Use a pumpkin carving pattern to make an edible craft for Halloween.

First, I’d like to congratulate Jill from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons for winning the Halloween costume in my recent giveaway. She gets to choose a food themed costume from
Now onto a super quick project and post…

Do you carve pumpkins every Halloween and have booklets filled with fun pumpkin carving templates stored in a box somewhere? Well, go dig them out of storage or find a free one on-line and create something new this Halloween. 

Carving a thick skinned pumpkin can be a huge challenge, but carving a tortilla is quick and painless, plus you wont have to deal with scooping out pumpkin guts.

All you need to do to create this Halloween themed tortilla is to find a pumpkin carving pattern that has a solid black image like the witch template that I used ((from and cut it out. Then  lay it on top of a tortilla and cut out around it using a sharp knife.

Spread something dark on a whole tortilla. I used black bean dip, which is actually more brown than black so I added a few drops of black food coloring to get a nice dark color.  If you want to make this a sweet treat you could use Nutella or a homemade chocolate ganache. 
Of course this Halloween tortilla could be filled with just about anything and still look amazing, even if the image isn’t black. A cheddar cheese filled tortilla would have given my witch a cool orange glow. There are so many possibilities. 

Serve your Halloween tortillas hot or cold. I heated my Black Bean Filled Witch Tortilla in a 350 degree oven for a few minutes, just until heated through and golden brown around the edges. Tortillas come in several different sizes, so you can make these for dinner, a snack, or dessert. 

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