Kids will go nuts over these healthy Slumber Party Snacks.

Did you partake in a lot of sleep overs when you were young? I sure did, and whether it was a party of two or a party of 10, whether we were just watching a movie or playing games and painting each other’s nails, whether we actually slept or stayed up all night, there was always one constant – the junk food. We ate lots of junk food.  Mostly chips, popcorn, and sweets.   I don’t remember ever eating anything healthy at a slumber party, but am positive that if I had been served one of these whimsical sleeping bag tortilla wraps filled with peanut butter and apples, I would have gobbled it up. 
When I came up with this recipe idea, I didn’t really go at it thinking I’d develop a healthy snack that would be great to serve at a slumber party. As you might know by now, my recipes don’t really lean to the healthy side very often.  I just had an image in my mind of a sleeping bag with a head popping out and decided that a wrap made a perfect sleeping bag and a round slice of apple made a great head. I like peanut butter and apple so I chose to fill my wrap with peanut butter and apple slices, but there are other flavor combinations you or your kids may prefer like turkey, cheese, and pear, or maybe ham, cheese, and apple, or cream cheese and a peach, or any combination of the above. 
There are even more options for decorating your tortilla wrap sleeping bags. I will admit some of them aren’t  actually healthy but using peanut butter as glue to attach a small amount of  candy confetti sprinkles to the bags (pictured at left) certainly wont have the kids bouncing off the walls. Candy confetti comes in many shapes and sizes like butterflies, flowers, and hearts and they would all look great on the sleeping bags.  If you prefer, you can decorate the bags by cutting small shapes out of fruit roll-ups (pictured above), fresh fruit, or even cheese. Another suggestion, is attaching small pieces of cereal, like Lucky Charms, to your tortillas.  The eyes can be created out of raisins, dried cherries or blueberries, candy (royal icing) eyes, mini M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces,  or mini chocolate chips. Then there’s the hair.  You can add healthy hair by using carrots, peanut butter, pretzels or chow mein noodles, or add a little less healthy hair by using Nutella, licorice laces, potato sticks, or cookie crumbs. I’m sure there are lots of clever ways to make hair, what would you use?
These snacks are perfect for a slumber party, but there are many other occasions when you could serve these treats, for instance, at girl scout camp, on a family wilderness vacation, or during a sleep over at grandma’s. Make them up yourself and serve them to the kids, or for even more fun, set up stations and have the kids create their own treat.
Sleeping Bag Wraps
apples – 1 will make enough for two people
     other options – pears or peaches
flour tortillas (soft taco size) – 1 per person
creamy peanut butter – 2 to 3 tablespoons per person
     other options – turkey, ham, cheese, cream cheese
lemon lime soda – to soak the apples, pears, or peaches to keep them from browning
eyes – candy eyes, raisins, dried berries, mini M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces or chocolate chips
hair – carrot shreds, chow mein noodles, peanut butter, Nutella, pretzel sticks, potato sticks
sleeping bags – confetti sprinkles, fruit roll-ups, cheese, fruit, cereal
Special Equipment Needed:
peeler or knife
#10 and #12 round decorating tips, optional
kitchen shears, optional
Instructions – for peanut butter and apple filled sleeping bag wraps with apple heads, various hair and eyes
Wash and peel the apples, reserving a small amount of the peel.  Cut two slices on opposite sides of each apple.  If your apples are small, just use those rounded slices to create the kids heads.  If your apples are large, use a 2 1/2″ round cookie cutter, to cut circles from those slices. Cut the remaining two sides of each apple and cut into 1/4″ slices.  Place all of the slices and extra pieces in a bowl. Pour lemon lime soda pop into the bowl completely covering all of the apple slices.  Let sit for at least 10 minutes.  This will keep the apples from turning brown, and wont add any significant flavor to the apples.
Spread 2-3 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter over a tortilla.  Fold up the bottom 1/4 of the tortilla. Spread a small amount of peanut butter in the center of the piece of tortilla that you just folded up.  Set some long slices of apple on the peanut butter in the middle of the tortilla.
Cut some long apple slices in half and add them to the tortilla.  Fold the left side of the tortilla over and press the peanut butter and apple together.  Fold the right side of the tortilla over and press the peanut butter and the left side of the tortilla together.

If you want to use raisins or dried cherries to make the eyes, you can leave them whole or use a #10 decorating tip to cut small rounds out of the fruit. Then use a toothpick to poke holes in the apples where the eyes will go, and press the fruit eyes into the holes. 
Cut smiles out of the reserved apple peel using a knife, kitchen shears, or a round decorating tip (I used a #12 tip for the small mouths and the larger end of a tip for the larger mouths.) Set the smiles on each apple face.
Instead of raisins, I used candy eyes to decorate the apple head on the right, and decided I really like how they looked on the faces so I swapped them out for some of the raisins. To create the hair on the left, I poked holes in the apple head using a toothpick then pushed in the carrot shreds. I spread peanut butter butter over the apple on the right then I dipped it in cookie crumbs.Once you’ve decorate the apple head, snuggle it in the sleeping bag.  It will stick to the peanut butter and stay in place.
My favorite hairdo (because it looks a bit like my hair in the morning) was created by poking chow mein noodles into the top of the apple head.  Pretzels or potato sticks would work the same way, creating a spiked hairdo. The simplest hair can be created by spreading peanut butter or Nutella over the apple head. 
I made hair using a fruit roll-up (in the third sleeping bag), but found that once it sat for a while it kind of melted and got really sticky, so don’t make that one unless it will get eaten right away.  The fruit roll-ups worked great, however, as decorations for the tortilla sleeping bags. I cut stripes, polka dots, flowers, and hearts using a knife, pastry cutter, and mini cookie cutters. Most of my fruit roll-up decorations stuck right to the tortilla, but when they wouldn’t stick, I added a dab of peanut butter to the back side and pressed them on to the tortilla.
You don’t have to decorate the sleeping bags. They are a healthier snack without the decorations, but I think they look much better with a fun design and a splash of color. 
What will you use to decorate your Sleeping Bag Wraps?
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– Beth
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    OMG! When I saw the title of this post, I thought "huh, that's an interesting twist – specifying something as a slumber party snack." When I actually opened the link, I almost spewed wine on my computer from laughing. What a CUTE idea!! Very clever!! :)

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    Trish – don't hurt yourself! Hope your daughter and her friends get a kick out of the sleeping bags.

    Jo and Sue – wow, thanks! I'll have to tell my husband you think I'm a genius.

    Janet – I'm sure your sleeping bags will look great. They are really easy and fun to make.

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    Leslie – I like to soak my fruit in lemon lime soda, especially when I have a lot of fruit. It worked equally as well as lemon or lime juice and doesn't add that harsh acidic flavor. It's also cheaper than using fresh juice.

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    This is such a cute and creative snack, kids an even decorate them at a party as an activity! That's such a great idea using the soda to help keep the apples from browning! I never knew! thanks go sharing this fun snack!! :]

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    wow how creative and clever!!! I am having a pj party in my school so was looking for ideas but this is wowwwwwwwwwww

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