Super simple snack cake Mickey Mouse

We are planning a trip to Disney this year, so I have Mickey on my mind and couldn’t help but turn a snack cake into this iconic character. This project couldn’t be simpler.
Mickey Mouse Snack Cakes
Before you begin, if you don’t have much experience working with candy melts or chocolate, read my Chocolate Making Tips (here.)

You’ll need:

melted dark candy melts (or tempered dark chocolate)

parchment paper
disposable pastry bag or zip top bag
round chocolate snack cakes (Hostess Ding Dongs, Drakes Ring Dings, or Moon Pies)
printed paper straws or lollipop sticks

Draw a Mickey Mouse head on a small piece of paper using a snack cake as the guide for the size of the head. Set the drawing under a piece of parchment paper. Pour melted candy melts (or tempered chocolate) in a disposable pastry bag or zip top bag. Snip off the tip and pipe the melted candy over the drawing covering just the ears adding a point at the bottom of each ear. Repeat creating sets of ears. Freeze for 3-5 minutes, until hardened. Allow to come to room temperature.
Add a dab of melted candy melts on the point of each ear. Press the point of two candy ears into each snack cake. Insert a paper straw or lollipop stick and tie on a ribbon. Store in an airtight container.
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