Cherry Cordial Fudge Hearts

Cherry Cordial Fudge Hearts |

So, yesterday I professed my love of Wilton’s Limited Edition Cherry Cordial Candy Melts and used them to make a batch of Cordial Cherry Cake Balls. Being I had gotten several bags of the candy wafers, I just had to experiment a bit more.

My first thought was to make Cherry Cordial Fudge and being the homemade candy would be for Valentine’s Day, it only made sense to me to make the confection in tiny heart shapes.

Cherry Cordial Fudge Hearts |

I often make two ingredient fudge with semi-sweet chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. It’s so easy and creates a sinfully rich and creamy fudge. I figured I could swap out a bag of the candy melts for some of the dark chocolate, or for all of it, which would add a wonderful cherry cordial flavor to the chocolate fudge. 

Valentine's Day dessert

I used one of Wilton’s Silicone Heart molds to make my fudge and when I popped the fudge hearts out of the mold, they looked nice, but I plan to give these away and thought it would be a good idea to add some indication of the cherry flavor hiding within, so I drizzled on some bright pink candy melts. I’ve always loved pink and brown together. It’s just a pretty color combination.

If you’d like to try out this fudge, and have a chance to win some of Wilton’s Cherry Cordial Candy Melts plus all of this stuff…

Valentine's day pack

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Cherry Cordial Fudge Hearts


16 ounces Wilton Cherry Cordial Candy Melts
                 (or use 1 -10 ounce bag and 6 ounces finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate)
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
optional, 1-2 ounces Bright Pink Candy Melts, for drizzling

Supplies Needed:

double boiler
1 or 2 Wilton 24 cavity silicone heart mold*

*I used one of these silicone molds, and made 24 hearts, but I had extra fudge which probably would have made another 6-10 hearts.


cherry cordial fudge

Fill the bottom of your double boiler with 1 inch of water. Pour candy melts, and semi-sweet chocolate, if using, and the sweetened condensed milk into the top bowl of the double boiler. Set bowl over the water, making sure the bottom of the bowl isn’t actually touching the water. Heat over low heat, stirring often until about 3/4 of the chocolate is melted.
Remove from heat, stir gently, then let sit for one minute. 
Note: You can do this without using a double boiler, but just be sure to heat over low heat and remove before all the chocolate melts, or you may end up with greasy fudge.

fudge recipe

Stir just until all the chocolate is melted. If needed, return to heat for another minute, and repeat.

chocolate fudge hearts

Spoon fudge into the silicone mold, filling each heart cavity completely.

fudge in wilton silicone heart mold

Refrigerate for an hour then cover and freeze for about 30 minutes or up to several days which is what happens when you make them, then don’t have time to finish them, like me. 
Remove and turn the mold upside down. Press on the backside of the hearts, pushing the fudge out. If your fudge is too soft and you are having trouble popping them out, freeze for a bit longer. 

You can, if you prefer, just let them sit overnight at room temperature, then pop them out.

Valentine's Day candy recipe

Melt the bright pink candy melts and pour into a small zip top bag. Snip off the tip of the bag, Drizzle over the hearts.  
Store in an airtight container for up to 10 days. You can also wrap them tightly and freeze for up to a month.

Fudge heart recipe
Valentine's Day dessert ideas

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    today's to do list:
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    5. eat it all
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