Giant Homemade Marshmallow Peep and a Wilton Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. I’m a member of the Wilton Sweet Treat Team and have been compensated for creating this Giant Marshmallow Peep to promote Wilton’s new Peeps products. 
Giant Homemade Marshmallow Peep |

Are you a Peeps lover or hater?
My love affair with Peeps has been lifelong and I shared my story about winning a year’s supply of the marshmallow treats last year in my Raiding the Carrot Patch Peeps Pudding post. I love them so much that for my birthday this year, my sister put a candle in a large bunny Peep and presented it to me while everyone in the room sang. 
So, when a box arrived from Wilton, filled with a bunch of their new Peeps merchandise, I ripped it open with so much enthusiasm, it scared my dog. I was squealing when I saw the 3-D Peeps cake pan, and knew immediately I wanted to try to make a giant marshmallow chick.

Giant Homemade Marshmallow Peeps |
I can’t tell you how happy I was that this project actually worked. When I prepped the pan and filled it with homemade marshmallow, I crossed my fingers then waited for hours before pulling apart the two pieces of the pan to reveal a perfectly shaped Peep. 
I donated my Giant Peeps to my nephew’s baseball team for their fundraiser and it was the talk of the event. I was excited to see so much enthusiasm surrounding my creation.
If you would like to make your own Giant Marshmallow Peep or a Peep cake, you can purchase one of Wilton’s 3-D Peep pans at your local craft store, but you better hurry up, as they are flying off the shelves. 
Wilton Giveaway
giveaway expired
Winner = Kelli Davidson
Wilton Peeps pan, baking cups, cookie cutters, treat boxes
If you want to take your chance at winning one of the pans along with a bunch of other cool stuff, your in luck. My Wilton rep was able to snag a pan along with all the other goodies pictured above for this fun Easter giveaway. One lucky reader will win all of it. (a $38 value.)
  • 3-D Peeps Cake Pan Set
  • Mini Peeps Baking Cups
  • Peeps Baking Cups
  • Peeps Cookie Cutter Set  with a bunny and a chick
  •           (so you can make some bunny cookies, like those pictured)
  • Peeps Sugar Decorations
  • Peeps Treat Boxes (fits 4 cupcakes)
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Giant Homemade Marshmallow Peep
Giant Marshmallow Peeps
You’ll Need:
3-D Peeps Cake pan
butter (to grease pan)
1/3 cup yellow sugar (stir yellow food coloring into white granulated sugar)
2 batches of my homemade marshmallow recipe (see recipe on my Starfish S’mores post)*
yellow food coloring
wooden dowel
2 large dark chocolate chips
   *Each batch of homemade marshmallows will require these ingredients:
            1 cup water
            3 packages unflavored gelatin 
            1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
            1 cup light corn syrup
            a pinch of salt
            1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
You will have extra marshmallow by making 2 whole batches. If you have a professional kitchen-aid with a 6 quart bowl, you can make 1 1/2 recipes instead and should have enough to fill both sides of the pan. Otherwise, I suggest just making the two batches. 

Wilton 3-D Peeps Pan

Grease the inside of each half of the 3-D Peeps pan really well with butter. Sprinkle yellow sugar all over the inside of the pan, making sure to get in all the grooves. 
Making a homemade peep
Make one batch of the homemade marshmallows, adding yellow coloring as the marshmallows are being whipped. Pour the yellow marshmallow into one half of the 3-D Peeps pan. Butter one hand really well and press down on the marshmallow making sure it’s really well compacted in the pan. 
You will have more than you need. Use any extra yellow sugar to coat the excess marshmallow.
Make another batch of yellow marshmallow and fill the other side of the 3-D Peeps Pan.
If the first pan of marshmallows is still sticky, just press the two sides of the pan together. If not, wet your fingers with water and rub the water all over the first marshmallow that you made. This will make the marshmallow sticky again. Then press the two sides together. 
I set my pan inside a large bowl and snuggled a towel under the top of the pan to keep it level.
Allow the marshmallow to dry for at least 4 hours. 
Homemade peep recipe

Set the Peeps pan upright and carefully peel the two sides off the marshmallow.

