Reese’s Cup Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Treats for Christmas

Aren’t these cute? I was inspired by a craft project I found while looking around on Pinterest (here,) but wanted to make them entirely edible, because that’s what I do.
They are pretty simple to make and it will be a fun project to do with the kids. I don’t often post projects on Saturdays, but I just finished writing this late last night and I wanted you to have time to gather the supplies this weekend to make these Reese’s Cup Reindeer before school is out, because I think they will be the perfect little Christmas treat for holiday school parties. They’d even be a fantastic edible craft for the kids to make at a holiday party. 

Reese’s Cup Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Treats

You’ll Need
(per Rudolph)
2 miniature Reese’s Cups
“edible glue” – chocolate frosting or melted chocolate
1 thin strip from green Fruit Roll-Ups
2 (1/4′ or 3/8″) candy eyes*
3 Tootsie Rolls Midgees or use larger Tootsie Rolls
1 red M&M

*Candy eyes can be purchased at craft stores and cake/candy decorating stores, as well as online (here.) You can also make them yourself using royal icing. If you can’t get them, use white candies, like Smarties and draw on a pupil using a food coloring marker or some frosting.

optional: rolling pin
kitchen shears, pizza wheel, and/or knife
optional: small leave shaped cookie cutter
optional: round cookie cutter the size of the bottom side of a Reese’s Cup Miniature (7/8 inch)
Unwrap your Reese’s Cup Miniatures, removing the foil and the paper cup. Set one Reese’s Cup, wide end down on your table. Put a small dab of edible glue (frosting or chocolate) on top of that Reese’s Cup. Set another Reese’s Cup on it’s side on top of the edible glue.

Cut thin strips from the green Fruit Roll-Ups. Wrap one strip around the middle of the Reese’s Cup stack. Use a small dab of edible glue to attach two eyes to the top of the Reese’s Cup stack.

Unwrap Tootsie Rolls. Flatten them. If needed, you can heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds, just to soften them. You can just use your fingers to flatten them, but a rolling pin works well too.  Cut two antlers using kitchen shears, a knife, or a leaf shaped cookie cutter. Trim if using a leaf cutter.  Yes, I realize mine look a bit like moose antlers, but I thought they were cute. If you want, you can make them look more realistic. Cut a circle out of a Tootsie Roll using kitchen shears or a round cutter, making it the same size as the narrow end of a Reese’s Cup (7/8 inch.) Use edible glue (frosting or chocolate) to attach the round piece of Tootsie Roll to the narrow end of the Reese’s Cup. 
Attach the antlers to the back of the Reese’s Cup and add a red M&M nose on top of the Tootsie Roll round.

Eat, if you can bear biting off Rudolph’s head, or just set them around your table at the holidays and enjoy their adorable faces. I’ll bet they disappear!

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  1. says

    Not only do I love what you did with these, I so appreciate the detail with pictures included which left nothing to the imagination. (Especially for sometimes artistically challenged such as myself…) Great job!

  2. says

    Yeah, these made me giggle just looking at them. I'm going to have to save this idea–I know I don't have time to make them before I have our family Christmas, but I HAVE to make them sometime!

  3. Anonymous says

    I saw these and knew I had to make them immediately. They came out super cute but I am finding my tootsie roll antlers are drooping. I might have cut mine a little thinner than yours, but not too much. Could that be the reason they are drooping? Or do you have another suggestion? I just love love love these. Thank you so much for the wonderful, edible idea!

    • says

      I'm so happy you made these reindeer! My antlers didn't droop, so I assume one of two things: my antlers were thick and my Tootsie Rolls might have been drier. Really fresh Tootsie Rolls are much softer than those that have been around a while. It's possible your's are just really soft. The thicker you make them, the less they should droop. If you have made all of them, you could melt some chocolate and brush the backside of the antlers to give them some structure. Good luck. I hope it turns out for you.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Beth for your very prompt reply. I remade my antlers making them thicker. They are just fine now. Too thin is not a good idea! I made the eyes with royal icing and mini chocolate chips for another option to the purchased ones. They turned out great. Thank you again for the idea and inspiration!

  4. says

    You do realize you misspelled "Reeses" in the title, right? Was this intentional?

    I am making these this year for the office. I need something I can make on Sunday but have just as "fresh" on Thursday when the party takes place. I find I can't manage the time or energy to make stuff the night before. Sunday is my cooking day so these Reindeer are going to be my go to snack.

    • says

      LOL! Oh, my, now that's a typo. Over 71,000 people have seen this post and you are the first to point that out. Thank you!!! I can't believe I've never noticed that. Wow.

  5. Anonymous says

    The word reeses is spelled just like the peanut butter cup is spelled just like the peanut butter and the cups are spelled. What is she talking about????????????????

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