Black Cat Snack Cakes

One more snack cake treat for you today. This one is made entirely of store bought products including Oreo Cookies and Air Head Taffy. 
I wont ramble on today, so that I can get into the kitchen and start working on the dozen Halloween projects I’ve got planned to share with you. I spent the day yesterday shopping for everything I need and am so excited to get cookin’.
Black Cat Snack Cake Pops
You’ll need:
round chocolate covered snack cakes (Hostess Ding Dongs, Drakes Cakes Ring Dings, or similar)
paper straws with orange polka dots or stripes
pink and green Air Heads Taffy
small round metal cutter from a set of fondant cutters
black food coloring marker
Oreo Cookies or other chocolate wafer cookie
something sticky to attach the candy – Nutella, frosting, corn syrup, or honey
(I used Nutella and it worked great and tasted good too!)

Insert a straw into each snack cake.
Cut two circles out of the green Air Head for each cat. Use the food maker to draw on pupils.
Cut one triangle out of the pink Air Head for each nose.
Cut two smaller triangles out of pink for the ears. Cut diamonds out of the chocolate cookies. (If using Oreo Cookies remove the filing before cutting.)*
Attach the small pink triangles to one side of the chocolate cookie diamonds (ears) using something sticky.
Attach the ears to the snack cakes by poking the lower part of the cookie diamond into the snack cake. Remove it, add some of the sticky stuff in the hole and replace the ear.
Use the sticky stuff to attach the nose and eyes. 
Draw on whiskers and a mouth.

*If you are having trouble cutting the cookies, heat one cookie in the microwave for 5-15 seconds just enough to soften them a bit before cutting.

Store in an airtight container. Individually wrap them in clear cellophane bags to give as treats or tie ribbons on the straws and arrange in a basket to serve as dessert.
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