Trim off the excess marshmallow along the seem and sprinkle some yellow sugar over the seam and any bare spots.

Giant Peep
Stick a wood dowel into the peep where the eyes should be, to create a small well. Stick the pointed end of a large chocolate chip into the well. It will just stick. 
Homemade Peeps recipe
This marshmallow should stay fresh for a week sitting on Easter Grass in a basket. If you put it in an airtight container if will stay fresh for several weeks. Of course, I like stale Peeps, so letting it sit and get crusty isn’t a bad thing. You can probably keep this for at least a month, if you don’t mind a more crunchy exterior. 
Homemade Peeps

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  1. says

    I LOVE Peeps, especially around Easter and definitely in the Spring. I use them in my trifles and homemade ice cream. I also melt them and use them as frosting and in rice krispie treats.

  2. says

    I LOVE PEEPS – preferably stale. I open up a package as soon as I get them and let them sit a few days before i enjoy them. The chicks are my favorite (i know they all taste the same) They also always remind me of my Pepere. We used to give him peeps every year for Easter since they were his favorite and he always, with out fail, would open them right up and share with us. He may no longer be with us here, but I know he's there when I'm enjoying a peep…or two :)

    • says

      I love them stale too, and do the same thing. Thanks for sharing your sweet memory. I'm sure you think of your Pepere around Easter time whenever you see Peeps.

  3. says

    errmigawd – I love peeps! My friends & boyfriend always buy me peeps, send me peeps links and have even gotten me peeps plushies!! I would love to win this and bake some goodies to share with them all!

  4. says

    I Love Peeps! The first year that Peeps plushies came out, I was in my last year of high school. One morning, that year, I came out to find my car COVERED in decorations — including two Peeps plushies. It was a pleasant surprise, but it became clear it was not intended for me. Our neighbor across the street had made the cheerleading team at an opposing high school and their team decorated my car by mistake — decking it out in their school colors. Unfortunately, it had rained that morning and the plushies were a soaked mess. I ran them and the rest of the decorations inside my house before I left for school (thank goodness I wasn't running late!). On my way back from school, I bought actual marshmallow peeps in my neighbor's school colors and walked them over to congratulate her and explain the mix up! She came over to see the still soggy decorations from my car and we had a laugh (and some peeps) together.

  5. says

    I am not a Peeps fan but the rest of my family loves them.
    I have made with my niece and nephews this large cupcake that looked like a basket and put Peeps on top. They loved it because we dyed the coconut green to look like grass and then put jelly beans.

  6. says

    I love peeps! I've never been big on plain marshmallows, but Peeps are amazing! We buy them every year for my babies and they always go to them before all other Easter candy! :)

  7. says

    I love peeps – thanks for the instrucs! I remember them always being in my easter basket as a kid… my mom would use them to create a treasure hunt of sorts for me to find my basket!!

  8. says

    Can you believe it, I HAVE NEVER HAD A PEEP!. My mom never got them for us because she didn't like them. I love Marshmallows. Why wouldn't I like them. My son just told me he liked them, so the bunny is getting them so I can try one. I love all of the colors and how cute they are!

    • says

      I met someone else recently who had never tried a Peep. It was pretty amazing to me, being I've been eating them since childhood. I hope you enjoy your first Peep!

  9. Lisa Y. says

    I have always been a Peeps fan! When I was younger, my Mom would always buy Peeps for me at Easter, and continues to do so! My husband just shakes his head at me as I eat them! I already got the Peeps cookie cutters. I thought it would be fun to give my family Peeps, since they always give them to me! I would love to win the rest of this package! How fun!

    • says

      I love that even people who aren't fans of the marshmallow, might love the cuteness factor of a Peep and now you can make cookies, cupcakes and more using the Wilton products.

