Fun appetizer for a Twilight Breaking Dawn party.

Twilight inspired quesadilla with Edward Cullen image in black food coloring (you can also use chili powder)
O.K. I’m back blogging before I planned, but I wanted to share this recipe here before the premier of Breaking Dawn. Twilight fans are eager to see the fourth movie in the series and I have to admit that I am one of them.  I was late to the party, but last winter I ravenously read all of the Twilight books then watched all three movies and will honestly say that I became a bit obsessed.

Now that I am caught up in all of this, I have decided to host a party this Saturday for my friends and their daughters, so that we can watch all three movies in anticipation of the premier of the fourth.  Last June, I created a quesadilla emblazoned with the image of Edward Cullen for my Hungry Halloween website. I was not yet a fan of the series, and only made the quesadilla to post on my site. Now, I will actually get a chance to use the stencil I cut to make more of these quesadillas for my party. UPDATE: I did make these for my party, and everyone loved them.  Below is a picture of the quesadilla I made using chili powder instead of food coloring.

Last year, I created the Twilight quesadillas using black food coloring and black food coloring spray and thought they looked striking, but admittedly, I had to use a lot of food coloring to get the desired effect.  Recently I made a witch themed quesadilla using chili powder instead of the food coloring and loved the look and taste of it. I was surprised that the chili powder only added a subtle flavor and it was very easy to create, so I highly recommend this technique. You can fill your quesadillas with anything you like (cheese, chicken, steak, beans, etc.) I kept mine simple with cheese and chicken. You could even create a sweet one, filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and bananas and decorate it with cocoa powder. So many possibilities. 

UPDATE: New picture.

I brushed egg wash over the stencil and tortilla then sprinkled on chili powder.
Edward Cullen image created with food coloring spray

Twilight Quesadillas with image of Edward Cullen


Large burrito size tortillas
Quesadilla fillings (cheese etc.)

Special Equipment Needed:
Edward Template:
Clear stencil sheet (or a piece of glossy photo paper)
Hobby Knife (x-acto) or stencil cutter
Black food coloring spray,  Black paste food coloring*, chili powder, or cocoa powder

*if using black paste coloring, you’ll need a sponge roller which can be found at craft stores or art supply stores. You can also use a sponge brush or pastry brush. Just be aware that the brushes will permanently turn bright pink after using this method.

To create an Edward stencil: Click on this link (Edward Template Link) to find a printable full size Edward Template. Print the template onto copy paper. Set on a cutting board.
Lay a clear stencil sheet over the image. Use a hobby knife or a stencil cutter to cut out all the black areas of the vampire image. You will use the cut out black image as your stencil. If you are planning to make just one quesadilla, you can print the template onto a piece of glossy photo paper and cut it out. The paper wont survive several uses though.
Method 1:
Lay a tortilla on a piece of parchment paper. Set your Edward stencil over the tortilla. Hold the food color spray over the stencil and lightly spray image (too much and the color will bleed). Remove stencil from tortilla. Pat the stencil dry with paper towels before spraying another tortilla. Allow “painted” tortilla to dry completely.
Method 2:
Lay a tortilla on a piece of parchment paper. Set your Edward stencil over the tortilla. Pour about a teaspoon of black paste food coloring onto a disposable plate or a piece of tin foil. Roll a sponge roller over the black coloring to coat the sponge. Roll the sponge around on the plate to remove any globs of coloring.
Roll black coloring over the stencil, holding the stencil in place. Cover the entire exposed tortilla with black coloring.
Remove stencil from tortilla. Wash stencil and pat dry with paper towels before “painting” another tortilla.
Allow tortilla to dry completely (this can take up to an hour).
I highly recommend you wear plastic food handling gloves so your fingers don’t turn color.

Method 3: (pictures are from my witch themed quesadilla but will work with the Edward stencil)
I plan to use this method to make some Edward quesadillas this weekend, and will post pictures later.

Set stencil over tortilla. Carefully brush egg wash over stencil.

Pour chili powder into a fine mesh sieve. Sprinkle the chili powder lightly over the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil off the tortilla.

Use a dry pastry brush to brush off any excess chili powder.
Quesadilla instructions:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Lay a plain tortilla on a parchment paper or tin foil lined baking sheet. Sprinkle 1 cup of shredded cheese over a tortilla. Add your favorite toppings. Sprinkle 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup more cheese over toppings (this will help the top tortilla stick). Top with a tortilla printed with the Edward image.
Bake for 8-12 minutes until cheese is bubbly and melted and the tortilla is golden brown. Serve hot.

Update: Reader Photo.
Jacqueline from Purple Chocolate Home used her Edward Cullen stencil to decorate a cheesecake for her Halloween dinner. Care for a bite? I sure do. She said it was a bit challenging removing the stencil and keeping the cocoa powder in place, but I think she did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline.

If you like this Twilight Quesadilla recipe, please share it with others by using the share buttons below. I really appreciate being Stumbled Upon and Pinned, and am always grateful to those of you that share my ideas on your website. I do request that you don’t post my entire tutorial, but rather share a picture with a link. If you make this recipe, I’d love for you to send me a photo to [email protected] so that I can share it here. Thank you for visiting Hungry Happenings
– Beth
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    Hi Jacqueline – I love your cheesecake. It was a great use of the Edward stencil.

    Cute Everything – thanks for including my recipe on your Twilight website. I, of course, spent some time there reading and watching interviews. Fun!

  2. says

    You of course can use the cheesecake! Yes, it was harder using the cocoa powder. I had to carefully lift it and even cut some of it. I would have tried the black spray but everyone was out of it. I had to do a little cleanup but it turned out ok and everyone loved it. If I had had more time, I would have loved to have done a chocolate cheesecake with Jacob's picture on it to go along with! Maybe for the next movie. We are flying out for Thanksgiving on the 18th so no big party here.

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    Greetings and you are in! As Always, Thank you for your submissions to Hope you have many more of your back stock still to be added and even more; hope you make us a habit. I saw that you had a few problems adding the photo. I did a screen grab and was able to pick what I thought would make you look good. Hope you approve.

    I have a tutorial on the site that shows the easiest way to get photos up and on…

    And of course, we have set up your own personal recipe page showing just the recipes that you submit. An easy way to keep track of the ones you want to re-cook, or a great way to direct people to what you have been cooking. Keep in mind that everything links back to your blog… here's your page..

    Thanks again, love seeing your posts


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