Homemade Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches featured on Tablespoon.com

If you sandwich some creamy vanilla ice cream between two fudgy brownies, I promise your kids will not run after the ice cream truck tonight. I had never had a brownie ice cream sandwich before making these, and believe me once you taste one you’ll never want a store bought sandwich again.

I made these frozen treats a few weeks ago for my gig at Tablespoon.com, and I decided they would be nice to share with my Russian guests, so I wrapped them well and stored them in my freezer. The only thing is, I can’t keep from eating them. Every day I’ve unwrapped a sandwich, cut off a small bit, ate it, and told myself, there will still be plenty. That’s just like the lie, I tell myself that there are no calories in a small bite!

Stop over to check out this super easy recipe at Tablespoon.com. If you have a box of brownies and a tub of ice cream on hand, you can have these ready to serve for dessert tonight. 

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