  10. says

    peeps are my husbands favorite easter basket treat.he loves them stale so a few days before making his basket I poke holes in the package so he can eat them right away.You think he got the winning lottery ticket because he can eat his peeps without

  11. says

    We're a Peep loving family, my kids especially like to make smores out of them. However this weekend I spied Godiva chocolate covered Peep.Oh the GLORY they were good. LOL

  12. Leslie W says

    I love PEEPS! Every Easter I make a cake and use PEEPS to decorate the cake. Now my daughter helps me make the cakes but I think she enjoys eating the PEEPS more than decorating with them :)


  13. Anne Burns (see e-mail) says

    I loved reading your article on the giant peep (I found it on pintrest).
    Each year we get peeps to celebrate easter. My husband and I have a continuing argument about leaving the peeps fresh or letting them get stale. My favorite way is fresh and soft! My 4 year old now adds to our debate and tries them each way to see what she thinks are best. What a great fun easter tradition.

    Anne Burns

  14. Rebecca Mockbee says

    I LOVE peeps! I always have to get some when I see them arrive in the store! I have even passed my love of them on to my 3-year-old! (much to my husband's chagrin!) :)

  15. Anonymous says

    I am sugar free and gluten free but still do a lot of baking for family and friends. We were just talking about putting peeps in the microwave for 12 seconds and watching them expand them letting them cool to eat! They make a great decoration around the tree stump cake i make with a bunny butt on the side looking like a bunny diving in to the tree stump. Love em! Ginny Fedrowitz

  16. Julie [email protected] says

    loved yoru article , I would have never thought of making a huge peep Way to Go ..I ma nto a huge fan but my Nephew loves loves them. It would be awesome to make the giant Marshmelow one as well as the cake!

  17. Jennifer says

    I made a cake one year for Easter and I put Peeps all around. Everyone loved it, especially the kids. This would be awesome to have to make one for my church family and my own family. They'd love it!

  18. says

    I love Peeps! My fondest Peep memory has to be when my Dad taught me the "proper" way to eat a Peep: eyes first, then the tail, head, and body. He always ate his Peeps like that and cringed any time we ate them differently. Now that he has passed, I find myself starting to eat my Peeps, just like he did.

  19. says

    That giant peep is hilariously fabulous! Peeps were ALWAYS in my house at Easter time growing up. My mom loves them. The rest of the family didn't. But they were always there, so they're always in my house at Easter too. I may not eat them, but I love them. They're a classic.

  20. says

    I love peeps! My dad loves them too, and when I was little my mom would buy small packages of peeps to hide around the house where my dad would find them because she knew they were his favorite.

  21. Taylor S (e-mail entry) says

    I love Peeps because they remind me of Easter with my family. Every year, my family and I go to an Easter walk-through show, Easter Bunny Lane, in my city. We always purchase Peeps afterwards to get into the spirit. I just love all of the springtime colors and the fluffy, delicious marshmallow!

    I would love to win this giveaway so I can try out a whole bunch of spring time treats!

    Thank you!
    -Taylor S.

  22. says

    Love peeps! We like to toast them for snores! The kids also love putting them in the microwave with a toothpick each and see who wins a duel!

  23. says

    Love peeps! We like to toast them for snores! The kids also love putting them in the microwave with a toothpick each and see who wins a duel!

  24. Christina says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peeps and LOVE the giant peep you made! Peeps are a staple in our house during Easter. The kids don't really like them all that much, but think they are soooo cute that they eat them just because of that, lol. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  25. says

    I love the bunny ones. Since I can remember I have always picked off the eyes and eaten them firat . its funny because my toddler does it to. I want to attempt peep smores

  26. says

    When I was younger I used to love peeps, but then I went through a period where I just got sick of them, haha. Now though, I usually like to have a few every easter, but I've never tried them stale before. Might need to try that this year!

  27. says

    I love Peeps, though there is a limit to how many I can eat in one sitting before I start to hate them. I actually thought Peeps were only sold at Easter until I saw them last Halloween.

  28. says

    I personally don't care for peeps but my kids love them!!! They can sit and eat the package in just seconds. They would totally love this giant peep. It would also look great for the table center on our Easter family party.

  29. Donna Smith says

    Peeps are and always will be my favorite Easter Candy, and I was so happy when they started making
    them for other holidays. I have educated all the peeps at work on (as I call it Aging your peeps) and now
    they all bring me peeps.

  30. says

    As cute as peeps are, they are much to sweet for my tastes.
    I wish I was brave enough to try and make homemade marshmallows, they always look so yummy!

