Sugar Coated Marshmallow Flags

Sugar Coated Marshmallow Flags |

It’s Memorial Day weekend already, and I haven’t created a single Patriotic post until today. I almost waited for the 4th of July to publish this, but figured these Sugar Coated Marshmallow Flags are such an easy edible craft to create that you could still get them done before your picnics on Monday.

The idea for these came when I found a bag of Jet-Puffed S’MoreMallows. Have you seen them yet? Unlike the rectangle StackerMallows which are pretty thin, these are nice and thick and bit bigger too. They really would make the perfect marshmallow for a s’more, but of course I had to do something else with them.

Sugar Coated Marshmallow Flags |

So I painted my design on them using water and dusted red and blue decorating sugar over the white marshmallow to make an easy version of our flag. I didn’t go into all the detail like adding stars, I just kept this food craft super simple.

If you’ve never coated a store bought marshmallow in sugar, you’ll be surprised by how much it tastes like a marshmallow Peep. I first tried the homemade version of this candy after seeing all the fun brightly colored marshmallow skewers, pops and kebabs made by Meaghan of the Decorated Cookie. She does some pretty amazing things with marshmallows and even has an entire section of her blog devoted to decorating them.

To make my marshmallow flags easy for little hands to carry, I put them on a lollipop stick. Now everyone can wave a flag this holiday weekend. 

Fourth of July recipe marshmallow flags

Sugar Coated Marshmallow Flags

You’ll Need:

Jet-Puffed S’moreMallows
2 food use only paint brushes (brand new or used for food only)
red and blue sugar (small crystals work best)


4th of July recipe decorating marshmallow flags

Dip a paint brush in water, brush lines across the marshmallow, leaving room at the top for the blue square. After brushing two lines, dip the marshmallow in red sugar. Create two more lines going all the way across the marshmallow then dip in the red sugar.

Brush water in a square shape in the top left corner. Dip just the corner in blue sugar.

Insert a lollipop stick into the marshmallows.

You are done, now go outside and enjoy the weekend festivities.

You can get the S’moreMallows (a two pack) and Sugar from Amazon (commission earned for sales)

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    those lovely sugar coated marshmallows.. they look so cute and interesting. i liked it the way you coated them with sugar, and that cute uncle sam nutter butter was so amazing. good work.

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