Decorate store bought snack cakes to look like Werewolves for Halloween

During my snack cake decorating party, one of the boys said he wanted to make a werewolf. He asked how he could do it, so I sat down and created one with him. The kids all thought it was so cute, that I had to share it with you. 

Snack Cake Werewolves

You’ll need:
round chocolate snack cakes like Hostess Ding Dongs or use cupcakes
chocolate frosting
1 bite size Reese’s Cup per werewolf
4 candy corn per werewolf
2 yellow and 1 brown M & M candies per werewolf
black food coloring marker
Unwrap your snack cakes. Spread chocolate frosting over the top of a snack cake. Use a spatula, knife or even a fork to create the fur on your werewolf snack cake. Press down onto the frosting then quickly pull upwards creating spikes. Do this all over the top of the snack cake.

Press a mini Reese’s Cup on the snack cake for the werewolf’s snout. Opposite the snout, add two candy corn for ears. Take and gently spread frosting over the snout and ears and once again make the frosting look like fur.

Draw black pupils onto your yellow M&M’s and add two for eyes just above the snout. Press one brown M&M onto the top tip of the snout for the nose. Break off the white tips of two candy corn and add them to the bottom of the snout for the fangs.

Store in an airtight container to maintain freshness for a few days.



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