  31. says

    I love peeps. When my daughter was little I would hide peeps on window sills, bookshelves & other places on Easter morning, when my daughter would wake up she would grab her basket & run around finding the peeps.

  32. says

    Super cute! My family has a running joke with Peeps. My cousin Missy, who is now over 40, always refused to eat her peeps and would play with them until they were hard as rocks! We always have peeps at Easter!

  33. says

    LOVE Peeps! My love affair with Peeps began when I was a little girl, coming into the living room and
    seeing my Easter Basket filled with their sugar goodness. Every year my parents get me Peeps. I even
    have stuffed Peeps that I take Peeparazzi pictures of .

  34. says

    I love peeps!! As a kid my brother and I would always ask my mom for the yellow chicks every time we saw them at the store. Then race home and we would eat the black eyes and then eat the rest of the body. The are soooo good :)

  35. says

    Peeps hold a special place in my heart. Growing up, my family and I always loved them. Now that I am away at college, my parents make sure to send me them in each and every care package. One recent experience with peeps happened just the other day. A couple of my best friends were in NYC on a trip payed for by my college. I was not able to attend this trip due to having a lacrosse game I had to play at. I was super bummed- however, when my friends returned yesterday, they came with a surprise. They visited a giant candy store while in the city- and knowing my love for peeps- brought me back a small stuffed animal peep. It is sitting on my bed right now- and makes me smile every time I look at it. When I look at the plush i think of a few things. My family and how much I miss them- my friends and how awesome they are for getting me the stuffed marshmallow pal- and last but not least, my never-ending love for peeps.

  36. says

    I'm not a huge fan of peeps, but I've not tried to make my own yet… I've heard that homemade marshmallows are much better. If I win this, I'll definitely be trying it!

  37. Anonymous says

  38. says

    I'm kind of slightly in LOVE with Peeps. What is it about there sugary cuteness! I once hosted an entire Peeps themed party for the kiddos (ok more for me 😉 ) So wish they had these items out then! This giant Peep is simply amazing Beth!

  39. says

    I usually love Peeps. However, when I tried to make microwave Peep s'mores, the Peep exploded and made quite the mess. Never trying that one again.

  40. says

    OH. MY. GAWD! I must have a peep cake mold!

    I've been eating peeps since peeps were invented. My current modus is to slit the cellophane and then let them sit for a week or two until they are stiff and leathery. Then eat them. I am toying with going S'peeps with them but why spoil them with chocolate and graham cracker? My favorite peep color is yellow and my favorite bunny color is pink.

    Last year I made a peep bouquet for my work.

    I actually have made home made marshmallow before. I made my own molds in a oblong cake pan with flour and then used eggs to imprint it. Then poured the marshmallow in the flour mold. When set, I brushed them off, combined the two halves with chocolate and then dipped them in melted chocolate. Came out pretty good.

    Now I must make a giant peep!

  41. says

    Peeps are great! I've never been a huge fan, but only because I prefer homemade marshmallows. I love the branding of them though and all the colors etc. So much fun! And who doesn't like to say the word 'Peeps' ? My kids are fanatics about them (all seasons). If you are ever in Minneapolis area, you need to check out the Peeps store at Mall of America. It's pretty awesome.

  42. says

    How fun! No wonder everyone loved your giant peep – it's perfect! When I was a kid, we all loved peeps. But we didn't like them fresh and soft out of the package – we had to open the package and let the peeps harden some, so they were really chewy. I still prefer peeps that way. We even had some go beyond chewy to hard and crisp, and they're good that way, too.

  43. Tiffany (e-mail entry) says

    My favorite thing to do with peeps is to put a toothpick into two peeps where the 'hands' would be, if peeps had hands. Then put them in the microwave for 15 seconds so that they can 'sword fight.' The first one that gets knocked over by the other one's toothpick gets eaten.

    I couldn't get my comment to go thru so here's my entry, please & thank you!

    Tiffany Kunz

  44. says

    I love Peeps! One of my favorite things to do with them is to use them in smores. And sometimes I get all fancy and use white chocolate instead of regular milk chocolate.

