Have fun Decorating Snack Cakes

This summer I spent hours decorating snack cakes for special occasions, and am sad that Hostess has announced they will be closing. Happily, you can still find snack cakes to use for your edible craft projects.  Little Debbie, and I’m sure other companies, have already begun producing similar products. I know many of these companies that make snack cakes are regional, so I only know what is available here in Ohio.  
If you want to make any of the edible craft snack cake projects, you should have no trouble finding similar products to use. Little Debbie’s new version of a Twinkie is called a Cloud Cake and their version of a Ho Ho is the Swiss Roll. They have a cake similar to a Ding Dong, but sadly it is not really round, so I would use Oreo Cakesters instead unless you can find a nice round chocolate cake.
So, go have some fun in the kitchen and be sure to send me pictures of your creations so I can share them with everyone!

 Mickey Mouse Snack Cakes

Black Bear Snack Cake Lollipops

Bunny Twinkies

Beaker Twinkie

Snack Cake Stingers

Snack Cake Werewolves

Snack Cake Bats

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    I made those cute penguins about a month ago, but have been waiting to post them until December. So cute – glad Little Debbie sells something similar to ho-hos, swiss cake rolls.

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      Yes, I actually used some Little Debbie products to make some of my snack cake projects. The only product that really isn't the same is the Little Debbie version of the Ding Dong. It isn't round, it's more hexagonal. I actually like Little Debbie's version of the Twinkie, called the Cloud Cake better.

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