Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cones by Sweet Simple Stuff

Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cones

Hello! I’m so excited to be posting here at Hungry Happenings while Beth is enjoying her vacation. My name is Brenda from SweetSimpleStuff and I’ll be sharing my Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cones with you today! Well … they aren’t really ice cream cones, but they are made with bubble gum! Yes, tiny fake ice cream that won’t melt in the summer heat!


Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cones

There are certain things that just belong with summer … hot weather, cold drinks, ice cream, backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, music from the Beach Boys and an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini … one of which I have never owned and do not see one in my future! However, this is an itsy bitsy teenie weenie item that I do own and you can too …


Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Faux Ice Cream Cones - SweetSimpleStuff

Personally, I love tiny things … especially if they’re cute and a little tricky … like itsy bitsy ice cream cones that don’t contain ice cream or cones! Wouldn’t these cute teenie weenie faux ice cream cones be perfect to serve at a summer party by the plateful?


Faux Ice Cream Cones - SweetSimpleStuff

I believe that these may be the only cones to give you a crunchy chocolate treat to eat and then allow you blow a bubble! The kiddos will love to eat these and help make them too! My boys are all grown up … at least that’s what they tell me, but I remember hearing … Mom, I’m bored … over many summer vacations. This is a great edible craft for younger kiddos to help with … older ones may be able to do it on their own … easy peasy and inexpensive, too! I had most of the supplies leftover from other projects … just had to buy the Bugles.

They’re so simple to make … all you need are gumballs, Bugles, melting chocolate, sprinkles and candy pearls. I used white gumballs, pink pearlized gumballs and red candy pearls from SweetWorks. A small bowl of uncooked rice (my youngest son suggested the idea) came in very handy to hold the Bugles (cones) upright while I did the assembly of the ice cream cones …



P1040030 ed

Gather your supplies and pick out the Bugles that have the largest or roundest opening (shaped like a cone) … save the others for snacks. Melt your candy coating (chocolate) and put it in a squeeze bottle (or a disposable pastry bag with the tip cut off may be used). The melted candy acts as the edible glue for this project. I usually work on a baking sheet lined with wax paper which I find helpful, but not necessary.
  1. Place some Bugles in the rice and fill with melted candy.
  2. Place gumballs on chocolate filled Bugles, making sure that the gumball touches the melted candy (add a dot or two of melted candy if necessary).
  3. Decorate the tops of the gumballs with melted candy, sprinkles (non-pariels) and a red candy pearl (as a cherry). Let stand at room temp for a few minutes to allow candy to harden.
Bubble Gum & Candy Faux Ice Cream Cones - SweetSimpleStuff 

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Thank you to Hungry Happenings for allowing me to share some of my ideas with you today … loved the opportunity!
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