Marshmallow Birthday Candle Kabobs and Sugarlicious Review.

Do you love or hate Peeps? Me, I love ’em. Easter would not be complete without biting into a marshmallow chick or bunny covered in crunchy sugar. I never thought to use store bought marshmallows to make this treat at home, but was inspired by Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie who is the author of Sugarlicious, a new book filled with whimsical and wonderful edible crafts, to try my hand at it to make the Marshmallow Birthday Candle Kabobs pictured above. The creative ideas found in Sugarlicious are so inspiring as is the author herself.

Meaghan’s talent explodes on the pages of her new book which is filled with cookies, cakes, cupcakes,   petit fours, cookie pops, cake pops, fondant figures, modeling chocolate decorations, and marshmallows. Each of her beautifully photographed and illustrated recipes includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions along with a detailed list of supplies needed, so that beginners to advanced bakers can replicate her projects.
The love of decorating cookies began Meaghan’s journey in blogland and on the bookstore shelves. Her cookie decorations are flawless and she shares with her readers her wisdom and experience in a humorous and insightful way. I’ve yet to tackle making any of her royal icing cookie ideas, but think I’m going to start with those adorable bunnies pictured on the cover of Sugarlicious. They look super simple and just too cute to pass up. I have used her cookie recipe to make my Christmas Mouse Cookies, and thought it was the perfect recipe to make a shaped cookie. 
The ideas and recipes presented in Sugarlicious and on her blogThe Decorated Cookie are so clever and I have been wanting to try out some of her fun techniques with marshmallows. Meaghan uses edible icing sheets (pictured on left), food coloring markers (middle), and colorful sugars (right) to transform ordinary store bought marshmallows into festive treats that are as tasty as they are pretty.
Meaghan’s Sparkly Rainbow Marshmallow Kabobs (right) really caught my eye. I followed Meaghan’s instructions (here) to create my own version (below) of her marshmallow kabobs. She even has a video tutorial that you can watch (here) showing you how to properly decorate the marshmallows. She’s very helpful, like that!
I thought it would be fun to turn a marshmallow kabob into a birthday candle which would be great for birthday party favors or to top off a cake. For each birthday candle I used 5 marshmallows. I cut one in half then cut another into the shape of a flame. Following Meaghan’s instructions, I poked each with a toothpick, dipped it in water, shook off the excess, sprinkled on colored sugar, then allowed them to dry overnight. Of course, I had to pop a few in my mouth while I was working, and that’s when it hit me; these decorated marshmallows taste so much like Peeps and I don’t have to wait for a holiday to buy them. Yay! I did make sure I kept enough coated marshmallows to make a few candle kabobs. In the morning, I brushed my extra long lollipop sticks with some shortening and added my marshmallows. That’s it. It was that easy. 

Package in cellophane bags and tie with ribbons to give as party favors or simply arrange in a large vase or on top of a cake. Meaghan suggests these be eaten within two days.

I plan to steal, um, use, many of the techniques found in the pages of Sugarlicious to make more festive edible crafts. I hope you pick up a copy of this clever book so that you can play along too.
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    These are so sweet! Do you think mini-marshmallows would work? I'm already giving out a lot of sugar at my son's bday party and I'm thinking minis would be better size-wise. Anything I'm not thinking of, being inexperienced and all?

    • says

      Sure, Rae, these should work fine with mini marshmallows. Just use smaller sticks. You could even use short wooden skewers, which are a bit thinner than lollipop sticks. Have fun!

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