Candy Corn Cones – Dress up plain sugar cones this Halloween.

Are you a fan of candy corn? On a list of my favorite candies, they wouldn’t be found, but that didn’t stop me from popping several into my mouth as I was setting up this photo shoot. I do like their unique flavor and because they are so super sweet, only a few is all it takes to curb my sweet tooth.
Candy corn are such an iconic Halloween treat and have been transformed into so many crafts and desserts. It is easy to be inspired by their bright and colorful striped triangular shaped form.
Ever since New Year’s this year, when I turned sugar cones into party horns, which were much more popular than I had anticipated, I’ve been searching for another edible craft that could be made using the simple technique of dipping a sugar cone in melted confectionery coating. Finally I found my inspiration in a simple yellow, orange and white candy.
These Candy Corn Cones taste great just on their own and would make a wonderful Halloween dessert, but once filled with bite size candies, they transform into a festive Halloween party favor. Just wrap them in cellophane and tie with a ribbon for a perfect Halloween treat.
Candy Corn Cones (Sugar Cones Dressed Up Like Candy Corn)
You’ll need:
sugar cones
melted white, yellow, and orange confectionery coating/candy melts*
white confectionery coating/candy melts colored with orange and yellow candy coloring*
candy to fill the cones
clear cellophane bags
*If you don’t have much experience buying, melting, and coloring confectionery coating/candy melts, read my very detailed Chocolate Making Tips tutorial (here.)
Pour melted orange confectionery coating into a tall glass and the white and yellow into small shallow bowls. 
Dip the pointed end of one cone into the orange leaving an inch or so un-coated at the top. Freeze for 3-5 minutes until set. 
Remove cone from freezer and allow it to sit at room temperature for a few minutes. Then dip just the pointed tip in white. Freeze for 2-4 minutes until set. 
Remove from freezer and dip the un-coated end in yellow. Shake away any excess (the cone will fill up with candy, be sure to shake it until you only have a thin coating on the inside of the cone.)  Freeze for 3-5 minutes until set. 
Serve the Candy Corn Cones as is for a festive Halloween dessert or fill with candy, wrap in clear cellophane bags, tie with ribbon and give as party favors.
Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks, maybe more!
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  1. says

    This is an absolutely adorable idea! Thank you for sharing it with us! I can see doing this for Halloween! It would even look cute with Lemon Sherbet in it!

    • says

      I never recommend freezing anything covered in chocolate or confectionery coating, but that doesn't mean people don't do it. I just don't like the condensation that builds up as it comes out of the freezer. Your coating can turn white once it is frozen and thawed. I would recommend instead, making them and sealing them in a metal tin. They should keep for weeks if not months that way.

  2. says

    This is such a cute idea! I saw on another blog putting ice cream into cones and freezing them that way. This would make a cute addition to that as well. For a kids Halloween party bring out the ice cream candy corn treats. I do really like your idea wrapping them in cellophane. Would make a great treat for childrens class treat day!

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