Mini Cheese Ball Warm Fuzzies – A cute Valentine’s Day Snack

Last Valentine’s Day I shared my recipe for Warm Fuzzy Cake Balls. I love those  sweet little coconut covered cake balls and knew that idea could be transformed into something savory and thus Mini Monster Cheese Balls were created. Both edible craft projects have been very popular, so I figured why not marry the two ideas together to make Mini Cheese Ball Warm Fuzzies with heart shaped antennae. Cute, aren’t they? 
Each little cheese ball has cracker feet, olive eyes and rice noodle antennae topped with pepperoni hearts. These are so easy, I didn’t even bother making an actual cheese ball recipe, I just scooped out some store bought flavored cream cheese and rolled it in shredded cheese. These would be a fun snack to prepare for or with your kids on February 14th. If I was having a party, they would certainly be on the menu.

Mini Warm Fuzzy Cheese Balls 
You’ll Need:
flavored cream cheese (or use your favorite cheese ball recipe)
shredded cheese (any white cheese will work)
butterfly shaped crackers
rice noodles, chow mein noodles, or pretzel sticks
black olives
Supplies Needed:
mini heart shaped cutter, plunger cutters, or use kitchen scissors
#6 or #7 round decorating tip
Scoop out about a tablespoon of flavored cream cheese. Drop it into a bowl filled with shredded cheese. Roll the cream cheese in the cheese. Remove from the bowl. 
Cut the butterfly crackers in half. I cut out the middle of the crackers, but it isn’t really necessary. Spread some flavored cream cheese on the cut edge of the cracker. Set the cheese ball on top of the cracker. 
Cut small hearts out of the pepperoni. Attach the hearts to one end of the rice noodles using cream cheese as glue. Press two rice noodle antennae into each warm fuzzy cheese ball. 
Cut slices off of the black olives. Use the pointed end of the pastry tip to cut small round pieces from each olive slice. Press the pastry tip into the olive, twist and remove. Tap the larger round end of the pastry tip on the counter, allowing the round piece of olive to fall out. You can also just cut them with scissors or perhaps a straw. Press two olive pieces into the front side of the warm fuzzy cheese balls for the eyes.
That’s all there is to it. Easy, right? 
If you want to make these ahead, I suggest making the cheese balls and refrigerating them. Then cut out the olives and pepperoni and refrigerate them too. The day you plan to serve them, put them together. I don’t suggest refrigerating the crackers or rice noodles for much longer than an hour as they may get soggy.

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Items used to create this project that are available on (commission earned for sales)
I recently discovered the plunger cutter sets, and love them. Whatever you cut pops right out. 

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      Hi Malenky,

      You can use tiny heart cutters found at craft stores in the clay section. I just added some links, above, to buy them on I also recently discovered heart plunger cutters. I love them! You press them into whatever you are cutting, push the plunger, and tiny hearts pop right out.

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