Grill Cupakes Topped with Pizzas, Potatoes, Corn and More

It sure has been a busy summer for me. How I would love to just have a day to hang out on my sister’s patio and enjoy some tasty grilled foods and enjoy some cute Grill Cupcakes. She’s been even busier than I have, as my teenage nephew plays baseball, and you baseball moms know what I’m talking about when I say her schedule is jam packed. I got to watch as my nephew and his team won a championship game last night. It was nice to take a break, to be outside, and to cheer him on to victory. 

I created these cupcake grills for As usual I tried to put my own spin on this idea that has been done many times before. I searched all over the see all the food that usually top the grill cupcakes and decided in addition to the usual hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steaks, corn, and hot dogs, that I would add some pizzas and tin foil covered baked potatoes. 

If you want to check out my step-by-step tutorial to make these Grill Cupcakes, stop over at 

I know I promised to show you how to make the Rice Krispie Treat Stars that go in my 4th of July Rice Krispie Treat Bowl and I will later this week. I have been hired to do some recipe development and have been working to get that job underway, so I’m a bit behind in my schedule. 

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      Thanks, Elizabeth. The tiny little food did require a bit of patience, and luckily when it comes to creating fun food, I have plenty of patience:)

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    I have always thought the grill treats were so cute, but your idea for the pizza and potatoes is (can we call pizza and potatoes) adorable! Congratulations to your nephew on his team's championship. Love watching my grandsons play baseball and love these grillin' cupcakes!

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      Thanks, Karen, I do think the pizzas are pretty cute, so I think adorable is a perfect description. I don't get to see very many of my nephew's baseball games, as they travel all over to play so it was nice to see a game on his home field.

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    Oh man Beth you outdid yourself this time! These are so cute. You mush have the best time coming up with ideas! Thanks for sharing them at The Makers again this week. We love having you each week!
    Corey @

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