Twinkie Snack Cake Bunnies

My childhood was not filled with an endless supply of Hostess snack cakes or even loaves of billowy soft white bread. I have to admit that I always felt jealous of the kids that had Fruit Pies, Ho Ho’s or Twinkies in their lunch box every day. It is hard to believe that Twinkies, which were such an iconic snack food for many generations, might not be on store shelves soon.

These cute Bunny Twinkies were going to make their appearance next Easter, but I felt the need to share them with you now. They could be cute for any animal themed party or even a baby shower, but hopefully you’ll still be able to make these next spring.

Bunny Twinkies

You’ll need:
Hostess Twinkies
white modeling chocolate (see recipe here)
pink and black food coloring
powdered sugar
rolling pin
small round fondant cutter
#12 round pastry tip
white frosting
optional: clay extruder or a very clean garlic press

If you’ve not worked with modeling chocolate before, read my very detailed tutorial (here) before you begin.

Color some of your white modeling chocolate using pink coloring and some using black.

Dust your work surface lightly with powdered sugar. Roll out some white, pink and black modeling chocolate to about 1/16″ thickness.

Cut two white eyes, one pink nose, two large white ears, and two pink parts of the ear for each bunny. The ears need to be long enough so you can attach them with frosting to the back of the Twinkies.

For the black pupils, press the small end of the pastry tip into the black modeling chocolate. Turn the tip over and tap it on the table. The small black modeling chocolate circle will fall out the larger end of the pastry tip. Use frosting or just a dab of water to attach the pupils to the white eyes.

To create the whiskers and mouth you can place a multi hole insert into the clay extruder, fill it (or a garlic press) with some white modeling chocolate,  insert the plunger, and press until thin tubes are extruded. Cut three 1″ long tubes and pinch together in the middle to make the whiskers. Cut two 1/2″ pieces to use for the mouth. If you don’t have a clay extruder or garlic press, you can just roll white modeling chocolate into thin logs.

Spread a small amount of frosting on the back of each pink ear piece and press them onto the white ear pieces. Spread frosting on the bottom inch or so of the  front side of each ear. Attach them to the back of the Twinkies. Put a dab of frosting on the front of the Twinkie about 1/3rd of the way down from the top. Press the whiskers onto that frosting then attach the mouth just below the whiskers. Add a bit more frosting and attach the nose. Add two dabs of frosting above the nose and press on the eyes.

Be sure once these are decorated to store them in an airtight container to keep the Bunny Twinkies moist.

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