  45. says

    Wow, Beth – I can't believe how it is identical to a little marshmallow peep – just perfect! I love my peeps a little stale and dipped in chocolate. Can't wait to win! :)

  46. suzan says

    I love what you have done with peeps. I dont eat them but I have 2 boys ages 3 and 5 and I am seeing a lot of educational activities with peeps this season. Counting and sorting as well as addition and subtraction. Its fun to learn when you can eat your homework after!

  47. says

    I love them! I like them fresh. Reading yours and other comments it appears many like them "stale". I'm finding as I'm getting older, I can't eat very many….but they are mandatory this time of year. I haven't tried making marshmallows, but am getting very close to trying. You are inspiring me to 'take the plunge'.

  48. says

    Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how much I would love to win this! My dad is a huge Peeps fanatic. When we were kids he would always sneak some of our Peeps from our Easter basket. He'd open the package and let them sit out for a good week before eating them. I'd love to use this pan to make his birthday cake!

  49. Deana (e-mail entry) says

    Please enter me in the Wilton giveaway. I have a daughter who likes "fresh" peeps and a son who likes "stale" peeps. I have always opened and air dried his peeps so that he could enjoy them for Easter.



  50. Debbie (e-mail entry) says

    I love peeps, however I like them stale. LOL

    I use them a lot to decorate and make centerpieces.

    Thank you,


  51. says

    I love that Peeps are available at different times of the year now. I love them fresh out of the package- my hubby likes them when they are left out to get a little firmer. I'd love to try any make the big chick for Easter! Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Anonymous says

    My family loves peeps, Easter would not be the same with out them, I always gave them to my boys for Easter and now my grandchildren get them, I would love to win the big peeps pan, i have 5 granddaugther's and it would be great to be able to make the giant peeps with them. I also collect cookie cutters and the peeps cookie cutters would be great in my collection. Thank's to you and Wilton for giving all this great stuff away. Terry

  53. Anonymous says

    We are retiring in May and moving to Tehachapi, Ca. where my 16 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren so
    far, all gather during different times of the year and this would just knock their socks off. I'm known as cookie
    Nonie, no explanation needed. Thank you for a chance to win this. Trish Butler

  54. says

    OH MY – I got hooked on Peeps through my MIL yes!!! She was an all out fan and would even hide some so we could have them year round!
    We would eat them and swoon
    Thanks for the memories Patti

  55. says

    love this idea. hope i win some peeps from peeps. i can see giant peeps on my Easter table. one cake, one brownie, one marshmallow.

  56. Jan (e-mail entry) says

    Dear Beth,
    OMG! My husband LOVES, loves loves peeps! Every year for every holiday I have to buy them for him in every color and shape!
    He would be surprised out of his mind to find a giant peep on Easter morning!!
    (He has just come home from nearly 2 weeks in the hospital where he lost about 16” from his intestines, and his appendix, but he is still allowed to have peeps!haha).
    Beth, I want to compliment you on your skill and creativity! You amaze me and I cannot wait to get your emails every morning! Thank you so very much for your ideas, which I have used on many an occasion when bringing desserts to parties!
    Jan Rodick

    • says

      So sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he is on the mend and feeling better soon.

      I'm so happy to hear that you are excited to open my e-mails and that you have used some of my ideas. That is wonderful!!!

  57. says

    My love affair with Peeps began as a child when my mom would send my dad to the market and he would secretly come back with Peeps. My mom thought they were disgusting (she is a very healthy eater). Even though my dad is Jewish…he lived for Easter just for the Peeps! So, I can thank my dad for introducing me these wonderful treats and I have now passed on my sugary cravings to my boys.

  58. Anonymous says

    I love "old" peeps, when you leave them out to get a little stale they taste the best!
    Nikki- spgoddess55(at)msn(dot)com

  59. says

    I love peeps!!! I just now got braces but my orthodontist said that I could have the peeps for easter. I was so excited! I actually use peeps a lot during easter for cupcakes for my friends and family.

