Candy Leprechaun Hats filled with Sweet Surprises for St. Patrick’s Day

Green Candy Leprechaun Hats filled with Mini Green M&M’s

During my first year blogging at Hungry Happenings I shared a lot of stories of my childhood and how they related to holidays. I don’t want to repeat myself, but some memories are just so much a part of my holiday, that I can’t help but reminisce about the past. 
I attended a small Catholic elementary school and St. Patrick’s Day was a big deal. Our teacher thought it would be fun to dress us up in crepe paper skirts and hats, teach us to dance the Irish jig, and have us sing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” among other songs, all while our families watched. I, being a total dork, thought it was fun too! I still remember that little dance we did, and every time I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I envision the little green Leprechaun hats we all wore that day. If you’d like to see my 8 year old self in my costume and read the full story, you can click over to see my past post, here
In honor of my Hats Off to Ireland memory, I made edible Leprechaun hats, that can be filled with candies, chocolate mousse, nuts, gold coins, or anything you choose.These hats are small and I filled mine with mini green M&M candies.
Two years ago, I made dark chocolate pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving, so instead of taking step-by-step pictures and re-writing the same instructions for these Leprechaun hats, I’m just going to guide you to that older recipe post. Just follow the directions, swapping out green confectionery coating/candy melts for the dark chocolate. See instructions, here.
The technique I used to make the Chocolate Pilgrim Hats works well with thick chocolate or confectionery coating. If your green confectionery coating is thin, you may have to use a different technique, which can be found here
Candy Leprechaun Hats (makes 12)

You’ll Need:
16 ounces melted green confectionery coating/candy melts
2 – 4 ounces white modeling chocolate (recipe here) or fondant
black food coloring (or use modeling chocolate made from dark chocolate, as I did)
optional, green food coloring, if making shamrocks for on your hats*
powdered sugar to dust work surface
gold luster dust or yellow food coloring
12 small plastic** cups (the size of a shot glass – I used Solo kitchen/bathroom cups)
parchment paper lined baking sheet
offset spatula
3 inch round cookie cutter
cutting board
rolling pin
pizza wheel and/or knife
fine tip paint brush (used for food only)
*To make small shamrocks for on your hats, cut some modeling chocolate that has been colored green with a mini shamrock cutter or use a mini heart cutter and cut three hearts and one stem. Attach the shamrock to 
the hat using melted confectionery coating or corn syrup. 

** Don’t use paper cups as the chocolate will look dull once removed from the cups

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  1. Melissa in NJ says

    oh my GOSH, Beth, these are adorable. I will try to make them for St. Pat's Day for my son's class. LOVE this idea — it's approachable, cute, and fun. Thanks for the idea!!!!!!
    –Melissa in NJ

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