christmastime, train cars made out of candy, etc… I've never made the actual candy though. Looks like fun! Thank you.
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  26. Anonymous says

    Have never made candy with the kids, but this looks like a fun time for all! bjn1957{at}gmail{dot}com

  27. Jennie says

    I have custody of my three grandchildren. The girls are 6 year old twins and the 4 1/2 year old boy has some disabilities. I am constantly looking for ideas for them to do. We recently toured the candy house in our town. They loved it and wanted to go back.

  28. Anonymous says

    I have a 17 year old son and really wished I had baked with him more when he was younger…so, no, sadly we have never made candy together.

  29. Kristen S says

    My kids are young so they have helped by rolling the balls for truffles and cake pops. As they get older we will venture out and make more things. I loved helping my mom when I was little so I plan to make fun memories for my kids too :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Anonymous says

    Yes! We love to bake and make candy! My boys have a really fun time getting creative in the kitchen.

  31. Chelsea Roberts says

    This is a great idea!!! I think this would make a perfect "back to school" party with my daughter and her friends!

  32. Anonymous says

    I've just retired to be a G'ma full time… am moving to be near our wee folk & have been looking for activities to do with them. I think this would fun and they would enjoy it…. adding to my list of ideas.

  33. says

    I've tried making simple candy with my kids, like melted jolly ranchers on a stick! Also my little girls third birthday was a cupcake party. So I'm sure they are going to loooove this!

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