  60. says

    Signs me up please! (Wilton is so wonderful.)
    I haven't ever been fond of Peeps as a food item–mostly a texture thing. But I have always considered them one of the cutest food items ever.
    We used to to stick them in the microwave for a few seconds–like 3 to 10?, if I remember correctly. They get huge and fat…and then I would let my little brother or sister eat them.
    I've been wanting to try my hand at homemade marshmallows, so I will definitely be looking into your recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Anonymous says

    I always look forward to Peeps. Seeing them for all the holidays is cool BUT Easter Peeps are definitely a favorite!

  62. says

    I don't like Peeps fresh out of the package but open the packages and let them sit a day or two for them to become "stale". They are so much better then as they're chewy. Last year my son and his fiancee came home after shopping the after Easter candy sales with a present for me. They said they bought me some Peeps. Oh goodie I thought. And THEN? Yea, THEN I saw exactly what they had bought me.

    They bought an ENTIRE CASE of Peeps. I can't recall right this second how many were in that case, but suffice it to say, there were A ALOT of Peeps in that case. It's a huge box. And yes, I am STILL trying to eat them all. LOL I hope they don't buy more this year. I'm going to have to resort to those microwave Peeps explosion tests I've seen on the internet if they bring more of these little stinkers home again this year.

    But, I would LOVE this cake mold. It would be awesome to make a huge Peep for our Easter table. It sure would be the talk of our house that day……and the millionth time of hearing about all those Peeps I still have from last year still waiting to be eaten. HAHA.

    • says

      I can totally relate. I love stale Peeps and I won 365 packages of Peeps about 10 years ago. The UPS driver showed up at my door with several huge boxes filled with the Peeps. I was passing them out to everyone I know. I even gave the pumpkin Peeps out to the kids who came to my house for trick or treat. It's amazing I didn't get tired of them, but every year at the holidays I buy more!!!

    • Sharon DiAmore says

      I would love for someone to bring me or win a case of Peeps! I've always wanted to enter one of the Peeps diorama contests, but never have enough Peeps to make my idea.

  63. says

    I love peeps, but I have to wait until they're slightly stale to eat them. They are so much better that way and for some reason, they don't seem too sweet when they're stale. Yum!

  64. says

    This is awesome Beth! I've just made my sister her umpteenth Peeps birthday cake. This giant chick would have been perfect. I'm a long-time Peeps lover and marshmallows are one of my favorite treats to make. How Peeps-tastic that you've combined the this!

  65. says

    Peeps and I have a love/hate relationship. As a kid I wanted to love them. They always appeared in the Easter aisle of the drugstore, along with plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies, and huge baskets mostly filled with fake grass and tissue paper. I wanted to love them, but there was just something "off" about them. That didn't stop me from eating at least one every year. When my son was growing up I just had to do the "Mom" thing and make his Easter baskets. Peeps were always included. Fast forward quite a few years — I make my own marshmallows now! The difference in a store bought marshmallow and fresh, homemade ones are night and day! I would love, love, love to make my own homemade, fresh Peeps!!! Those molds are just too cute. And really, who could resist the big, ka-giant, uber Peep?!

    • says

      I love homemade marshmallows too. They really do taste so different than packaged marshmallows, but have to admit I'll eat those too!

  66. Mandy Cordeniz says

    I have a love/hate relationship with Peeps but my 2 girls LOVE them. We just found "birthday cake" flavor and I have to say I'm liking them. They didn't last very long…my little sugar monsters tore into them. They would go nuts over a giant Peep! Thanks for sharing, Beth. I love your creativity!

  67. says

    oh my goodness so many peeps love peeps! my hubby loves them stale and i like them any ole way but that big mama peep you made? well i would have to put that on display for a couple days so and then dig into the stale peep! :>O

  68. says

    My husband and I love peeps! I never knew people ate them stale, until I met my husband. Both him and his mom buy the peeps cut a slit in the plastic and put them on a shelf for a few weeks, then eat them! Works out well for us, as I like them fresh so if I don't eat them and they sit around, he's a happy camper :-)

  69. says

  70. says

    (Oops, I accidentally deleted your message. So, I'm putting it back. )
    I love peeps! I am a true addict. I buy extras and freeze them. I had a pack in my purse the other day, and pulled them out in my first class, and said "Peeps, breakfast of Champions!" Then I had to tell my kids that I was just joking…even though I really wasn't .

    Funny story! I've had my share of Peeps for breakfast too:)

  71. says

    I LOVE peeps! I like to open them up and eat a few fresh ones, and then leave them out to have some stale ones too. I've never baked with them, but I love the ideas I've seen!

  72. Danielle says

    I have to be in a "peep" mood but my mil loves them so this would be awesome to win to make her a giant peep!

  73. Anonymous says

  74. Bunny (e-mail entry) says

  75. says

  76. Sharon DiAmore says

    Peeps are my favorite!!! I make everything with Peeps on it — from desserts, to crafts, and even pizza. I would absolutely love to make the giant Peep!

  77. says

    I work at an elementary school, and our school nurse loves peeps. I enjoy getting them for her, and would love to make her some too. Happy Easter!!

  78. says

    I've had an amazing time with peeps over the years, and I am amazed at all of the products they have come out with over the years. I would love to win this and make my mother-in-law a giant peep, I don't know what it is about that little marshmellow chick but she is CRAZZY for them.

  79. says

    I loved to eat Peeps as a child (either fresh or "rippened"). Every Easter my grandmother would add them to our pre-made Easter baskets. Yummy…I am going to buy some this weekend. I have not had them in a while.

  80. says

    I love peeps! They are delicious right from the package, but I still always sacrifice a few to the microwave… too much fun to watch them explode! Ypur giant peep might destroy amicrowave for real, lol.

  81. says

    I love Peeps Beth! I make up little dioramas (not like the really fancy ones) to make my grandson laugh and every year when all the peeps stuff comes out I run to the store to get new knick-knacky things – I order my peeps directly from the company so I can try out new flavors (chocolate Peppermint are my fave) and get JUST the right colors for whatever I have planned – Mardi Gras cupcakes were this year's newest and tomorrow I'm trying yet another. When I went to the store this year, I was only able to get a couple knick-knacky things and I really hoped to buy the Giant Peep Pan, but I just couldn't swing it so I really hope to win this fabulous prize package!!!

  82. says

    I have always loved Peeps – the yellow bunnies are the best 😉 – It isn't any kind of secret, as many of my fellow Soldiers know that I'm a peeps fanatic. While we were in Kandahar, Afghanistan, we all received many packages from home. Around Easter time, many of the packages contained Peeps, which were frequently donated to me. One night, one of the other Soldiers came to the station I worked at to find me building a "mutant bunny" out of several of them from one package. It had two heads, and a wide chest (two of the larger body segments stuck together) and arms and legs made from ears. Everyone got a laugh out of it, and I'll never forget it.

  83. Luciana (e-mail entry) says

    This last Christmas we got our son a Peep stuffed animal with a Santa hat on. Ever since he has called Peeps "Ho Ho Peeps".

    Thank you,
    Luciana W.

    ~May the Force be with you~

  84. says

    I loved them as a child but now I cannot eat them because, well, it's a sugar coated marshmallow! i just ca't take the texture or the gritty sandiness. Maybe it's these old teeth :) But I do like making fun things for my kiddos, nieces and grandkids.

  85. says

    I love peeps! They are a truly Spring/Easter tradition in my family.
    I don't have kids, but just got a couple of peeps toys instead marshmallows for my puppy bulldog :(
    Would be rad if we make some homemade peeps dog treats for his first Easter so the tradition keeps going :)

  86. says

    I love Peeps, but I have to admit it's more for the novelty than the taste. I eat a requisite one or 2 each time I buy a package, and use the rest for decorating. That reminds me, I have an Easter wreath to refresh with new Peeps…

  87. says

    We love peeps! Our favorite kind are the Alex's Lemonade Stand lemon flavored peeps. We love supporting our favorite charity! My daughter asks for more peeps every time we go to the store.

  88. says

    I have times where a sugar coated peep does the trick and times when I'll pass. I bought the silicone mold at Michael's to try and make different things like Jello Peeps And Peep ice cubes!

  89. Brenda (e-mail entry) says

    My daughter and I just love peeps. There was never a time when we did not get peeps for Easter. Now, she is living in Germany, and I miss the holidays with her. If I had the Wilton pan kit to make these peeps I could surprise her and send her a giant peep! I also love all your great ideas.

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